What Does the Number 6 Mean in Numerology?

What Does the Number 6 Mean in Numerology?

Would it be a good or bad thing if you were told that number 6 is your lucky number?

The first encounter with the number is very confusing because you never know what to expect.

This is why I use numerology to get the meaning of this number.

If you start uncovering the hidden meaning of number 6, you will find many meanings you never knew about the number.

What is number 6 in numerology?

It is one of the root numbers in numerology that defines the fate of an individual. Numerology does not view number 6 as an ordinary number but that which is characterized by a set of traits.

The dominant traits of number 6

The vibrational energies of number 6 represent:

  • Harmony
  • Idealism
  • Family
  • Healing

The combination of these traits will make you a person of admirable character. This is why you find that number 6s relate well with other numbers.

The symbolic meaning of number 6

Number 6 is a symbolic number with multiple meanings in numerology. Here are some of the meanings that you should associate with number 6:


I know many numerology numbers claim to be the epitome of perfection. However, number 6 has evidence that symbolizes it as a perfect number. Since number 6 is a balanced number representing harmony, some numerologists argue that harmony and balance are the true indicators of perfection. This is also supported by the state of equilibrium that puts balance as the steadiest and admirable state.

Fixed vision

The number 6 has a fixed vision and is undisturbed in the quest to achieve the vision. If you are one of them, you should be aware of the fact that your vision is reliant on you fitting well with the society since you enjoy the state of harmony.


As a number 6, you take responsibilities very seriously. You always make sure that you have done your part in any task. This is to avoid conflict with other people. Furthermore, you don’t have a problem when you are put in a position of responsibility. People always entrust you with a leadership position because they know that you are capable of delivering great results from your nature as a responsible person.

Career path for a number 6

Have you already settled in your career? Would you change your career if you realized it is not the best for you? Well, the purpose of this information is to give you time to evaluate your career decisions and see if they fit your desires.

The career that fits a number 6 well is that which focuses on creating a harmonious environment, nurturing children, and healing sickness. This makes you a perfect candidate in the careers of counseling psychology, caregiving, and medicine. If you are in any of these careers, you will have an easy time since the nature of your work is similar to your character traits.

You are also capable of becoming a good businessperson. Your honesty is your strength when it comes to excelling in business. This is why you are likely to become a top salesperson or a marketer. You make a positive impression that impresses other people.

Relationship compatibility of a number 6

Number 6 is the most compatible number with all other numerology numbers. Your harmonious nature makes you compatible with people of different numerology numbers. In a relationship, you can overlook things just to avoid disruptions in your romantic life.

However, the fact that you fit well with other numbers does not mean that you can pick anyone to engage in a relationship with. As a number 6, your primary target in a relationship is a person who is committed to maintaining a long-lasting relationship that will lead to marriage. It may take you quite some time to find such a person but you will not let go once you have found the person. Furthermore, you offer unconditional trust to your partner to an extent that you may be taken advantage of. This is a concern that you need to think about.

Romance attraction

You are attracted to kind and nurturing individuals whom you consider as your ideal character type. You are repulsive of anyone showing signs of aggression.

Life purpose and destiny of a number 6

If there is one thing that most people have been unable to unlock is their purposes in life. You will meet many people who don’t know their purpose in life and keep on guessing what they may actually be on earth to perform.

The primary life purpose of a number 6 is to bring harmony in the world. The little actions that you do to create a harmonious environment both at home and workplaces are what matter most in your life. Therefore, you should not be bothered by great ambitions typical of other numbers, but rather remain steadfast in making the world a better place through random acts of kindness.

According to the Tarot card, number 6 is embodied in ‘The Lover’, which represents creativity. This means that you also have a creative side that can redefine your fate in life. You can use your creativity to solve world issues and create a harmonious environment around you.

Karma lessons

One of the lessons you can learn from number 6 is the need to be spiritual in matters that affect the people around you. You need to be reliable and offer nurturing opportunities to people around you.

Number 6 also serves as a good point of reference to people who have not found their partners in life. The lesson that you should learn here is to value yourself first. You should not settle in a relationship simply because you have not been able to find a perfect mate.

Is number 6 a lucky number?

This is definitely a lucky number in numerology. You will be lucky to have these kinds of attributes that show calmness and composure as number 6. Of all the numerology numbers, number 6 is the best for showing simplicity.

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