5 Secrets of Number 8 in the Bible

If you read the Bible often, then you must’ve come across the number 8 one too many times. Did you know that it’s been mentioned exactly 80 times in the Holy Scriptures?

This special number has a great deal of significance in our daily lives. 

In this post, we’re going to explore the biblical meaning of the number eight to God’s people and the spiritual world at large. Let’s get to it, shall we? 

What Does the Number 8 Mean in the Bible? 

Eight is a number of new beginnings—it’s linked to a brighter future, new horizons, and a new life in general. In the historic Christian Church, the number 8 also represents resurrection.

Jesus was crucified to take away the sins of the world, and He was resurrected on the 17th of Nisan in the Hebrew calendar. 17 is made up of angel numbers 1 and 7, and their sum is 8, so in that same way, Nisan 17 could also be considered a numerical equivalent of the number 8.

All in all, 8 is a sign of victory and perfect sacrifice. This is also shown by the fact that Nisan 17 was the eighth day when Jesus was singled out to die on the cross.

With this, we can say that Jesus Christ has numerous connections to the eighth note, and this could be a sign that He revered this number. In Greek, the letters in His name add up to 888.

Eight also shows its significance in earlier parts of the Bible—for example, in its very first book.

In the book of Genesis, God created the heavens and the Earth in seven days. When God rested on the 7th day, the following day, which was the eighth day, signified a new creation, new order, and spiritual life.

Where Does the Number 8 Appear in the Bible? 

The first appearance of the number 8 is seen in the story of Noah’s Ark in the book of Genesis, chapter 6, where the whole Earth was covered in floods of water. The creation of the new Earth was left in the hands of eight people.  

Abraham also had 8 sons, namely Shuah, Ishbak, Midian, Midian, Medan, Jokshan, Zimran, Isaac, and Ishmael.

Similarly, Jesus’ crucifixion has a special meaning in relation to the number 8. When He conquered the grave, Jesus showed that He had power over death. 

As you know, Jesus’ resurrection happened soon after the last day of His crucifixion. When He rose from the dead, He appeared to Mary Magdalene and His disciples a total of eight times before His ascension.

Additionally, the Feast of Tabernacles celebrated by the Israelites (and is still celebrated to this day) takes place over the course of seven days. On the day after, another feast is celebrated, known as the Last Great Day, so all in all, this makes for an eight-day celebration.

What Does the Number 8 Mean Prophetically? 

In the Old Testament, the Lord God commanded circumcision of every male child on the eighth day of every new month. The removal of the foreskin symbolized new beginnings and the acceptance of the Holy Spirit.

In other words, if a boy wasn’t circumcised, their body was like a dry land that needed to be prepared for the Spirit to reign.

Also, Pentecost is recognized one week after the Spring harvest, which falls on the 50th day of the Hebrew calendar. Unsurprisingly, this special day falls on the 8th day of the 7th week.

The 50th and 8th day combination mirrors the first resurrection when Christ will mark the new covenant by raising the dead and making them immortal. This is evident in the last book of the Bible, Revelation, in the 20th chapter.

Number 8 mostly represents spiritual regeneration, and it marks the beginning of a new era. Jesus rose from death to eternal life on Easter Sunday, the first day of a new week, which can otherwise be regarded as the eighth day of the previous week.

The Pentateuch has a collection of eight songs, including those in the Book of Psalms (Deuteronomy 32, Exodus 15, the Song of Songs, Isaiah 5, 26, Judges 5, Numbers 21). Most of these songs are to be sung once Christ is reborn.

Furthermore, the vision of God’s kingdom came to Peter, the disciple, eight days after the announcement of Christ’s sufferings (Luke 9:28-36), and exactly eight days later, Thomas, another of Jesus’ disciples, was compelled to believe after failing to recognize Christ’s sovereignty.

Does the Number 8 Have Negative Meanings in the Bible? 

This divine numerical value represents God and the balance He offers in heaven and Earth. However, it can have some negative meanings.

For example, when you consider the story of the Great Flood, God saved 8 people. Every life to Him was of great value, but when people turned away from Him, He saw it best to, you could say, “reset” everything He made so that He could forge a new beginning and restore perpetual balance to the Earth.

What Does the Number 8 Mean in Hebrew? 

The eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is known as “Chet,” and it bears a positional or ordinal Gematria. The literal translation of the number 8 in Hebrew is “chamber,” “hedge,” or “fence,” which symbolically means “to separate” or “to make private.”

In Hebrew, eight is the number of a new beginning. When you raise this number to its triplicate (888), it represents Jesus’ numerical title in the text of the Greek New Testament.

Eight was used in ancient Hebrew to represent a fence, but this rather simple meaning symbolized something deeper—brotherhood. This is because the term “brother” is similar to “an impregnable fence.”

In addition to this, the number 8 when written in the Hebrew alphabet stands for the Living God. However, the design used in writing God’s name is rather complex, and most people may struggle to decipher its true symbolism.

What Does the Bible Number 8 Mean in Daily Life? 

If you see this number in your daily life, consider it a sign from the Universe that you’re more than able to achieve anything you set your mind to.

For the time that 8 keeps appearing to you, make it your priority to align yourself with the plans that your Father has for you. Doing so will eventually lead you to a path of prosperity and abundance.

Number 8 also inspires hard work and perseverance. Anyone who sees this number is naturally ambitious and hopes to get the best that life has to offer. 

The fact that number eight comes between angel numbers 7 and 9 means that it bears energies that resemble the two figures. It mostly revolves around success, career revolution, and abundance, and it’s considered to be the most balanced angel number. 

Similarly, you need to adopt a balanced lifestyle. Nourish your inner self as you also work to make your physical self stand out in terms of prosperity and success. 

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from your angels. When you come across the number 8 in your daily life, see it as a sign that your angels want to draw nearer to you, and the best way to maintain a divine connection with these angels is through deep breathing, meditation, and constant prayer.

What Does the Bible Number 8 Advise Us to Do?

This divine number inspires you to view life as a musical scale—it either goes up or down, depending on how you choose to play it. Number 8’s meaning encourages you to be strategic in all of your methods while still staying true to your purpose. 

Eight’s karmic symbolism points to a heart of philanthropy and generosity. Each day you see this number, you need to realize that your successes aren’t your own doing.

You’ll appreciate any form of help you received along the way, and you’ll feel the need to share your blessings with the less fortunate. 

The constant appearance of the number 8 means that you need to understand how to balance gratitude with achievement. It’s a cycle of never-ending wisdom that the 8 seeks to manifest in your life.

Finally, number 8 inspires a high sense of fortitude. What this means is that you need to be determined, patient, and optimistic that things will fall into place at the right time.

All in all, stay strong. Prosperity awaits you on the other side of your personal struggles.

The Bottom Line 

And there you have it, folks—a complete discussion of the number 8’s meaning in the Bible. The next time you see this number, rejoice.

It’s a strong sign of a fresh start and a new beginning. Being a holy number, number 8 helps you tap into the blessings that the spiritual realm has in store for you.

Therefore, keep your head up and brace yourself for the change that’s coming your way.