How to Calculate Numerology for a Newborn Baby? [Complete Guide]

Calculate Numerology For A Newborn Baby

Are you planning to have a child soon?

Do you know that learning how to calculate numerology for a newborn baby could help you redefine the future of your child and fall in the category of parents considered as smart parents?

The difference between smart parents and ordinary parents is always visible when determining a name for a newborn baby. As a smart parent, you must secure the future of your newborn baby by calculating the numerology.

Are you aware that the name you are just about to give your baby will affect his/her future life by limiting or enhancing success potentialities? Learning how to calculate numerology for a newborn baby is the most logical step for a concerned parent who wants the best for their baby.

You first must remain aware that the numerology for a newborn will affect the life path of your baby. With this, there is a need to learn numerology even before you deliver your baby so that you prepare an ideal name for your child.

However, if you have already given birth and assigned a name to a child already, you don’t have to worry for I will still highlight the methods that you can use to calculate the numerology of a child.

This information will help you determine whether you want to keep the name you already have or change it to a different one for the sake of your child’s future.

Approaches used in calculating numerology for a Newborn

There is a few approaches that you can use in your calculations to get the ideal name for your baby or know whether your baby’s name falls within your preferred numerology number. I will take you through the different approaches, which as you will notice, are nearly similar in getting you the right numerology number for your baby.

Name Value Calculation Method

This is one of the most common approaches to calculating the numerology number for a newborn baby.

Not only is it common but also considered as the simplest of all the approaches available. Its simplicity is pegged on the fact that you only need to look at the relationship between the letters of the alphabet in a child’s name and the numerology number attached to these letters.

Step 1: identify a name for your child

This step is only valid if you have not thought of a name for your newborn child. You should start by listing a number of names that you want for your child.

Step 2: check the value in the numerology alphabet

The next step requires you to check the value of the letters of your child’s name in the numerology alphabet. Every letter has a value attached to it and you should be able to reduce the values to a single digit, not unless it falls on a master number.

Once you have checked them against the numerology alphabet, you can refer the number to the traits associated with the number to decide whether you want your child to possess those traits or not. Using celebrities who have similar name numerology number would help you get a clear picture of the traits.

Harmonised Relation of Name and Date of Birth Method

You can also calculate numerology for your new-born baby using both the name and date of the child’s birth. This harmonised approach is useful if you want a more detailed calculation of numerology.

Step 1: find the name numerology

This is the same as what you did in the first approach mentioned. So you only need to add the value of the letters in your child name and determine the single digit value of the name. E.g. the name ‘Mark’ is calculated as 4192 > 4+1+9+2 = 16 > 1+7 = 8

Step 2: calculate the date of birth

Here, you will calculate the date of your baby’s birth and get a single digit out of it. For example, if your baby is born on 5th April 2007, your calculations will be as follows: 5+4+2+7= 18> 1+8 = 9

Step 3: harmonise the two single digits

Different numerologists have different ways of harmonising the two single digits. Some use a different chart that shows the relations between name and date numbers while others opt for merging them to create a new number. For example 8+9= 17 > 1+7 = 8.

Life Path Number Method

Finally, you can use the life path number to calculate the numerology of your newborn baby. Using the life path number approach, you will need to decide to calculate the numerology of the child’s name before settling on the name.

Life path number is calculated as the sum of your baby’s birth date. For example, 23/10/1990 will be 23+10+1990 = 2023 > 2+0+2+3 = 7

This number would describe the life journey of your baby and he/she will live his/her life in the coming days, week, months, and years. Some numerologists argue that the life path number is the most important numerology calculation that you should do before any other as it helps in making sure you understand the path of your child’s future.

Since numerology is about conditioning everything using numbers, I would advise that you learn how to calculate numerology for a new-born baby using different approaches and think of how you can manipulate the figures to redefine your baby’s future. You can do this by changing the baby’s name if it does not have a good name numerology number.

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