7 Secrets Why You Are Seeing 3 – The Meaning of 3

angel number 3

In numerology, there are nine very important numbers that people frequently come across in their day-to-day life: the single-digit numbers. One of these is the number 3, characterized by youthful energy that invigorates and inspires the person who possesses it.

Those blessed by the angels and Ascended Masters to have this number are very strongly influenced by it and this is evident in some celebrities who have been designated this fate: Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg, Celine Dion, and Jackie Chan.

The number has three main attributes—charming, artistic, and communicative—all of which can be seen to have clearly influenced all of the above performers.

Number 3 is the most expressive of the angel numbers. If you see angel number 3 in phone numbers, license plates, or any other mundane things, pay attention to it because it’s trying to tell you something.

In this article I’ll break it all down for you, covering the different aspects of 3 and the angel number 3 meaning.

Why Do I Keep Seeing Number 3?

If you repeatedly see the number 3 randomly, like on license plates, in an email address, or in a phone number, and have a feeling it’s impacting your life in some way, then it’s very likely this is your given path. To confirm this, you can go to a numerology reading, but usually, you can just tell.

Its frequent occurrence is a sign that it’s meant to be and that guardian angels want to tell you something.

They can’t directly communicate with you, so your guardian angel sends 3 as a sign every day. The number 3 will appear three times, sometimes in the shapes of clouds, but also in other, less meaningless forms such as on the clock.

Is the Number 3 Lucky?

If your guardian angel sends you the angel number 3, you’re in luck. It has this general meaning across different cultures—in China, for example, ‘3’ sounds like their word for ‘birth,’ implying life and good health—and numerology is no exception.

It provides opportunity and helps people on the number 3 path to achieve their dreams, providing a calming nature and informing them that their goals will be reached, all in due time. Those seeing number 3 must remain patient, however, for nothing is guaranteed and all must be worked towards.

Still, angel number 3 is very helpful at providing guidance. Resilience is key, as life can be troublesome, but move on and luck will eventually appear under angel number 3.

Remember that no one controls you, so it’s all up to you to take advantage of luck as it comes.

What Does the Number 3 Mean in a Dream?

There’s a secret meaning to angel number 3 appearing in dreams. Seeing angel number 3 in dreams means that your guardian angel is working towards helping you achieve your goals.

Dreamers often note seeing 3 in seemingly unimportant scenarios, such as house numbers. Sometimes, characters in dreams will hold up 3 fingers or verbally say the number.

This is always worth taking note of. Number 3 appears in dreams to herald good things and new beginnings—this is the secret meaning of magic number 3.

As mentioned above, waiting is essential, as impatience can cause your guardian angel to prolong the time until your goals come to fruition. If you see angel number 3 appear more frequently, you’re getting closer.

Sometimes, 3 will appear as a larger number, e.g. 36. When this is the case, you should interpret 3 and 6 individually, and work out what angels are trying to tell you.

In this example, 3 is the dominant number, so that will have a larger impact on your life than 6, although the effects of angel number 6 are worth taking into consideration, too.

What Does the Angel Number 3 Mean in Love?

Having a partner with the angel number 3 is one of the best moves you can do in a relationship. They will provide endless amounts of affection and joy in your relationship.

If two people with the number 3 manage to fall in love, it will probably last forever as they’re destined to be together and will never get bored with each other. It can sometimes be an instance of “right person, wrong time” but the stars will always align and it will work out.

Number 3 is one of the most interesting, romantic numbers and people under its influence produce love for both themselves andtheir partner.

They’re often very talkative and therefore attractive, and may seem outgoing to the general public, but anyone who gets close to them will see another, less confident side. Some angel numbers love to exhibit their personality outright, but not number 3.

People with angel number 3 have both sides, and sometimes they let this slip or be the wrong person at the wrong time, but this is merely a mistake, not a character flaw.

They need a matching partner to support and help them progress and become the best person they can be. If you see 3, then it’s trying to tell you to leave your comfort zone and be with someone with this guardian angel number.

Listen to your heart and try working out who you know that you’re attracted to and you will most likely be a good fit.

