Angel Number 155 Meaning and Significance

Angel number 155 represents the coming of change and a fresh start. 

So if you’ve noticed this number appearing repeatedly in your life, it’s a special message the angels have sent for you.

We are not alone in the universe and though we cannot see them, there are spiritual guides sent to us from the divine realm. 

The angels and ascended masters are guides offering help whenever it is necessary. 

Guardian angels, however, do not appear directly to us when passing on information and encouragement. 

The good news is that they can interact with us through the use of Angel numbers

They are called Angel numbers because they appear under the influence of our guardian angels. They carry meaning and vibrations that affect our lives.

Angels try not to interfere with our activities and only reach out when it is absolutely necessary. 

When the ascended masters have a message for someone, the person persistently sees the corresponding number wherever they go and in almost everything they do. 

This continues until a person takes notice and acknowledges the Angel number. 

Guardian angels do not want people to go astray. When they reach out, it is because they see someone needs help. 

Ignoring their message could result in missing one’s divine life purpose. 

Angel Number 155 Meaning and Significance

Angel number 155 is made up of the vibrations of both the numbers 1 and 5. 

To completely understand the message contained in Angel number 155, you must first understand the significance of the individual numbers that make up the message. 

Also, the number 5 appears twice, so its effect on the message is amplified.

Number 1

The significance of Angel number 1 is the ushering of a fresh start and a sense of newness in one’s own life. 

In addition, this number represents a major life juncture of inner strength, ambition, and success. 

Angel number 1 resonates with tenacity and a positive mindset. 

When you see number 1, it’s saying you are responsible for keeping a positive attitude and shaping your reality with similar thoughts, beliefs, and actions. 

Angel number 1 also relates to finances and stands for stability, wealth, and power. 

If Angel number 1 resonates with you, it could mean you spend a lot of time focusing on building wealth, and people in your life may suffer from a lack of attention as a consequence. 

Number 1 signifies changes but not the small type. 

When you see this Angel number, it is best to take a step back, evaluate your life and make some major changes.

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Number 5

The secret meaning of Angel number 5 stands for major life changes to come. 

It signifies freedom, positive spiritual evolution, and knowledge gained through experience and life lessons. 

It also stands for spontaneity and making one’s own decisions. 

When you see Angel number 5, it means there are life-changing choices you have to make. These choices will fuel the positive change to come. 

This Angel number is a social number and opens you up to interaction with people. 

This could be a sign that the people you meet during this time may have a positive effect on you and will initiate a change you have to make.

The double Angel number 5 is also related to your satisfaction. 

Seeing this number calls for a personal evaluation of one’s own reality and the preparation of major life changes. 

Are you satisfied with the way your life is? What areas of your life need to be different? 

Angel number 5 is encouraging you to ask yourself these kinds of questions so you may realize your divine life purpose. 

If you doubt changing things, know that Angel number 5 appeared to you for a reason. It is a sign that says you need to initiate a change.

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Number 155

Angel number 155 encourages you to follow your heart when making decisions. 

It recommends not allowing those around you to influence your choices.

Instead, Angel number 155 is a call to let your intuition guide you in the right direction. 

When in doubt, look inside and listen to your heart.

It’s important to recognize opportunities when they arrive because these opportunities aid in fulfilling a soul’s mission. 

No one else knows what you truly desire. So it’s important to make choices according to what you really want.

When you see Angel number 155, it is a sign that major changes are about to take place in your life. 

It can be scary because changes come with some level of discomfort and take time to get used to. 

The angels are asking you to do away with fear and accept change with a positive mind. 

Change is for your own good and for the realization of your soul’s mission.

Angel number 155 urges people to take charge of their life and do things they want to do. 

Everyone has goals and passions. Angel number 155 encourages people to follow their dreams. 

The fear of the unknown traps a lot of people and makes them stagnant. Do not let this be your case. 

The spiritual significance of number 155 is to not be afraid of following your heart. This applies to your love life as well. 

Remember, positive expectations are powerful enough to bring things into reality.

What Does Angel Number 155 Mean Spiritually?

When dealing with the spiritual meaning of the number 155, let’s first reduce it to a single number signifying all its attributes. 

The sum of 1, 5, and 5 is 11 and number 11 is the symbol of karmic enlightenment. 

This number signifies creating positive expectations in order to allow the karmic teachings to free you from fear of struggles. 

Ignoring them will put you in constant fear of change and the unknown, preventing you from personal transformation and living a positive life.

