Angel Numbers: The Complete Guide

Throughout history, the Universe and the angels have always found ways to communicate with humans. They see our struggles, pains, and limitations and have always wanted to give us a helping hand, clear our mind, and guide us in our endeavors. 

This need to establish ways by which spiritual authorities communicate with humans is the origin of angel numbers.

What are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are numerical values that are used to convey special messages and guidance from spiritual authorities to humans on earth. 

The Universe speaks to us all. The guardian angels and Ascended Masters watch over us on earth and try to help us navigate life, shape our reality, and change our ways for the better. 

Unfortunately, they are unable to show themselves in our material world; hence, angels may use angel signs or angel number sequences as one of the ways to get our attention and pass their message to us. That is why you see a specific number over and over sometimes—it’s a sign, not a coincidence.

Depending on the current situation in your life, this message from the angels may be a warning of an event that is about to happen in your personal life or work, a big change waiting in the horizon, or a promise of better times if you follow the path God has created for you. In any case, keep in mind that it’s a sign meant to guide us and bring us back on the right path.

How to Find Your Angel Number?

Finding your angel number sequence is easy once you learn how to do it. 

To calculate your personal angel number and use it to change your life and others close to you, the first step is to express your date of birth in a number sequence. For example, if you were someone born on the 21st of January 1995, the numeric expression of this date of birth is 21011995. 

The next step is to reduce this number (2 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 5 = 28, 2+8= 10). Hence, your angelic number is number 10. 

If you calculate your angel number and it is 11, 22, or 33, it means yours is a master number, which is a special number that holds strong spiritual significance.

What is my Angel Number?

This number depends on your date of birth. Simply add the numbers in your birthdate and reduce the sum. 

For example, if your date of birth is 23rd of January 1997, your angelic number will be calculated as 2 + 3 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 7 = 32, 3+2= 5. Hence, your angel number is 5

Just use this same formula as guide if you were born on a different date.

What is the Meaning of Angel Numbers?

An angel number literally translates to divine messages. They are coded instructions or information sent to humans by angels, meant to guide us, help us find some sense of balance, and steer us to leading a better life on earth. 

They usually appear everywhere with noticeable frequency at certain times in our lives when we are in dire need of spiritual guidance, reminder, and sometimes even money. There are many ways they could show up—they could be what you see when you look at clocks, notice some license plate numbers, or the change to your dinner bill.

The message in the sequence could be something like encouragement or guidance, a warning, a reminder, or a promise and these number meanings depend on your situation in life. Such a number could even sometimes be a sign from the angels that can inspire life-changing ideas, creative words, and everything in between.

This special numerical sign can also appear to us in dreams and patterns, and they do so frequently until we decipher the communication that our angels are trying to deliver to us or enact the change they think is needed in our lives.

What Does Seeing an Angel Mean?

Seeing an angel number in dreams or in everyday life, like when you look at a clock or read some pages of a book, means that the spiritual authorities are watching over you and want to give you some guidance or a reminder to help you change and grow into a better individual. 

As humans, we’re all supposed to see angel numbers because we cannot navigate through life without the help of our divine masters. If you’re one of the lucky persons who see and are able to interpret angel numbers, then you should feel privileged because this is a chance to change and improve your life significantly.

Are Angel Numbers Real?

Yes, they’re real. For centuries, people have been receiving angel numbers and they have testified to how much such coded messages helped their lives. 

Many numerologists have also dedicated their lives to the study of these numbers and how they guide us and affect everything in our daily lives. While there are people out there who do not believe in angel numbers, it is a known fact that there’s so much about our world that people do not know. 

If the results that are evident in the lives of those who believe in angel numbers are anything to go by, then there is no doubt that angel numbers are real and helping people live better lives daily.

Are Angel Numbers from God?

God is the creator of angels. He also created other divine authorities and He’s the author of all that is good in the Universe. 

