5 Signs Why You Are Seeing 8 – The Meaning of 8

In this modern era, we all get so engrossed in our professional and personal lives that we often neglect to spend time with ourselves and understand who we are better. This is crucial because unless we fully realize who we are and what we’re capable of, we wouldn’t be able to aim for the things that actually matter to us.

Our lives are so busily spent that we often forget what we’re busy working for! However, if we can tune in our energies with the universal energies, we’ll realize in no time that we’re all being watched by our guardian angels who are constantly cheering for us and guiding us through subtle means of communication.

While guardian angels don’t talk to us directly, they do send us a lot of messages to help us in times of our need. These messages take the form of angel numbers.

An angel number is that number you frequently see wherever you go or whatever we do. If you don’t pay attention, you might think it’s just a coincidence but if you look at it with an open heart, you’ll realize that these numbers appear only when you need them the most!

Every number has a unique meaning and if you often see number 8 everywhere, that means your angels have chosen angel number 8 to communicate with you. Read on to find out the meaning of number 8 and what it has to offer.

What is the Meaning of 8 in Numerology?

The 8 angel number represents self-confidence, professionalism, material freedom, good judgment, abundance, and prosperity. It’s also a symbol of being self-reliant, compassionate, stable, trustworthy, and independent.

There are only a few karma numbers and angel number 8 is one of them (more on this later).

Angel number 8 is an encouraging number from your angels who are proud of your success and achievements. They want you to remain optimistic because abundance is on its way.

They have signaled you to be ready, meaning it’s your turn now to work hard using your highest potential and be ready for what’s going to come. It could be financial abundance, spiritual abundance, or someone who would love you abundantly.

Whatever it is, you need to be grateful and thank the angels for showing you this number because it always helps to be prepared in your life path.

What is the Power of Angel Number 8?

Angel number 8 is one of the supremely Karmic numbers. Karma is the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect and if you’re seeing angel number 8 often, that means your angels want you to know that the time for karma in this life has come.

There are several meanings to this—if you did good things in your lives, then the world is going to shower you with love and abundance but if you’ve been hurtful and mean towards others, it’s time for you to pay for your sins.

In order to have the number work for you and not against you, you need to empty your karmic bucket and start filling it with only good deeds. Going forward, build a path for yourself that will only make your life better.

Even though doing so is sure to be hard at first, carry on as it will help achieve luck, happiness, and fulfillment in life.

What is Special about Angel Number 8?

Due to its Karmic nature, angel number 8 is the number that brings out the inner strength and inner wisdom in you, and with the divine blessings from the Universe, you’ll find a balance between your human life and spiritual life.

If you read these numbers from your angels, you’ll know that everything they do is to help you so that your difficult times may pass sooner. The angels are sending angel number 8 to help keep you grounded by being prepared when abundance finally comes to you.

Why Do I Keep Seeing Angel Number 8?

It’s crucial to pay attention to when you’re seeing number 8.

If you see number 8 at work and if you’ve been working hard lately helping out your colleagues at the same time, it could mean that your effort has been recognized and you’ll soon be rewarded in abundance. But, if you’ve been sabotaging others’ careers to move up the ladder, seeing number 8 is a warning from your angels that you’ll soon pay up for the bad karma that you accrued.

The same logic applies to wherever you see this number because in the end, what you give is what you receive.

You need to use your wisdom to be ready to receive the angel number 8. With positive thoughts, you can get this universal sign to work for you.

What is the Meaning of Number 8 in Relationships?

If you’re a timid person who can’t express your feelings well, then seeing the angel number 8 is a signal from your angel encouraging self-confidence.

Believe in yourself because self-confidence can take you places. You need to like yourself first for others to like you and angel number 8 appears only when your relationships are sinking a new low.

Whether it’s your relationships at work or family or friends, you need to make things right by telling them how you feel. You’ll be surprised at what clear communication can do for your broken relationships!

What is the Meaning of Number 8 in Love?