However you may not have met them yet, so once again, resilience is crucial. Trying to get things to happen earlier than they should might have drastic consequences, so wait until number 3 appears.

Why is Angel Number 3 Special?

There are individual angel numbers larger than 3, but it is the perfect, smallest number needed for a pattern to occur—it’s extremely powerful with little effort. Some larger numbers may be more dominant, but 3 is as effective, just subtler with its intentions.

Omne trium perfectum” is a famous Latin proverb, stating that everything that comes in threes is perfect. Not in excess, and not in short supply.

The meaning of angel number 3 differs from person to person, but it does have a general meaning, too: it inspires andguides. Sometimes its impact is felt after the time you’d want it to be there, but don’t worry, as it will occur eventually.

Its meaning and symbolism are that of imagination in action, not necessarily at the end goal. This may seem confusing, but your guardian angels and the Ascended Masters know what they’re doing so trust in them.

What Does the Angel Number 3 Symbolize?

The number 3 symbolizes completion. It’s the collective sum of the triad, the Holy Trinity, and is the minimum amount of internal angles needed to create a perfect circle.

Those with this number are often blessed with self-confidence. They’re proud of who they are and what they’re doing—but if they’re not, then they’re not destined to be.

It’s okay to have insecurities and to question yourself—that’s what angel number 3 is there for.

It’s also symbolic of the human itself: body, mind, and soul working in unity. Alongside this, the number 3 represents the realms we occupy: water, heaven, and earth, which is the collective human experience.

When it comes to zodiac signs, number 3 stands for Gemini, the sign of the Twins and a symbol of communication. In religion, Jesus rose from the dead after 3 days.

If you keep seeing angel number 3 about 3 times a day, it means you have little to worry about, as you’re in tune with the Universe (source energy), and have guardian angels watching over you.

What Does the Number 3 Represent Spiritually?

It’s the collective force that drives the lives of those with this angel number 3. This number is one that’s creative, influential, emotional, loving, and peaceful.

If you are lucky enough to get this number from your guardian angel, the time you spend on Earth will be great and fruitful. The guardian angels want you to inspire, lead, and help others around you.

The angels give this number to those who have meaningful abilities and can do great things. Its meaning and symbolism comprises three different parts:


Those with the number 3 life path have great communication skills and are much better at getting their point across, whether it’s in their art or their general life, say an argument or a conversation.

The meaning of angel number 3 is a clear one: to bring joy and self-expression into the world and those they directly interact with.

By sending you number 3 out of the many angel numbers, angels want you, the one chosen with this life path, to be happy and enjoy themselves, more so than with the majority of other guardian angels: this is why they love to paint, draw, sing, and write.

Those on the right path to happiness under angel number 3 use their art as a medium for the angels to exhibit their intentions and beliefs.


Those with the number 3 exude self-confidence and are very popular, as they work well with people of other life path numbers and never fail to make their loved ones feel special.

They know the right thing to say, and the right people to say it to. They often achieve success and have great careers but realize there’s more to life than money, so the time balance between their work life and their leisure life is split in favor of leisure.

Angel number 3 favors this as there are more important things than finance to the spiritual realm.


The number 3 is one of the more expressive of the angels, and this is shown in the person they’ve gifted the 3 life force to.

They’re always creative, even if they’re not good at the medium they choose. For them, it isn’t about the physical quality; it’s about the spiritual connection between the artist and the angels they represent.

You’ll notice people influenced by number 3 to be always engaged in a new hobby.

Closing Thoughts

Number 3 is one of the most obvious messages that angels are trying to send, and those born under it are easily noticed as they’re often very publicly self-assured and confident in themselves.

Of all the angels that numbers represent, 3 is the most artistically gifted, and people with this number will often produce art in quantity, whether it’s painting, music, or even something more obscure like cooking or the crafts. They love the process, finding it cathartic and relishing in the opportunity to exert themselves.

Although it’s usually the most extroverted of the angels, there are times when someone under the number 3 may feel insecure or low. This is nothing to worry about though—most people feel this way occasionally and most feel it more than 3 does.

It’s a natural part of life’s process, and the person blessed by the angels with the number 3 will come out of the darkness feeling more appreciative of what they’ve been given than ever.

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