It is, therefore, not hard to believe that God is the source angel numbers are from. Although angels deliver these numbers, God is the spiritual authority or the one true source who wills this process and offers divine guidance and wisdom. 

It is His will that we understand the things of the soul. He desires that the humans He created have a close relationship with Him and others. 

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment as many people have not fully aligned themselves with the divine realm. To make up for this lack of receptive spirit, God allows angels to deliver messages to us in the form of angel numbers.

What is the Meaning of Seeing Numbers?

Seeing numbers everywhere consistently can be weird, but you’re not seeing just any number—you’re seeing angel numbers. Angel numbers are numerical values that carry guidelines or instructions from the divine authorities that are meant to help humans lead better lives. 

A distinctive characteristic of angel numbers is their tendency to appear regularly in your life, say in dreams, clocks, license plates, your phone, or a random billboard sign. You might think of their appearance as mere coincidence, but it’s a sign of the heavens vying for your attention.

Once you’re able to understand the word your angels are trying to pass to you, the numbers will stop showing up. 

Also, if you don’t understand the meaning of a sequence that’s appearing to you, it will eventually stop showing up and the message will be lost. That is such a shame since these coded signs sometimes bring material abundance, positive thoughts and feelings, and spiritual fulfillment.

What is the Meaning of Numbers in the Bible?

Numbers are something that is highly revered in the Bible as they are used in abundance to denote special events and unique scenarios in the Old and New Testaments. 

Each number used in the Bible means different things. Sometimes, some of these numerical sequences have connections as they are used as symbols and signs to explain certain mysteries and thoughts. 

One such example is 3 which symbolizes the Holy Trinity of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

When Jesus (God the Son) was born, 3 wise men discovered his birth by the position of stars in the sky and went to greet and worship him. When they arrived, they brought 3 gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Angel Numbers?

Spiritually, they show the link between humans and the spiritual authorities. 

The celestial realm watches over the activities of the physical realm. As humans, we’re being watched over by guardian angels, archangels, Ascended Masters, and other spiritual authorities. 

They see our moves, our struggles, and our pains. They genuinely care about us and their job is to ensure we live good lives on earth and help and love others we meet along the way. 

To do this, they must find a way to communicate with us. Unfortunately, this is impossible as our material world is not suitable for divine beings; hence, they use angelic sequences to communicate their thoughts and show us about how we ought to live our lives.

Why do I Keep Seeing Repeating Numbers Sequences?

You see repeating number sequences with increasing frequency because there’s a special correspondence the angels are trying to deliver to you. Number sequences combine the vibration and energy of individual digits to produce a unique sign that is sent to humans to encourage, warn, reaffirm, or restore a sense of balance. 

If you’re seeing a number sequence with high frequency everywhere, then you should take it seriously. Try to understand this coded note and see exactly what it is your angels are trying to tell you.

Your ability to discover and decode communication from the angels could go a long way in helping you live a better life on earth, nurture helpful thoughts, and maintain positive energy throughout your journey.

What Does it Mean When You See Number Sequences?

Number sequences can mean different things depending on how they appear. 

Sometimes they appear as different digits like 237. In that case, it is simply a note with the vibration and energy of three numbers. 

Each digit brings its own meaning to produce a unique set of instructions or guidelines on the life path you’re taking. 

Sometimes, numerical sequences can appear as the same digit like 555 or something similar, like 556. 

In these cases, it simply means the vibration and energy of that angel number are strong. Such a number sequence denotes a serious warning or signal from the angels and spirit guides that tells of an event that is of high importance to the person who is under its influence. 

Why Do I Keep Seeing Angel Numbers?

You see such numbers with frequency because the Universe and the angels are trying to tell you something. 

This number is important to your future, hence its frequent appearance. It could be a warning about moving towards the wrong direction or a promise of something amazing that is about to happen in your life and bring everything to full circle. 

Remember that often when such signs appear in your life, change is coming your way be it in your career, love life, or family life.

