Angel Number 339: Meaning and Symbolism

angel number 339

Do you find yourself seeing the angel number 339 more often than usual in almost everything you do and even in your sleep? You are not alone as many others find themselves being followed by this number.

What does Angel Number 339 mean?

When your angels want to pass on a message to you, they use numbers in a pattern that will get your attention. Each angel number has its meaning based on the symbolism of the individual numbers.

 Angel number 339 isn’t a sign of trouble or warning. It is a message that is full of love and hope and reassurance. There are a whole lot of messages contained in angel number 339. I will take you through all that the angels are saying to you.

Symbolism Of Number 339 And Who Gets It?

Number 3 is a symbolism of your youthful dreams, eagerness, and enthusiasm. Your goals and aim. While number 9 is a symbol of development; both physical and spiritual development.

You now have more insight into life. Those who receive the number 339 are mostly creative and open-minded people. 

You have passion, love adventure and have ambition and work towards achieving your goals. You do this by taking risks fearlessly and grab opportunities tight. 

It is known that you have dreams and you want them all to come to reality.

Another characteristic of those who receive the 339 number is restlessness and lack of patience. 

They rely on their sixth sense and are intuitive. 

They have a good connection to divinity and all these make them easily recognize an angel message and work towards unraveling its mystery.

Because they only listen to their inner voice and follow their instincts, they sometimes overlook warnings from others and believe only in their gut. 

This is bravery at its best, with enough positive energy and courage all in one. They are independent and do not believe help can come from anyone. This is their mindset and the reason why they do things for themselves.

How Angel Number 339 Affects Love

Those who are in resonance with number 339 are generally loving, passionate and caring people. They fear to be second or being weak and are afraid of being in a relationship with anyone who seems to be stronger than they are. 

They are also prone to misinterpreting good gestures of kindness from others as weakness on their part because they are very independent people.

It is difficult for them to commit, although when they do, they put their all into it. The angels are telling you that you can commit readily and there is nothing wrong with it. 

You have to sit back and be objective about your character to see the good and bad sides of it.

Let people into your life. Stop being difficult and once you find that person that is meant for you, you will only become a better person as you will see life in a different view.

Your relationship is on the verge of going through transformation and changes that are good for both you and your partner. It shouldn’t worry you but you should look at the pros of these changes to make your bond stronger.

During this transition and changes, you both will get talking and getting to know each other deeply. Issues that have always been suppressed will be brought to light and innermost fears will be revealed.

All these do not mean that your relationship will go through more than it can take and come to an end. No, what it means is that you will have greater peace and feel more secure with your partner as you have expressed yourselves and opened up fully to one another. 

It is the beginning of a new level of affections and love as you both have more confidence in each other and can better face the future together.

The occurrence of number 339 in your life if you are not in a relationship is a positive signal. Someone is coming and with the right attitude, you will get that person who makes you a better version of yourself, makes you happy and gives more life to your energy. 

This could also mean that the person you are going to meet is someone whom you will have something permanent with.

Due to your lifestyle of independence on yourself, you may feel you have lost the charm and socialization skills. Do not trouble yourself about that as you will see that you are natural. 

When this new chapter opens, you will wonder and try to remember what it was that made you lose interest in being with people in the first place.

What to Do When You See Angel Number 339

Often, you feel you do not need anyone, and that you can do everything by yourself. You feel you do not need people and possess the energy to do it all by yourself. 

You miss out on opportunities to establish connections with new contacts and you choose to be unique and on your own. Deep down you know it could be as a result of insecurity.

Do not be afraid of losing your respect and integrity if you make mistakes. Mistakes always happen and there are a lot of other things in life to worry about than this. 

Embrace your earthly side and be more open and drop your guard down. You are not weak by being open and welcoming.

Your angels are always around and will help you regain your youthful enthusiasm, strength, and drive to achieve something big. Let go of your fears and follow your heart

You need people and cannot be an island.


Angel number 339 reminds you that you are making progress but need adjustments to get to ready for changes. The changes are not meant to destroy but to make you into a better person. 

Be more open-minded and although you follow your instincts, be more earthly. The angels are always around you to guide you and communicate with you using powerful numbers -when you need them, they will be there. 

Call on to them and they will answer you.

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