3 Secret Master Numbers in Numerology

In numerology, there are certain double-digit numbers that possess way more power and potential than others. There are three in particular that require special emphasis, and they’re known as master numbers.

A master number isn’t simply any random double-digit number though. In fact, the term master number applies only to the number 11, the number 22, and the number 33 in the numerology chart.

The ultimate potential of these particular double digits is on an entirely different level compared to the other single-digit or even triple-digit numbers on a numerology chart.

Because of this, the numbers 11, 22, and 33 need special attention and explanation to see how they may affect or influence your personal life, energy, and life path.

How are Master Numbers Different?

Each master number possesses its own unique traits that are considerably stronger than what other angel numbers have. The presence, significance, or resonance of an expression number like this in your life is a strong sign which indicates that you may be able to access their characteristics and intense powers.

With these master numbers, it’s possible to access the qualities of highly-tuned intuitive power, practical master building, and invaluable teaching, if the person with the connection to the number is able to calculate ways to do it.

It could be that one of these master numbers is your personality number in numerology, or perhaps it forms elements of your birth date. Either way, the inherent power of master numbers needs to be explored and understood in order to access the true magic behind them.

Why are 11, 22, and 33 the Only Master Numbers?

Going right back to ancient Greece where numerology was first explored, you’ll see that the number 11, the number 22, and the number 33 were already highly revered and considered special even then.

They were thought to contain mystical and powerful forces, as well as a deep connection to the subconscious ideals of both the spiritual intuition and the personal ambition of the self.

They usually indicate some special or profound occurrence in the future if they’re found to be your life path number, or if they relate to the digits in your numerology chart, which are often referred to as core numbers.

The nature of these master numbers isn’t simply because they have double or even identical digits, but rather more that they’re composed of the numbers 1, 2, and 3. They also make up the Triangle of Enlightenment.

What is the Symbolism Behind Master Numbers?

The significant symbolism behind these master numbers indicates possible access to the specific range of uniquely powerful attributes that these three key numbers in numerology are thought to hold.

Master Number 11

In the case of the master number 11, the attributes relate to intuitive power that is razor-sharp and fine-tuned.  Because of this, master 11 is known to be the Visionary.

Master number 11 is a symbol of surpassing limitation, expanding spiritual intuition and perception, thus bridging the gap between ignorance and enlightenment.

Master Number 22

Master number 22 holds the Master Builder potential that is considered to be formidable in numerology.

This is coupled with the fact that this master number harnesses the powerful intuition and insight of the 11 and doubles it, making the potential to realize dreams much more real and “build” them.

11 and 22 are connected in many ways, such as the fact that 22 takes all the powers and qualities of 11 and allows them practical access to creating in the material world.

Master Number 33

Called the Master Teacher, master number 33 is a powerful indication of extraordinary teaching abilities. It’s the master number that contains all forms of understanding in numerology.

This master number contains the attributes of expression and care combined with that of a teacher. Its vibration is highly symbolic of spiritual development and the ability of the soul to evolve.

This number is much rarer than the numbers 11 and 22.

In fact, it’s extremely uncommon to find anyone with this master number in their birthday chart. Obviously, the 11th or the 22nd are far more likely to be part of someone’s date of birth when you consider the available days to be born in a calendar month.

However, if you happen to have this double-digit master number as your life path number, it could only be a profound sign. Perhaps you possess the ability to harness and use positive emotional and physical traits and, through some form of leadership, change others’ lives.

How Do Master Numbers Relate to Personality?

If you’re lucky enough to have a master number as your life path number or part of your date of birth, then this represents the likelihood of particular characteristics.

If the numbers 11, 22, or 33 have any resonance with or connection to you as a person or even the place you were born in, chances are you’re blessed with solid potential to shape your world and pursue a life path that can change society.

Master Number 11

Number 11 represents both physical and mental power, and the types of people connected to this version of an important single digit—the number 1—usually display heightened intuition.

They usually have empathy and a sense of inner understanding. Master number 11 also brings balance and communication qualities to those related to it by birth.

Master Number 22

The powerful master builder number is often found in the lives of people who are leaders and practical doers who believe in their own ideas.

These people are often politicians and society leaders who have the self-confidence to not only envision the future but also build it. Hence, many famous people have the master number 22 in their birth charts.

Master Number 33

This number is in line with the raising and expanding of consciousness, and people who are connected to it in some way are likely to be caring and altruistic types. Indeed, it’s famous for being the age at which the Master Teacher himself, Jesus Christ, made His ascension to heaven.

Those who resonate with this number wish to create a sense of harmony for the soul, and they often believe that it’s their own personal mission to bring this to others.

If you tend to be the type geared toward compassion, you probably resonate with this master number in some way.

The Bottom Line

Master numbers are powerful and intriguing indicators that should be investigated fully if they relate to your life, your birthday or life path number for example.

These are highly charged numbers that require special attention because it isn’t always that easy to access or master the inherent qualities of these numbers. As awesome as master numbers are, it’s often a challenge to maximize their potential.

However, even if you’re finding it difficult to live up to the symbolism of these numbers, you should keep pushing as they’re capable of improving your life and expanding your horizons in ways that you may never have imagined.