Secrets of Number 1 for Compatibility

Secrets of Number 1 for Compatibility

Has it ever crossed your mind why you are always attracted to certain people even when you are in a relationship with someone else?

Do you think it could be possible that there are some people who are just meant to be part of your life based on their numerology life path numbers? The answer to this lies in the numerology life path number compatibility.

You probably have been wondering why most of your relationships don’t work or why you can’t get along with some people no matter how hard you try.

Numerology is very unforgiving and only uses the number system to control compatibility in different spheres of your life. For example, the numerology life path number 1 compatibility principles state that you can only be compatible with other defined numbers.

Are you interested in knowing your compatibility scope? If so, I will take you through the process of determining how compatible you are with other numbers. My focus will be on the numerology life path number 1.

Even before you go ahead, just confirm that your numerology life path number is 1 by calculating your birth date, month and year.

I say so because some people have the tendency of forcing their life path number to a different number simply because they are attracted to the qualities of a certain numerology number. In what I refer to as ‘convenient numerology calculations’, you will find a person born on 19th October 1991 only using the date of the birth to calculate his/her numerology life path number because he/she is certain that the date will end with a number 1 life path.

Since numerology life path number compatibility is very specific, ensure that you calculate your life path number using the date, month and year of your birth.

How do you determine the numerology life path number 1 compatibility?

In numerology, every life path number is unique and bears a defined set of characteristics.

With this in mind, the compatibility of the number 1 life path is determined through comparisons of the different life path numbers’ traits. For example, we are all aware that number 1s tend to be bossy, so the next logical step would be to determine the life path numbers that can accommodate bossy people.

However, you just don’t rely on one character trait to determine the compatibility of life path number 1. You must use all the traits to get the most compatible numbers.

I know this can be a hard task if you were to look at all numbers and try to determine compatibility.

Lucky for you, all these have been done for you and all you need to do is to take the compatible numbers and confirm whether their traits are indeed compatible with your dominant traits or not.

How many other life path numbers are you compatible with?

Again, this is an area where numerologists have had various agreements and disagreements alike. We will not look at the contentious compatible numbers but rather put our focus on the agreed life path numbers that are compatible with number 1.  

Most numerologists agree that life path number 1 is compatible with number 3 and 5. These are the two numbers you are likely to be compatible with if you are following numerology life path number 1 compatibility principles.

When I bumped into these compatible numbers, I kept on asking myself what was special about these numbers that they are linked with the destiny number 1. Today, I want to share with you my findings of these two numbers and why they are considered the most compatible life path numbers for people following numerology life path number 1.

Why are number 3 and 5 most compatible with life path number 1?

I will look into the individual numbers and compare them with number 1.

Number 3

The qualities that make number 3 compatible with number 1 are:

  • Excellent communication: all number 3s have a good sense of communication. They know how to communicate with people based on their characters. Therefore, this would be a great strength to handle intolerant number 1.
  • Flexible: unlike number 1, number 3 is very flexible and does not have a fixed mind. This means that such a person can accommodate your bossy views of a number 1 without causing any problems.
  • Ignores things: this can be viewed as either positive or negative quality depending on your viewpoint. However, it remains a great compatibility quality with a person following numerology life path number 1. It only takes the courage of a number 3 to ignore things to handle you as a number 1 who is controlling and very intimidating. When a number 3 ignores things, they do it so swiftly by making a thing appear to be so negligent, even to the extent of making a light joke out of it.

Number 5

The qualities that make a number 5 compatible with number 1 are:

  • Dynamic energy: number 5s have a positive energy that can work well with a number 1. Together, you can be successful on various fronts. If you are a CEO or head of a department with numerology life path number 1, you should look for a number 5 assistant who will add more energy and propel your company to great heights.  
  • Speedy: a number 5 moves with the kind of speed you expect as a number 1 to achieve your dreams. This number will never drag you behind in implementing new ideas.

These are just a few of the many qualities that make number 3 and 5 the most compatible numbers with your life path number. Remember, there is always harmonious number 6, which is seemingly compatible with all numbers. Therefore, if you can’t find a number 3 or 5, there is the option of using number 6 as your compatible.

At this point, it is important to highlight to you that the compatibility of 1 with both 3 and 5 is not limited to relationships; it cuts across different scopes of life. Even though most people use them for determining compatible relationship partners, you can use to determine many other things such as employees, business partners, godfather to your child, etc.

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