What Does the Number 9 Mean in Numerology?

What Does the Number 9 Mean in Numerology?

Would you be happy or scared if you were told that number 9 is your numerology number?

I would expect a wide range of mixed reactions from you since you don’t know what to expect from the number.

You will be able to know whether you are in love with number 9 or not if you know the meaning associated with it in numerology.

Are you interested in knowing the meaning of number 9? There are too many interesting things that come out of the meaning of number 9 in numerology.

The special number in numerology

Did you know that if you multiply any number by 9 you will always get the root number 9? This is one thing that makes this numerology number unique. Have a look at the following examples:

  • 9 X 3 =27 > 2+7 = 9
  • 9 X 18 = 162 > 1+ 6 + 2 = 9
  • 9 X 235 = 2115 > 2+1+1+5 =  9

All other numbers in numerology will lose their base forms if you multiply them with other numbers. Therefore, this unique feature of number 9 gives us the first meaning of the number. You now need to be aware that you are very special if you are number 9. Nothing can change the greatness in you. You are naturally born to be different from others that is why some of the things you do and the decisions you make may seem quite irrational to the public.

What are the attributes of number 9 in numerology?

Number 9 is the last root number of numerology, and thus, an important one that determines the fate of many people. Highlighting the attributes of this number will give you a universal picture of the number and what to expect from yourself if it is your number.

You probably know number 9 as a philanthropist who believes in doing a lot to help humanity. Apart from this, there are other special attributes that define a number 9.

  • Exhibit universal love that helps in providing service to humanity
  • Lead by example in things that you want to achieve
  • Have an inner strength
  • Has excellent public relations
  • Very responsible
  • Generous

This list could go on and on but I believe you have an idea of what kind of attributes this number has. From these set of attributes, other symbolic meanings of number 9 in numerology emerge.

The symbolic meaning of number 9 in numerology

Numerology is a complex system of numbers where symbolism plays a big role in interpreting the universe message to humanity.

Spiritual wisdom

One thing that comes out of you naturally as a number 9 is your spiritual wisdom. There is a close relationship between number 9 and ‘The Hermit’ from the series Major Arcana Tarot. In this series, The Hermit wanders out there alone in search of wisdom. However, you need not confuse number 9 as a dreamer who goes out in search of something useful.


Many people refer to number 9 as the “Mother Theresa” number. When describing the traits of this number, one dominant thing that has always come out clear is the fact that the number is associated with humanitarianism and philanthropy. As a number 9, you can never hesitate to rectify an injustice or suffering of other people, even when you don’t know them. This is why the number is symbolically associated with one of the greatest humanitarians in the world, Mother Theresa.

Light of the world

As a number 9, you will always strive to make the world a better place for others. Unrelated to philanthropy, you tend to ensure that people around you feel loved and supported. You know how to love unconditionally and give someone a reason to smile.

However, some people may abuse your kindness and leave you heartbroken and with disappointments. This is why you need to be very careful when engaging in romantic relationships as you do not have the keen eye to spot deception from a distance.

The life of a number 9

Number 9 is a high-frequency numerology number. You need to be informed about the vibrational energies of this number to be able to handle the responsibilities that come with it. For example, number 9 is bound to be highly emotional. You may face emotional disturbance if you do not understand the high spiritual realization of number 9. This problem begins right from childhood. When you get to adulthood, you may be aware of your emotional levels and work out ways of controlling them. However, if you have a child that is a number 9, you need to help them handle the high spiritual realization of this number.

Number 9 and Karma

Unlike other numbers, number 9 does not give severe life lessons but enjoy personal spiritual development. As a number 9, your personal happiness is manifested in the smiles and happiness of others. You are an open-minded individual who is not judgmental.

Some of the things you are attracted to are:

  • To teach people as a way of helping the humankind
  • Using your passive time to write creatively, mostly inspirational books that will provide direction and give hope to the hopeless in the society
  • All kinds of humanitarian work.


It is worth noting that number 9s are only attracted to professions that have a wider scope of spiritual aims. You will rarely find a number 9 in the normal profession. Teaching is one of the careers that number 9s prefer because it serves larger spiritual goals. Even when a number 9 decides to engage in teaching as a profession, you will notice that they prefer to teach in rural areas where their impact is felt strongly. Some even volunteer to teach. The medical profession is also another one that number 9s prefer. Just like it is with teaching, you will also notice that number 9s in the medical field prefer to take their medical services in the rural areas where there is a scarcity of doctors and other medical personnel.  

In looking for a career path, a number 9 is always guided by the prospects to help others in that profession. Unlike other ambitious numbers, number 9 is less motivated with income when choosing a career path.

If you are a number 9, you should be motivated to help others as a way of maximizing your inner energy.

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