Angel Number 88: Why It Appears to You

Have you seen the angel number 88 recently and you don’t understand its meaning? You might be among the many people who often see angel numbers and assume that they are just coincidences.

Angel number 88, as well as its other sequences, is a special number with its own set of meanings that you should know. Luckily, we are going to discuss the message Doreen Virtue says this number brings to your life. 

Angel Number 88 and Its Many Meanings

What is the meaning of 88 in numerology?

Angel numbers often come in a sequence, unlike the core numerology numbers that are single. This means that the angels want to emphasize a certain message. 

The main reason why angel number 88 is coming into your life is to present to you a message of abundance, stability, and prosperity.


You have been lacking many things that you need in life that are just about to be unlocked. All the wishes that you have presented to the gods before are on the verge of being fulfilled. 

The message of abundance that the angels are sending using this number is very precise; it brings wholesome abundance. 

You are probably thinking of material wealth but there are also many other things you will be blessed with in abundance. Joy and happiness, for example, will start following you. 

The big question that always follows is how to handle the abundance that is coming your way. Since you will be having a lot, it is recommended that you start soul-searching and look for ways of attaining self-actualization. 

This is an opportunity for you to start thinking of how you are going to help your community using the abundant resources the angels are just about to bestow to you. Remember, this abundance will not come as a single event; thus as soon as you start receiving the blessings, you should also start offering help to others in society.     


If your life has been unstable, the sudden appearance of angel number 88 could be a sign of incoming stability. Things are just about to take a turn that will redefine the way you live your life. 

Think of simple things such as your relationships. If you have been having unstable relationships in the past no matter how hard you try, the angels are telling you this time that a stable relationship is coming your way. 

You just need to open up to the right person and you will enjoy the joy that comes with stability in a relationship. The same applies to your career where the angels are telling you that you are going to have a fulfilling and stable career. 

For both relationships and careers, you need to look at your numerology number and ensure that you are in a relationship with a person of a compatible number and that you are pursuing a career that suits your number. 


The combination of abundance and stability will lead to a prosperous life. 

It is always the wish of everyone to have a prosperous life, but not all of us enjoy the happiness that comes with this blessing. Angel number 88 means that the gods have chosen you and the angels are bringing this message so you can start preparing for your new life. 

Why do you dream of the number 88?

The fortunes that the angels are bringing to you need you to have a new and exciting life. You must live to the expectations of the angels for you to get these blessings.

Never think that you will get these blessings just because you start seeing number 88. No, you must work your way to get them. 

It is also a virtue number which means that you must start watching your morality and live per angelic standards. 

What does 88 mean for twin flames?

This is a phenomenon of number 88 that acts as a reflection of your untapped strong spirituality. 

In numerology, a twin flame is a symbolic representation of infinity. It is only visible to you if you invert a number, and number 8 is still 8 even when inverted. 

If you have number 88, it means that this representation has been doubled, and that means you have a stronger infinity. 

It is a number that expresses limitless possibilities in all spheres. The angels are reminding you that there is a huge potential in you that hasn’t been tapped. 

The most important thing is for you to know that the only way to utilize your inner potential is to start putting your internalized thoughts into action. Fate is on your side and will ensure that the plans you start materialize. 

What does 88 mean in love?

Number 88 is a holistic number that covers different areas of life, ranging from welfare to love. You have the right to love and be loved in equal measure. 

However, the angel’s message here is that you should initiate love from your side. You are supposed to love more than you are loved. 

The stability that the angel is bringing in your life is dependent on you showing love to your partner more than he or she does.

The angel is promising unending love and romance in your life if you submit to its will. 

Is 88 a good number?

Do not let the infinity message pass you. The opportunity of receiving angel number 88 is limited; thus, you should take full advantage if it comes your way. 

Stop living in the world of impossibilities and start enjoying the unlimited joy and happiness that come with infinite possibilities. 

What is the meaning of number 88 by Doreen Virtue?

The primary message of angel number 88 according to Doreen Virtue is to provide clear guidance on how you should live your life. It doesn’t mean that you are living your life differently from the way the angels want you to live, but there could be a few adjustments that the angels are suggesting to make your life even much better.

Why is 88 lucky?

Number 88 is lucky because it combines the double influence of lucky number 8 which brings wealth and fulfillment. 

Number 88 is regarded as one of the luckiest numbers in Chinese. Also, its sound is similar to the Chinese word for wealth.

What does the number 88 symbolize?

Number 88 signifies balance, inspiration, integrity, knowledge, introspection, business, analysis, and intuition. People under the influence of number 88 usually show these characteristics and are often successful in all they do.

Is 88 a master number?

No, 88 is not a master number. Master numbers are powerful numbers that hold strong spiritual powers. They are the most powerful numbers in numerology

While 88 is also a powerful number, it isn’t one of the three master numbers. The master numbers are 11, 22, and 33.

What does 88 mean spiritually?

Number 88 represents spiritual enlightenment and intelligence. 

Number 8 is the number that represents laws of cause and effects in the universe. This number is also the number that represents the law of karma. 

People under the influence of 88 will always get what they deserve, be it good or evil.

What does the number 88 mean in the Bible?

Number 88 draws the influence of number 8 which was mentioned a few times in the Bible. One notable mention is the success of the 8th son of Jesse, David, who became a harp player for the king and who shortly became king himself.

Also, number 88 represents the moment Jesus Christ was named after 8 days of circumcision. 

What is the significance of the number 88?

Number 88 signifies hard work and success. When anyone is under the influence of this number, that person needs to work hard else they will never achieve the success they so desire in life. 

It is a message of encouragement to people urging them to put in more hard work in their careers and relationships.

Why do I see the number 88 everywhere?

You see 88 everywhere because your angel has sent you a message. This message has come in the form of a number which is referred to as ”angel number”. 

We receive numbers as coded messages because angels are unable to communicate directly to us in our material world.

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