Angel number 8 is also related to emotions and if you keep seeing 8, that means they want you to keep your emotions in check.

Thanks to your success and ambitious nature, many people will admire you and would want to be with you. However, if you focus on only the reward that a good relationship gets, you will thus miss out on preparing yourself with the infinite adjustments that you’ll have to make.

The angels are sending the 8 angel number as a message for you to take a day off, spend some time with yourself, and understand if you have what it takes to make your love life last before you initiate one.

If you work hard to the point of being a workaholic, it would take a lot for you to resist checking your email to read a book with your partner. If you can’t even invest that much energy and effort into your love life, you’re better off waiting for the right moment and your angels are asking you to mull over that.

If you keep running after achieving your goals, it wouldn’t be fair for your partner who expects something more from you and these discrepancies will bring nothing but a negative experience for both of you.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 8?

Of all the angel numbers, angel number 8 brings you a strong message from the spiritual world. If you’re in search of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, you’re already in a phase where you can initiate yourself for the process.

The angels are sending you angel number 8 to wish you good luck. Also, as mentioned before in this article, the angels want you to empty your karmic bucket, too.

The first step is to make things right with everyone whom you have hurt in your life for as long as you remember. Having said that, it’s also important to seek their forgiveness whole-heartedly and not just for the sake of it.

It will be a difficult process and your guardian angels will never leave your side as you do this incredibly challenging task. Empty your karma to open the doors to spiritual enlightenment.

The secret influence of angel number eight goes way beyond helping you with the materialistic world. It can unlock the enormous opportunities that are in store for your spiritual awakening.

All you need to do is trust in God, believe in yourself, and continue helping others whole-heartedly. If you do, you attract the positive energies and good luck around us.

What Does Angel Number 8 Mean in the Bible?

Biblically, the angel number 8 is a significant number that speaks volumes on the relationship between man and God. Here are some of the significant meanings:

  • The Israelites circumcise their newborn baby boys on the 8th day after their birth.
  • Number 8 represents new beginnings.
  • The New Testament was written by 8 men: Matthew, Luke, John, Mark, Peter, Paul, Jude, and James.
  • Abdon, the Israeli Judge, served for 8 years.
  • Abraham, the Father of Faith, had eight sons.
  • After being resurrected from the dead, Jesus reappeared eight times to His close ones.
  • The name Jesus sums up to 888 in Greek.
  • The Bible was written by 40 authors and 40 is a multiple of 8.

Is Angel Number 8 a Bad Number or a Good Number?

Angel number 8 is an important number in any astrology.

Chinese astrology considers 8 to be an auspicious number and multiple 8s are considered very lucky. Owing to this belief, even the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 took place on August 8 beginning precisely at 8:08:08 PM.

Even in some other Asian cultures, the number 8 is associated with great value for property dealings.

In name numerology, however, number 8 is considered to be the number of planet Saturn which is touted to be a sadistic planet. The general belief is to not use 8 for vehicle plates since it could mean unnecessary accidents.

Even natural disasters appear to be occurring on this number, such as the Indian Ocean Tsunami on December 26, 2004 (2+6=8), Mumbai Floods on July 26, 2005, and the Indonesian Tsunami on July 17, 2006 (1+7=8).

Overall, number 8 is considered a very important number that plays according to your karma. If your name number is 8 or if you’re born on 8, 17, or 26, then you must be extra careful and do only good things in life without hurting people around you because sooner or later, your karma will catch up with you.

The more happiness you spread, the greater the rewards would be but at the same time, the more you hurt other people, the greater will be your potential to get hurt.


Whether you believe in angels or not, you should know that they are there with you in every path of your life, guiding you and helping you see things with a different perspective. Angel number 8 is an auspicious number and is also considered a very important number in numerology.

For you to know the meaning of angel numbers, you must be able to see them for what they truly are to unlock the information that you can use to have a better life. Not just number 8 though, all variations of 8 as well as other angel numbers have that potential to guide you through your life path.

You just need to know the meaning and believe in what these numbers can offer.

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