The Meaning & Symbolism of Angel Number 3636

Angel number 3636 is a message to trust in the Higher Powers of the Universe. Your guardian angels confirm that if you work to manifest your true desires, they will come true in the near future.

With angel number 3636, your spirit guides want you to pay more attention to your spirituality – prayer, meditation, and manifesting play a big part in the message being passed through this number.

The secret meaning of the 3636 angel number is derived from the hidden meanings of the two primary angel numbers in its structure: 3 and 6. 

Continue reading, and this guide will take you through the different meanings, messages, and interesting facts related to angel number 3636.

Angel Number 3636 Meaning and Significance

The spirit guides use angel number 3636 to remind you how important it is to manifest good things for yourself and every person around you.

The meaning and significance of this angelic number are influenced by the two digits that comprise it. 

Angel number 3 resonates with vibrations of self-expression, adventure, inspiration, creativity, humor, optimism, and enthusiasm. The figure is heavily linked to anything that involves expressing oneself and pushing the boundaries of society.

Your angels are telling you that there’s nothing you can’t do. You’re a creative and talented individual and they’re encouraging you to nurture your gifts and show them to the world.

The meaning of angel number 3 is also related to personal growth as you try to achieve success. This number also possesses biblical links as on the third day of Creation God created symbols of growth such as the grass, fruit trees, and plants producing seed.

Your guardian angel and the Ascended Masters highlight the importance of moving into new phases and remind you that life is a learning process that never stops.

Step out of your comfort zone and expose yourself to new things to ensure that you make progress in every area of your life.

The number 3 is heavily spiritual as it represents the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Doreen Virtue also describes this figure as one that encourages you to appreciate God’s work and beauty.

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The number 6 is a powerful angel number signifying the purest energy of love. It resonates with vibrations of service, compromise, responsibility, care, empathy, and sympathy.

In the spiritual realm, angel number 6 reminds you that Christ died for our sins.

The figure highlights the importance of cultivating a spirit of compassion within you. Doing so empowers you to send out positive energy and allows you to receive even more blessings in abundance.

The meaning of angel number 6 also relates to essential attributes for connecting to other people. These include harmony, domesticity, hospitality, parenthood, honesty, and integrity.

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This is significant in the divine realm, as God created us in His own image on the sixth day of Creation. 

The number is a message to not look down on your fellow humans. Your guardian angels are advising you to respect everyone around you.

Take control of your life for the good of yourself and every person around you. Doing so ensures that you live a life of honesty and integrity and that you value truth above all else.

Your angels use angel numbers 3 and 6 to inform you that you’re a smart, peaceful, and genuine individual. They want you to bring these attributes to the surface and start living a life based on them.

They know that you may find it hard to tap into your potential, and it’s not as hard as you think. Your angels want you to know that they’re here to lighten the load.

The secret meaning of angel number 3636 is heavily centered around the cosmic forces. The spirit guides want you to notice any deficiencies in your spirituality and want you to devote time to nourish yourself.

The Ascended Masters warn you that no amount of material success can leave you fulfilled if your spirit is waning. Pay close attention to your spiritual journey as it affects every other part of your life.

What Does Angel Number 3636 Mean Spiritually?

The spiritual meaning of the 3636 angel number is about setting your priorities straight. You’re in a position where you have a great desire for money and other material possessions.

Such a mindset drowns the positive energies in life and leads people into the traps of envy and greed. 

Not that money isn’t essential; it is. Yet, holding it in such high regard makes you overlook the important things in life, including your spiritual path.

You’re so concerned with money because you see it as a source of security. That if you have it, all your problems will be solved.

Angel number 3636 is a reminder that money and other material possessions are only temporary gains. They only give you the illusion of security.

True peace of mind is found by maintaining a strong spiritual connection to the divine realm. Prayer and meditation help cleanse your soul of all the negative energy in your life.

The angels will also send you positive spiritual energy to give you peace of mind even when everything around you is crumbling down. It will help foster a better and stronger sense of courage within you and help you fortify your spiritual life.

What is the Symbolism of Angel Number 3636?

The symbolism of the 3636 angel number is a product of the other hidden angel numbers within its structure. These angel numbers are 36 and 63.

Angel Number 36

In the Jewish religion, angel number 36 represents the vital energies for the prosperity of humanity. It’s a sign that the Ascended Masters are with you every step of the way. 

Your angels assure you of guidance through life’s positive ‌and negative aspects.

That said, you have to maintain close contact with them so they can assist you in your troubles. 

Your angels are reminding you that this, after all, is your life and they will only be directly involved if you decide to include them in your plans.

Humility plays a big part in this. Doreen Virtue describes the number 36 as a sign of accepting your flaws and shortcomings. 

And while it might seem counterintuitive, you can’t find this humility anywhere else than in the divine presence of your spirit guides.

Practice self-reflection so you can get a much-needed spiritual awakening.

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Angel Number 63

The meaning of angel number 63 resonates with your talents and abilities. Despite all the troubles you’re facing right now, you’re still a talented and creative individual.

Your angels want you to build up a spirit of assertiveness and self-expression so you can showcase these positive aspects to the world.

Angel number 63 is advice not to wait for handouts. Though you might get lucky and have people offer their help at the beginning of your journey, it doesn’t work that way for most people.

Most successful people build themselves to a certain point before some significant events start to change their lives. It is a product of patience and consistency in their quest to realize their dreams.

Your angels want you to take on that mindset and take things into your own hands. 

This is your life, and it’s time for you to take full control.

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Why Do I Keep Seeing Number 3636?

Whether on a grocery bill or a license plate, you keep seeing repeating numbers because your angels want you to change your life for the better.

Seeing the number 3636 is an encouragement to cultivate a spirit of generosity. Give without expecting anything in return, and you will receive good fortune in the future.

Nurture the important relationships in your life: your family, your friends, and your love life.

Remain patient as you seek happiness. Welcome every new beginning and use it as a chance to turn your dreams into reality.

The 3636 angel number also tells you to stop worrying about your finances. The divine realm advises you to shift your attention to your spirituality instead.

Trust that the angels will guide you to what’s important.

What Does Angel Number 3636 Mean In Love?

To twin flames, angel number 3636 is a reminder that two heads are better than one. 

Don’t take matters into your hands without considering the input of your twin flame. Your angels are telling you that you’re both equal.

Angel number 3636 is also a reminder to minimize your words and start showing your love through your actions. Prioritize fostering a relationship based on honesty and integrity.

Most of all, don’t doubt your partner or base your relationship on past mistakes. Your angels remind you that twin souls should trust each other and help each other out on their respective journeys.


The meaning of the 3636 angel number shows the significant role the divine realm plays in your daily life.

Pay attention to your spiritual well-being. A nourished spirit builds you into a strong-willed, self-aware individual and ensures you of a life of great balance.

Your angels are also telling you to appreciate the relationships you have. Find peace in every area of your life.

Believe in your talents and abilities and trust in the Higher Power. Have faith that everything will work out in the end.

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