Secrets of Number 1 for Marriage

Secrets of Number 1 for Marriage

If today you were told the exact person that you should marry, would you leave the one you have as a girlfriend/boyfriend?

I know this is a question that is hard to answer, though deep down you know how unsettled you would be if you knew there was somebody out there for you. Things can be better for you if you have not made any marital commitments.

If you are a person of numerology life path number 1 and you are already married, the compatibility for numerology life path number 1 will only explain to you why things are the way they are in your marriage.

As a person whose numerology life path number is 1, marriage becomes a great concern because of the kind of dominance this number enjoys.

A lot of considerations have to be done before marriage for it to work well. I will take you through all that you need to know about numerology life path number 1 marriage. This information is important even if you are not a number 1 as you might get married to one.

Challenges Numerology Life Path Number 1 Face in Marriage

If you are a number who does not observe the principles of numerology when choosing a marriage partner, you are likely to face the following challenges:

Lack of tolerance

Number 1s are pioneers and are motivated to keep things moving. In marriage, you can easily be angered by a partner who is slow or lazy. The tolerance level of a number 1 in marriage is very low and thus likely to cause great friction if you find a partner with a numerology number that does not endure intolerance.

Excessive dominance

If you are a number 1, you are probably aware of the fact that you are bossy.

This means that you are naturally inclined to control others. This can only be a good thing if you find a compatible partner.

However, if you fail to find a good partner, using numerology, your marriage will be chaotic. This can even be worse if you are a woman. Naturally, men want control over their families.

A number 1 woman will tend to control the husband in the house. If you find a husband who is not your numerology compatible, you will have a hard time in the family for constant fights are likely to be there.

However, there are men with certain numerology life path numbers who don’t mind when a woman has control in the house. Don’t you think such men are perfect for women who are bossy? Well, numerology says so, and it is the science of compatibility, thus, there is no other answer than YES.

Remember, the two problems that I have mentioned above are unique to number 1s because of their character traits; there are still many other challenges that they can face. Some of the challenges I’m talking about include:

Financial constraints: you need to know that marriage is not all about living as one happy family but is also an institution that works to earn money. You need money to live a happy life, thus the need to choose a marriage partner with the right number to avoid facing financial constraints.

Lack of children: as you are probably aware, there are numerology life path numbers that should not marry for they can take a long time to have children. As a number 1, you are advised to pick a compatible number, which I will highlight later.

Problems in your marriage will never end if you pick a wrong partner.

What should you look for in a marriage partner?

One of the questions you are probably asking yourself as a number 1 is what you should be looking for in a marriage partner. You just need to be aware of the fact that a good marriage for a number 1 is built on the compatibility you are having with your partner. If you find a compatible partner, then you can be sure that you will have a good marriage.

One thing most people do, and what you are likely to do if you don’t follow this advice, is falling in love with a person and believing that the person is your compatible partner. In numerology, true love is hidden in numbers and you have to understand the numbers to get it. Therefore, you should not be deceived by your intuitions to think that the person you love is your compatible partner.

What you should be looking for is a person that has a life path number that is compatible with the numerology life path number 1 for marriage. I have all the answers to your questions here.

Who are the most compatible marriage partners?

Instead of answering ‘who is’, I will answer ‘which numbers are’. Since it is a system of numbers, once you have the ideal numerology life path numbers that are compatible with number 1, you will be able to answer the question ‘who’ on your own.

Numerology numbers 3 and 5 are the most compatible life path numbers with number 1. Therefore, these are the two numbers that you should be looking for in your quest to find a life partner who will be approved by numerology.

When walking around and meeting new people that you are interested in, just ask them their birthdays and you will be able to calculate their life path numbers. If the result is either 3 or 5, you can pick them as your ideal life partners. Of course, there are other considerations that you may want to make before settling on a person. As a tip, know as many people as you can with these numbers then narrow your choice from the pool of compatible partners.

If you find a number 3 or 5, your marriage as a number 1 will be good as you will be having a partner who understands you and is ready to move with you to the next level of life. Make a wise choice today by using numerology life path number 1 marriage advice to get your life partner.

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