An angelic sequence or number will stop appearing to you when you have deciphered the coded instructions it is sending or you’ve ignored it for too long. If you ignore the call, the chances of getting it back are slim and you may lose out on whatever the divine masters are trying to tell you through that number.

Why Do I Keep Seeing Different Angel Numbers?

One reason you’re seeing different angel numbers is that your alignment with the spirit realm allows the Universe and the angels to communicate with you frequently. Seeing these patterns everywhere with considerable frequency means you are someone blessed by the heavens.

At this point, there are many things the divine masters are trying to say to you about the way your life path is going. They could be speaking about your career, life purpose, love life, and your relationship with your loved ones all at the same time but with different angelic numbers. 

It is, therefore, important to take note of all these numerical signs and work on them. If possible, write them down and try to decipher their meanings to know what the angels are saying to you.

How to Stop Seeing Repeating Numbers?

Ignore the number or decipher it into everyday language. These are the only ways to stop seeing the number. 

Your angels may try to get your attention and communicate with you by sending you a number. They want to help you become a better individual and lead a better life which means they’ll always try to correct you, guide you, and show you what to do and what not to do. 

If you don’t want to see angel numbers, you should ignore them totally, although that is not a good idea. People who embrace messages embedded in numeric codes have testified to how much angelic sequences have changed their lives and helped them guide others back to the in the right direction. 

If you embrace it and place your trust in it, your life may be the next shining example of the benefits of listening to angels. If this is not what you want though, you should totally just ignore them and they will stop showing up.

I Stopped Seeing Angel Numbers

You stopped seeing them because your spirit is no longer as receptive as it used to be. 

Ordinarily, you don’t have to do anything special to see angelic signs. The angels work to ensure that everyone receives messages about their lives and how to make it better through numerical signs. 

Once you are familiar with the way the angels reach out and try to get our attention, you’re expected to work, balance, and align yourself with the spirit realm to keep the communication going. If you fail to do this, your receptive ability goes down and you’ll be unable to receive special numbers like you used to.

What Does Seeing Single Digit Numbers Mean?

Single-digit numbers carry specific meanings and information. They are referred to as the foundation numbers which occupy an important place in numerology. 

Every angelic number is made up of one or more of the foundation single digits. These numbers are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. 

Individually, they have unique meanings and significance that work to influence people and world events. They can also be sent by the angels to people as messages to reveal a particular mystery about their lives. 

These digits are stronger when they are combined in sequences, but their unique meanings allow us to properly decode the message in angel numbers.

Single Digit Angel Numbers List:

What Does Seeing Double-Digit Numbers Mean?

Double-digit angel number sequences are a combination of two angel numbers that form a special message. The vibration and energy then of both digits are visible in the meaning of the number. 

Sometimes, the digits could be the same number which signifies that the information the angels are sending to you is important. If it is an angel number bearing a warning, it could be an event that is likely to happen sooner than you expect. 

What Does Seeing Triple Numbers Mean?

Triple-digit number sequences work by combining three numbers to produce a unique message. When three different numbers appear and work together, it is because their vibrations have a role to play in the meaning of the angelic number sequence. 

Sometimes, the three numbers can appear as the same number. In such combinations, the number is an urgent call from the Universe and the angels and should be quickly deciphered and its instructions followed religiously to keep things under control after a big change.

The ones who heed these clues and patterns from the divine realm are the ones who often reap blessings beyond imagination and realize the truth of their lives.


If you’re seeing an angelic number with alarming frequency, your job is to pay attention, use your mind to decipher its content into normal language, and apply whatever instructions that lie therein to your life.

Don’t take such a special sign for granted and dismiss it as coincidence, because the angels can’t appear to you in real life to tell you what to do and personally deliver an opportunity right at your doorstep. They always try to find ways to help you, so don’t ignore their words and efforts.

Treat these angelic numbers as matters of high importance and watch your life improve significantly. Calm your mind so you can easily recognize the clues and let divine guidance and wisdom from your angel help you manifest your dreams into reality and live your life to the fullest.

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