3 Secrets of Angel Number 6: Why You Seeing it?

angel number 6

If you keep seeing the number 6, that means your guardian angels are asking you to extend unconditional love and be more selfless. It is often a pointer for you to start living the life of service and charity.

You must choose between the worldly possessions and the divine spiritual path and strive harder to reach your spiritual goals. Your angels are showing you this number because they want you to have a balanced, peaceful life.

If you are single and you often see angel number 6, it could be an indication of your own desire to build a family. If you are married, then it would mean that soon your family will need your time and attention as something major is going to come up.

It could also mean that you may have overlooked something in your personal life that needs your attention immediately. So, talk to your loved ones and figure out what exactly is that forgotten priority.

To know more about angel number 6 and its significance, read on.

Angel Number 6 – Your Questions, Answered

What does the number 6 mean spiritually?

If your guardian angel has pointed you to the number 6, it means your call for help is heard and the angels want you to know that you are a blessed soul.

Your guardian angels want you to have a balanced life between your material aspirations and spiritual goals. You should be grateful for all that you have and quit pondering over what you don’t.

Number 6 could be a message from your angel that you should stop neglecting your spiritual side and focus on the true spirit of giving for a while.

That is where they want you to search for happiness. The meaning of seeing number 6 could also mean good things could happen if you live a positive life with honesty and integrity.

If you keep seeing angel number 6, that means you need to take care of your loved ones even better. Your family and friends may be expecting something from you that you might have overlooked.

With an open mind, consider this a blessing from your angels and find out what that domestic need could be.

What is special about number 6?

Angel number 6 meaning is profoundly spiritual. This number is even nicknamed as the motherhood number since it is all about healing, caring, and protecting others.

This is one of the reasons why 6 is the only number that is considered harmonious with all other numbers. Creating a protected environment with peace and harmony is what the 6 meaning is.

Is 6 a spiritual number?

Angel number 6 can have a neutral, positive, or negative spiritual meaning.

When angels show you this number, they want you to delve deeper into connecting with your spiritual self. They also want you to make some changes in life that help you get closer to the divine path.

Angel number 6 asserts the importance of having this balance between your spirituality and worldly connection. Since your family plays a major role in your life, seeking their help could nudge you closer to your inner-self.

If you have been taking your materialistic life too seriously, you need to pause and work towards attaining a balance. You shouldn’t build an extravagant life with everything that you need but feel empty inside since you don’t recognize your inner-self anymore.

Angel number 6 is the only angel number that reiterates the importance of you connecting with your spiritual side and when an angel shows you this number, you must do everything that you can to find that spiritual balance in life.

Biblically, number 6 is a significant number with many connotations which I will talk about in detail in this article.

Is the number 6 GOOD OR BAD?

All the angel numbers have a significant meaning and so does the number 6. Often seen during the darkest of times in our lives, number 6 is a good sign as it asserts the importance to focus on the light, how much ever bleak it may seem.

I suggest that you listen to your guardian angel and implement some changes in your life to attain some well-deserved peace. Home is the best place to start with.

It could be the universe telling you to think about these subtle messages from your angels and believe in yourself. Number 6 may be seen during bad times but with all things considered, it could help you fight off your problems and make the best of everything.

There could be several aspects of what can be changed to achieve your goals. The first step is to find that one caring person who is understanding enough to stand by your side and provide you with the right kind of support.

What does the number 6 mean?

The Chinese consider angel number 6 as a lucky number that brings fortune. Many Chinese businessmen include this number in some way and believe it brings them wealth and happiness.

However, that is not the case with some of the other cultures. Angel number 6 could mean devastation and signifies human weaknesses in other societies.

So, it all really depends on how you see it and what you are willing to do with this communication from your angels.

Sure, angel number 6 is shown mostly in bad times. But that doesn’t mean that the number itself is bad. It only means that your angels acknowledge that you are going through a rough patch in life and are giving you an assurance to help you balance your prioritiesin life.

You just need to be more open-minded and by doing so, this number could change your life for the better. But if you are all sulky and you feel doomed for constantly seeing this number, there is no guardian angel that could help you from making a mess out of your life.

Thinking positive will bring the best version of yourself out.

What does the number 6 mean in the Bible?

There are multiple biblical significances to number 6.

  • Number 6 is considered a symbol of man’s weaknesses, manifestations of the devil, and sins
  • God has created man on the 6th day in Genesis Chapter One
  • Sometimes, number 6 has also been associated with Satan
  • A Hebrew slave in the Old Testament worked for 6 years
  • Exodus mentions 6 earthquakes
  • Jesus was accused of being possessed 6 times
  • Only 6 people acknowledged Jesus’s innocence during his persecution

What does number 6 represent?