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Why Do I Keep Seeing Number 155?

When you see angel number 155, you are being reminded that all the hard work you have been doing will be rewarded and positive changes are coming. 

When this happens, it is time to take a break and give yourself a treat. This treat is a form of inspiration so that you can work even better. 

Number 155 is a sign that hard work pays off. 

Learning life lessons such as the benefits of hard work takes time and effort. Be determined and consistent and the universe will reward your effort. 

Surround yourself with positive people and maintain positive thoughts. Give no room for negativity and bad feelings.

When you see 155, you are being told to cut off anything that will hinder you from achieving goals and personal freedom. 

Your goal is of utmost importance and you have to focus on your true, heart’s desires at all costs.

If something prevents you from achieving your soul calling, cut it off.

Believe in your inner being because you have everything you need to be successful and have a happy love life. Never doubt that. 

Look at the bigger picture when faced with unpleasant circumstances. Console yourself by knowing nothing good comes easy. 

Remain focused on your own experience despite the setbacks you may face.

When you see number 155, the combined energetic frequencies signify the onset of major changes in your life. 

The changes may be uncomfortable but they are necessary. 

If you want to grow and become a better person, you need to accept the changes. Do things differently if you want to have different results.

Look inward and take note of that which is holding you back. Habits that limit growth should be changed. 

You do not have to be comfortable with your present situation. 

Aim higher. Dream bigger. That way, you will grow.

When you see number 155, you are being told by your angels to free yourself from any bondage and be a free spirit. That is the way you can live your best. 

Surround yourself with people who respect your potential and inspire you. Surround yourself with as many positive energies as you can.

The people who truly matter are those who support you and your dreams. Respect and value them. 

Live every day of your life with joy and do everything with enthusiasm. That way positive energy will flow and bless the works of your hands.

You have everything you need to live the life you want and have the romantic relationships you desire. 

You have great talents and skills. Don’t hide your gifts; use them to pursue your dreams. 

You are never alone and seeing this number is proof of your good fortune and opportunity for new beginnings. 

Your angels are always with you to guide and help you. Just call on them whenever you need help and they will answer.

What Does Angel Number 155 Mean in Romantic Relationships?

Those who resonate with number 155 are usually buried in their work. 

This takes their minds off other things and other people. They have no ties with anyone and put work before romantic relationships. 

To them, love will come when it comes and they do not have to bother about it. They do not fall in love easily.

When dealing with those who resonate with number 155, you have to be sincere and loyal. If you hurt them, they will move on and may never forgive you. 

They are smart and have an artistic side that is endearing to others. 

Those resonating with the 155 Angel number have good fortune in relationships made with people who are also smart and have the same mindset.

They value family and friends and show them respect. 

They are committed to their partners like they are to their work and that is why they do not love easily.

However, when they do give you their all, they stick with you until the end.

Angel Number 155 Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue gives her interpretation of the number 155 in her book, Angel Numbers. She explains this number appears when experiencing a great change in life. 

With it, there is no need to fear or allow any negative thoughts to creep into your heart. 

Stay positive and open to new challenges, and have faith that the change is for the best.

What is the Biblical Meaning of 155?

With number sequences of 155, the Bible signifies the number 1 as a symbol of unity and God’s supremacy above all things. 

Number 5, meanwhile, stands for God’s grace. It means God is giving His grace to the works of His hands to make everything perfect.

Number 155 shows God as the Supreme Being who is always available to make things better. 

You must trust in His grace as you work, and keep your thoughts focused on your goal. 

God will help you reach greater heights and your dreams will be achieved.

What Does 155 Mean for Twin Flame?

When you see number 155 as it concerns twin flame, it is a sign that the other half of your soul is sending a message concerning important life decisions to you. 

It is sometimes difficult for twin flames to agree on anything. Your twin flame is letting you know that despite significant changes, he or she is completely in love with you. 

Getting to this point wasn’t easy but you have found your perfect match. The feeling is so great and that is why it is being projected to you.

The twin flame meaning of number 155 lets you know that your twin flame is in agreement with you and loves you. 

The feeling is strong and your receive the overall energy even if you are not close together.


Spirit guides and ascended masters send Angel number 155 to signify the coming of change and shifting into new directions. 

Its special message is to embrace the soul’s purpose when making important life decisions. 

Embracing change and one’s purpose makes all the difference in one’s overall future. 

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