5 Secrets Why You Are Seeing 888 – The Meaning of 888

Angel Number 888

Do you keep seeing 888 everywhere, like on a car tag, phone number, or license plates? Does it frighten you or do you take it as a coincidence?

In life, number sequences can actually appear in different situations that we face and at random places, like on a lottery ticket or a bank account, meaning 888 could be trying to show you where to go or what to do in a given situation.

Sometimes, people might not even notice these numbers at all. They might not know that some of the ones they see could have a greater significance in their lives.

In this article, we look at what the number 888 signifies in your life from different perspectives.

Why is Angel Number 888 the Number of Jesus?

It’s the number of Jesus because His name in Gematria, which is an Assyro-Babylonian code system, is represented by the number 888. It’s also His number because aside from His name converting to 888, He was given the name “Jesus” on His circumcision day which was exactly 8 days after His birth.

Why is 888 Lucky?

It’s lucky because the meaning of 888 has a lot to do with the belief that you’ll make progress and attain success. It’s one of the angel numbers that bring people optimism in the face of discouragement.

Numbers 888 encourages you to adhere to your intuition. When you keep seeing 888, the meaning is that you’ll get guidance from the angels, spirit guides, and within yourself.

Moreover, it advises you to build yourself a solid foundation so that you can support yourself and those who are closest to your heart.

It means that you are in the flow of abundance and that you should prepare to receive blessings in your life. So, be happy if you see 888 on a license plate, email address, or any other random things!

What Does Angel Number 888 Mean in Love?

The meaning of 888 is a message that you will experience a much-needed change in your love life. In case you’re suffering because of a break-up, your guardian angel is telling you that there’s no need to worry because you’ll soon enjoy the love that’s coming your way.

Soon, you’ll see wonderful synchrony that will lead you to that new and special person.

Seeing angel number 888 is a symbol of love that’s preparing to come into your life or the one that you’re currently experiencing. For the latter, it’s a message that you’re on the right path with the right person.

What Does Angel Number 888 Mean Spiritually?

Spiritually, seeing the angel number 888 is a sign that your guardian angels want to guide you on your life path and assist you to accept your life purpose. When people see it, they should remain focused and in tune with the Universe.

To stay on track, you can make your plans ahead of time. With 888, your guardian could be telling you that you can acquire an even better lifestyle by being careful in how you outline your life so that you don’t live beyond your means.

If you see 888, it’s a sign that you should maintain the relationship you have with your old friends and with new ones by making time to reconnect with them. You should remain a person that others look up to in case they need some kind of guidance.

Your new position in life already shows that you’re good but you shouldn’t use it to make the people in your life feel like you’re better than they are. Remain grounded and keep the balance in your life.

When you properly maintain your newly acquired luck in life, you’ll be able to keep it going. The flow that comes with angel number 888 happens to be continuous and only you can stop it.

Your guardian angels and the Universe will often communicate with you through shapes, features, numbers, events, and other kinds of symbols but it’s the angel numbers that make it simpler for us to notice and understand just what they mean.

The angels could be showing you the following :

You should experience love

The meaning of number 888 is a representation of love and if you still have not fallen in love, you’re about to. It’s trying to give you the message that you’re very much ready to give someone your time and energy and to share your life with them.

It shows you’re ready to continue the journey of your life with a partner whose principles align with yours. This person could be the one you have been waiting for all your life, and one whom you thought did not exist.

You should acknowledge the potential within you

Another meaning of angel number 888 is that it’s time you realized your potential. This number is strongly associated with power and influence and when you see it, you should know that the great potential within you is about to be unleashed.

The 888 meaning here is that we all have a mighty power deep within us and the ability to impact the world in a big way—you can influence many.

It’s time to reinvent yourself

In case you had dreams that you wanted to transform into reality but experienced a lot of setbacks that made you give up on them, angel number 888 means it’s time to develop a new way of thinking.

It’s a message that you should take every possible chance to make your dreams come true and that giving up is not an option. It shows that it’s time to reinvent yourself.

The 888 angel number is also an indication that the setbacks you faced were only because you did not have the best approach.

What Does Angel Number 888 Mean for Twin Flames?

Angel number 888 is a symbol of positive change in your twin flame relationship.

If you’re experiencing issues with your twin flame, this sequence is being sent to you by the Universe to encourage you not to give up. It’s the Universe’s chosen way of telling you your problems will end soon.

Before you and your twin flame find each other or find stability in your relationship, you must deal with your individual emotional instabilities and walk your own different journeys first. Otherwise, you two will end up fighting, which is not healthy.

Is Angel Number 888 a Good Number?

Yes, angel number 888 is a good number. In fact, it’s a powerful one because it’s the vibration of 8 multiplied three times.

Thus, it magnifies the energies of 8 and its influences. The message of number 888 is that of self-reliance, wealth, and a positive kind of abundance.

It relates to truth and integrity, good judgment, dependability, giving, and receiving. When you see it, take it as an encouraging message from your guardian angels (the universal source) about how to strive forward in the right direction, make progress, and achieve success in your life.

It’s also a message that you need to maintain hard work, remain optimistic, and pay close attention to your deeper intuition. Its meaning is that you need to set foundations not just for yourself but also for the people you love so that you can enjoy a prosperous life.

It’s a sign that the Universe and the angels love and support you at every step.

However, you need to be responsible and take it upon yourself to work hard and put in effort whenever it is required so that you reach your maximum potential and achieve financial prosperity. After all, no one but you can make your dreams come true.

What Does 888 Mean in the Bible?

The angel number 888 meaning in the Bible is that Jesus was the only one under the heavens given among human beings through which they could be saved. According to the Greeks from ancient times, the total number of letters found in the name Jesus in their Greek language comes to 888.

The number 888 combines every idea from number 8 which includes the octave that stands for new beginnings.

Also based on the meaning found in the Bible, 111 represents numbers that are multiples of angel numbers 777 and 888. These are triads that show the root meanings of each number and 888 from the Bible means new creation or a new human being.

Moreover, the name “Jesus” is converted into 888 in Gematria. It’s a total contrast from the fallen man that is represented by the triple 6.

We can also make a reference to the fact that Jesus was given His name on His circumcision day which was 8 days after He was born.

Lastly, this number is a proportionate one, considering it doesn’t change in appearance regardless of its positioning, whether reflected or inverted. This aligns with the nature of God depicted in the Bible whereby He declares that He never changes.

What Does 888 Mean in Numerology?

You’ll find it very interesting that in numerology, angel number 888 has a close relation to 6. How?

Well, in numerology, remember you have to do the math on the digits until you get a single number, which in this case happens to be 6 (8+8+8 = 24; 2+4 = 6). The number 6 is a sign from your guardian angels that you need to be more human.

6 is a number that invokes a sense of compassion and sympathy. It’s a number that signifies a message of nurture and care, positive energy, selflessness and generosity, kindness and humanitarianism, and modesty and simplicity—all concepts and emotions that 8 lacks.

So, we can say that number 6 makes people with the number 8 show their softer side that is often hidden.

What Does 888 Mean in Chinese?

In Chinese, angel number 888 represents triple fortune and because of that, people whose addresses and phone numbers, among other things, contain these numbers are thought to be very lucky.


People who keep seeing 888 should take it positively as it’s a message of love and abundance from an angel. Seeing angel numbers such as 888 which is basically number 8 tripled is more than a coincidence as it’s a way for the angels to bring people their messages of guidance.

So, when you see it, take it as a sign that you should start meeting new people, sending out your resumes to new places, and living your life in a new kind of way.

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