Number 6 represents something that you don’t want to deal with or have been avoiding for some time. When your guardian angel keeps showing this number, that means it is time that you paid attention to that thing and change your life for the better.

Angels always show us a number for a reason and when they show 6, they are trying to help you bring balance to your life by helping you connect deeper with your family. You just need to understand the meaning behind why this number is being shown. Your loved ones will also be keen to support you and bring a balance in your life. Who wouldn’t want a better life, right?

Number 6 is also a reminder from your guardian angel that you have been too distracted in your life and you must focus on other important aspects like your family and your other personal relationships. You need to be more open-mindedand instead of seeing this angel number 6 as a bad omen, you could instead give it a chance and grow into a better person surrounding yourself with happy thoughts and positive energy.

It is time that you face your problems head-on. Get some help from your family who want nothing but your well-being.

Angel number 6 is a sign that there is some aspect at home that you must immediately address. A retrospection of how you could do better in things related to you and your loved ones could be a good start.

Chances are that you already know for sure what is it that you constantly worry about.

Take a look around and get a new perspective over things. You will soon find many areas of improvement that you should work on.

Pick one that is fairly easy and start working on it.

Tell your family about the meaning behind what angels are trying to communicate with you. If they are not aware of the angel numbers, you should enlighten them so that even they can connect with their guardian angel as well.

You may also need to be prepared for something big to come. There could be chances that one of your family members may fall sick or do something that could change your lives.

Be well prepared, keep your medical insurances up to date, and hope for the best.

What does the number 6 symbolize?

The symbolism of angel number 6 is that your journey is half complete.

You are halfway through your goals and you must not stop or get distracted before you reach them. There could be many hurdles in your life but you should try never to get disheartened.

You must thank the angels for reminding you that there is a lot more to do. Having said that, you should also remember that you did well so far in life and you couldn’t have done it without your family by your side.

Angel number 6 symbolizes the hard journey that you endured so far and the angels are nudging you to attain some balance in your life. Sometimes it is easy to lose your way, so when you keep seeing these angel numbers, you should be very grateful that the angels are looking after you.

What is the significance of the number 6?

Angel number 6 signifies a balancethat should be in your family, career, and friends. When your guardian angel constantly shows you number 6, the meaning of it is that your angels want you to not overdo in one area and instead strive to balance your relationships with everyone in your life.

It could also mean that you need to give your attention to your loved ones more responsibly. The moment you pick your friends or career over family, life becomes complicated and your angels don’t want you to mess up that balance.

What does the number 6 mean in a dream?

Every number has a unique meaning when they appear in our dreams. The spiritual power and vibration that each number carries must not be ignored.

Angel number 6 resonates with domesticity, family, love, home, ownership, and monetary aspects of life. Whether you see angel number 6 as a single digit or as a sequence, that signifies your need to meet responsibilities or attain some domestic harmony.

Dreaming of angel number 6 is also a clear indication that you need stability in life.

It could also be telling you that your monetary goals will soon be fulfilled. You just have to patient and work hard towards your goals.

If you are single, dreaming of angel number 6 could mean that you are soon about to meet the love of your life.

Through angel number 6 in your dreams, your guardian angel is trying to tell you that you need to balance your inner self and spiritual self. You must also find a balance between your goals and ideals.

Look back at your journey and if you have been spending too much effort and time in gathering materialistic things, it is time that you invest your time in advancing spiritually. Thankfully, a guardian angel is always looking after you and is communicating through angel numbers.

Trust your angels and bring that much-needed balance and stability into your life.

Dreaming of angel number 6 could also signify some unrealistic expectations that you may have set for yourself and the depleted feeling of nothing left to give. Angel number 6 could also indicate that it is time you forgive that person whom you have been holding grudge against.

What does the number 6 mean in Hebrew?

Number 6 in Hebrew is “Shesh”, which means man, flesh, beast, sacrifice, intimacy, judgment, antichrist, idol, work, sacrificial love, and knowledge. Six refers to the works of the men and their intimate knowledge and sacrificial love for the Creator.

That means, without that connection with the Creator, men are only flesh and nothing beyond. Men can either project the image of God or the image of their own flesh.


Angel number 6 is not a bad number and its meaning is actually good. It only implies that you could be in a rough phase in your life and you can get it back on track—but only when you are optimistic and you work hard towards your non-materialistic life goals.

You will need your family’s support in attaining a balanced life.

If your family does not believe in angel numbers and their prominence, provide them with all facts and share the information in this article with them. Introduce them to numerology and the benefits it has to offer. You would not just help yourself by doing so but will also help them in being more open to their guardian angels.

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