Angel Number 838: Why Should You Take It Seriously?

angel number 838

Have you been having weird encounters where you continuously see 838 popping up? Maybe you went to the gas station and the pump suddenly stops at 8.38, or you’re reading online and suddenly realize you’re on page 838? That is angel number 838 in action.

It gets to a point where you’re certain it’s no longer simply a coincidence, and you’re right. No! You’re not imagining things or overthinking, indeed these numbers are a coded message sent to you by your guardian angels telling you what to do to make your life much better.

Depending on the prevailing situation in your life, this message could be a warning, an encouragement or a prophecy.

Meaning of Angel Number 838

Number 838 is an angel number that combines the energies of number 8 and 3 to send a powerful message from your guardian angels. It represents success, achievement, self-confidence, giving, higher wisdom, reliability, philanthropy, consideration, serving humanity and karma.

Number 8

Number 8 is talking about your strengths and hidden abilities. It says you’re highly motivated and a huge success at whatever you do. You also have a big heart and believe strongly in helping people in any way you can. You’re also a bit at the mercy of karma. While people are able to get away with certain mistakes or bad choices, you’re most likely to feel the full effect of your choices.

Number 3

Number 3 stands for open-mindedness, optimism, courage, forgiveness, communication, skills, growth, and enthusiasm.

It highlights the qualities you have that will help steer you through different phases in life. These qualities will form the basis upon which your personality is built on. You cannot afford to lower the standards because these qualities are important weapons that will see you through some of the most challenging stages in life.

Number 3 also exudes the energies of the ascended masters denoting the high spiritual influences of the number. 

The Combination

Consequently, this combination of 8 and 3 is a message of warning as well as it is a message of encouragement. The authorities in the spirit realm are trying to tell you that you’re on the right path and should keep up with what you’re doing.

You may not see the rewards now, but you’re making the right moves, and you should stay on track till the results start coming. This encouraging message is sent to you so you don’t stray from this path. The lack of results may frustrate you so much that you start to think of doing things differently or even quitting. Your guardian angels see this and they want you to know that you’re not doing anything wrong.

Keep working and you’ll find yourself reaping the fruits of your labor soon. 838 may also be a warning. Your guardian angels may see some life choices you’re about to make that will lead to your doom and want to prevent you from making this mistake. 838 highlights that everything you do has consequences, this is where the strong influence of number 8 comes in. If you make a bad decision, be rest assured that you’ll feel the full force of karma.

Unfortunately, some of these consequences might be so damaging that they will hurt your future. This is why your angels are trying to warn you against making bad choices. You’re a beacon of hope with light flowing through you. This is why you’re not compatible with the dark energies exuded by evil and bad qualities. 

Angel Number 838 and Your Love Life

When your angels are trying to speak to your love life with number 838, they’re saying you should do more to try and please your partner. It could be that you’re letting the activities of your daily life take too much of your time with little or no time left for your partner.

While you’re right to focus on your career and attend to your personal business, you need to be able to make out time for your partner. Stop canceling on dates because you have to work late. It is little disappointments like this that leads to small cracks that will ultimately mark the beginning of the end in your relationship. Learn to listen to your partner, try to understand them and be fully supportive of their personal endeavors too.

Your guardian angels sent you this message because they know you’re with the right person. They want you to work on this relationship to reap the full rewards of a beautiful life.

Angel Number 838 and Your Career

When the angel number 838 sends a message about your career, it is saying you’re in the right place. Whatever you’re doing at the moment is exactly what you should be doing. There’s no need to look for a change.

It may not be so good now, but your guardian angels are saying that it will go well eventually. If you’re a struggling entrepreneur with a business that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, simply hold on. Don’t be too quick to jump on the next train, there’s so much you can achieve with what you have. This message is the universe’s way of telling you that you’ve got everything it takes to. All you need is the patience to wait for everything to work out naturally.

One more thing you must realize is that you’re quite special. The forces at play in your life reward every bit of labor and hard work. So, you never have to worry about putting in so much effort and getting little or no results. For you, hard work will always pay!


Number 838 is a symbol that your guardian angels are solidly behind you. There’s no worse feeling in life than the feeling that you’re all alone with no one to watch your back. Luckily for you, spiritual authorities are on your case and want you to know they’re watching and helping you take every step. Knowing that you’re not doing this on your own can go a long way in boosting your confidence.

You’ll wake up feeling invigorated, safe in the knowledge that your guardian angels and the ascended masters are solidly behind your every move!

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