5 Secrets of Numerology Master Number 11 Meaning – Personality, Spirituality and Love

master number 11

There are three master numerology numbers: 11, 22, and 33. Created by the mirroring effect of single-digit numbers (number 1, number 2, and number 3), master numbers in numerology are essentially double-digit numbers with a great deal of power and meaning.

So, if you’re blessed enough to have master numbers in your personal numerology, you’re in for a joyful roller-coaster ride. The three master numbers 11, 22, and 33 bring a boatload of surprises, challenges, and blessings.

In this article, we’ll discuss the finer details/meaning of having one of the master numbers, 11, in your numerology chart.

People who are most impacted by numerology master number 11 usually have this number as a life path number. However, master number 11 can also have an equally large influence on those who have master number 11 as their expression number, soul urge number, birthday number, or personality number.

With life path number 11, you can expect to have higher inner wisdom, spiritual insight, and intuition than the average Joe.

This number also represents attributes such as empathy, responsibility, sensitivity, mature thinking, and intelligence. Hence, those who have the 11 as their destiny number are generally identified as old souls in the community.

Put it this way: a mere child with this number sign has the ability and characteristic to think like a sexagenarian.

Let’s have a detailed look into the significance, potential, and vibration of the master number 11 life path in a numerology chart. The following description is certain to hit you with a lightning bolt of spiritual insight.

Master Number 11 and Life Purpose

Ask an expert about the symbolism of the 11 number sign and they’d tell you that it signifies enlightenment and inspiration, and like master numbers 22 and 33, it’s a very powerful one.

The master number 11 life path influences a person to help others to the best of his/her abilities. It encourages the holder to shed light on the lives of others.

You see, the master number 11 life path is made of two candles, with one candle belonging to the holder of master number 11 and the second candle representing the person who receives help.

If you have the 11 life path number, there are some things you can do to channel your energy into something productive.

For instance, you, as a holder of the 11 life path number, have plenty of dreams and ambitions. However, if you want to achieve unparalleled success, you must learn to keep your emotions and vibrations in check.

Also, learn to be more patient as all good things take time to take shape. In a nutshell, this life path number evokes the dreamer in you and gives you the impetus to level up.

It’s in your nature to be creative, intelligent, and flexible. However, the 11 life path also dictates that if you aren’t careful, you can experience a decline in your professional life as rapidly as your elevation.

So, stay diligent, embrace your gifts and powers, pay attention to your characteristics, and don’t let your sensitive personality get the better of you.

Master Number 11 and Spirituality

Master numbers bring a unique set of gifts and as a holder of master number 11, you’re blessed with numerous spiritual, psychic talents. Because 11 reduces to number 2, you also have empathy, sensitivity, and other traits that come with number 2.

Since you’re clairvoyant, you need to use your prophetic gift and skillset to help yourself and those around you.

For complete mastery over your abilities, have faith in your inner voice, intuition, and inner wisdom for they’ve never wronged you and let you down. Also, you have the ability to heal others with your wisdom, sensitivity, and empathetic nature.

So, make use of your innate abilities and be the healer you were born to be in your life path journey. 

Negative Traits of Master Number 11

Before we get to the positive aspects of master number 11, let’s get the negative traits out of the way first. Master numbers bestow tons of positive attributes, but even they don’t come perfect.

Those who have 11 as one of their numbers in numerology are known to be highly sensitive. Being hypersensitive can be detrimental to one’s health and can, even, lead a person to commit suicide.

So, if you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, make time for yourself to relax and replenish your energy levels. Don’t force yourself to shoulder everyone’s responsibilities as doing that will only drain your soul.

In most cases, people with the 11 life path resort to bad habits such as smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and even taking drugs to escape their harsh realities. So, keep in mind not to fall into bad habits.

The holders of number 11 life path are also known to be workaholics.

If you, too, are one of them, it’s time for you to give yourself permission to take a chill pill (no pun intended) and relax. Only then will you experience growth in your journey.

Positive Traits of Master Number 11

Having the double number 1 in your numerology has a lot of advantages too.

It helps you keep calm even in the most complex of situations. It allows you to look at things from a bird’s eye view.

As you possess the wisdom, empathy, flexibility, and the potential to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, you’re able to extinguish the fire out of any heated discussion. Many people won’t be able to fool you either as you’d be able to see right through them with ease.

Number 11 also gives you the guidance and confidence to stand out and be true to yourself. In doing so, you inspire others to do the same.

Master Number 11 and Your Love Life

As I’ve said before, master number 11 helps you see people for who they are. Even in the Tarot, 11 corresponds to the Major Arcana card of Justice, which stands for intuition.

If you’ve wondered why you find it so difficult to commit to a relationship in the first place, it’s because you’re well aware of your worth.

You know that it’s pointless for you to be in a relationship just for the sake of being in one. You’d rather have the freedom you clearly enjoy than be stuck in a relationship that holds you back.

However, should you choose to settle down, bear in mind that 11 will give you the energy to commit to your relationship 100%.

Professional Life, Career, and Business Endeavors

Those who have the 11 life path in their chart love dipping their toes into the world of finance. They are of the opinion that more wealth equals more joy.

Plus, these people don’t enjoy working under someone or behind the scenes. As a result, you’ll find most of them self-employed.

Additionally, holders of number 11 are also perfect for artistic fields as they have a huge amount of creativity. In a nutshell, they could hold their own in any field of art whether it’s singing, painting, designing, writing, or photography.

To top it off, this number also allows you to be successful in many different types of fields simultaneously. So, pursue all your interests and hobbies without hesitation.


Count your blessings if you have any of the master numbers 11, 22, and 33 in your personal numerology and life path. After all, only a lucky few have master numbers in their chart, and having master numbers 22 and 33, as well as 11, is definitely one of a kind.

Master number 11 has a great deal of power and meaning. It’s one of the numbers in numerology that bring a unique blend of challenges and blessings, surprises and hardships.

It allows you to excel in all different types of fields. It also reassures you that you have everything you need to live a life you’re proud of.