5 Secrets of Number 6 in the Bible

Contrary to popular belief, numbers in the Bible do hold hidden biblical meanings, and it’s only through Biblical numerology readings that you can fully comprehend the concealed words of God.

As you learn more about the significance and spiritual meaning of numbers in the Bible, youʼll start looking at the verses with a fresh, new perspective, thus expediting your spiritual growth and bringing you closer to the Almighty God’s word.

In todayʼs text, weʼll look at the significance, symbolism, and deeper meaning of the number 6 in the Bible. Weʼll also attempt to find out what it means for you to see the number 6 frequently in your daily life.

What Does the Number 6 Mean in the Bible?

Number 6 in the Bible is symbolic of man, sin, rest, and true peace after strife.

Number 6 serves as a symbol of man simply because of the fact that God created man in his own image on the sixth day, and since God completed his perfect creation (the Earth and the eternal kingdom) on the sixth day and rested on the seventh day, humans are also appointed to follow the Almighty Godʼs cycle of work and rest.

In other words, mankind is appointed to work according to God’s purpose—to toil hard and complete six days of labor before resting on the 7th day, just as the Lord rested, thereby symbolizing rest after strife.

There are also other examples of the number 6 related to the idea of “work” in the Bible. It’s written that God commanded Israel and Joshua to walk around the city for six days with seven priests each carrying a trumpet, and on the early morning hours of the seventh day, with the priests blowing the horns, the walls of the city came crashing down because of God’s power.

However, the city was later restored by God’s grace. This incident also goes to illustrate God’s power to restore what He made—man’s power can’t do something as mighty as that, for only God can.

Now, we can connect this incident to creation. Number six suggests that you need to create something before you take a break, so in essence, number six denotes how mankind should work on creating good things for society.

Additionally, the biblical meaning of number 6 can be interpreted as a negative number, owing to the association of the number 666 to Satan and sin. 

Where Does the Number 6 Appear in the Bible?

The number 6 in the Bible often talks about imperfection as mankind, though created perfectly on the sixth day, didn’t stay perfect for long, as seen in Genesis 3. When we look at things from this perspective, we can also make the case that a six-day week is imperfect.

With these in mind, it’s easy to grasp why the perfect evil in the beast’s power is found in the unholy trinity number of man, 666.

Numbers 35:6 mentions that God asked Moses to provide six cities of refuge to the Levites who had either killed accidentally or caused great harm to others. This further suggests that accidents occur regularly as a result of manʼs actions, thereby outlining the weakness and imperfections of man.

The Almighty Godʼs fourth commandment tells us to work for six days and rest on the seventh day, which shows that Jehovah God is aware of our weaknesses and our inability to work continuously like machines.

God also urged the people of Israel to harvest their land for only six years. They were to let their lands rest in year 7—the year that is now recognized as the Year of Jubilee. 

God’s command isnʼt just pure agricultural genius; it showcases God’s restorative power and tells us that only He has the ability to perform perfect miracles.

There’s also a mention in the Bible that all judicial punishments were to be resolved by the sixth day of Passover. For example, Herod and Pontius Pilate reviewed Jesus on the fifth day of the week, and Jesus was later nailed to the cross on the sixth day.

As He was crucified, Jesus restored the connection between man and heaven on that sixth day of Passover, enabling mankind to find salvation.

In Exodus 25:32, you’ll discover the gold lampstand for the Holy Tabernacle comprised of six branches, which when deciphered in John 15:5, suggests that the lampstand represents Jesus, and the six branches represent man.

It should also pique your interest to know that the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary in Elizabeth’s sixth month of pregnancy to tell Mary that she’d give birth to Jesus (Luke 1:26) and that the Seraphim angels have 6 wings (Isaiah 6:2). Also, Moses and Joshua went up to Mount Sinai, and there, they rested on the glory of God for six days before God called Moses to enter the cloud’s midst for forty days and nights (Exodus 24:16-18).

And, lest we forget the verses of Luke 23:14-15, 41, 47 and Mathew 27:3-19—Jesus was declared innocent by only six men. They were King Herod, Judas Iscariot after the devil left his spirit, Pontius Pilate, Pilate’s wife, one of the thieves who was hung on the cross beside Jesus, and the Roman centurion guarding Jesus during the crucifixion.  

Number 6 also briefly discusses how the Lord Jesus performed miracles with the help of God and the Holy Spirit. John 2:6-9 shows how Jesus performed His first miracle when He transformed six jars of water into wine when He attended a friend’s wedding and marriage party.

Does the Number 6 Have Negative Meanings in the Bible?

Yes, the number 6 has plenty of negative meanings in the Bible. As stated earlier, it represents imperfection and has a close connection with the beast, represented by the number 666.

In Revelation 13:18, the apostle John writes, “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.”

It’s very simple to understand when we take a look at the numbers. You see, God is three in one—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—forming the number 111, otherwise known as a perfect Holy Trinity, and with the number 6 regarded as imperfect, Satan becomes the perfect unholy evil, forming the number 666—the number of the beast.

In the same chapter, God reveals in a biblical prophecy the beast’s ability to set complete evil destruction, and He warns His creations to wait for His return.

Hence, the three sixes also signal the end of an era and showcases how humans would live (and suffer) without the salvation of God.

Know that all other religions encourage people to work towards their salvation. Salvation is free for Christians thanks to Jesus’ death and sacrifice on the cross.

The number 666 represents a system of life with a government, religion, and economy guided by Satan.

The number 6 is also considered a negative number because Lord Jesus Christ had to face terrible accusations of housing a demon within Him six times, and thereʼs also evidence in the New Testament of 6 people who were led by evil spirits to use sorcery under the disguise of heavenly actions. Other than that, the Bible says that Jesus was questioned 6 times by self-righteous people to prove Himself.

What Does the Bible Number 6 Mean in Daily Life?

If you see the number 6 regularly, take it as a sign that the celestial beings want you to open your eyes and live a fulfilling life before it’s too late. You shouldnʼt let materialistic desires and wants cloud your judgment—instead, you need to focus more on things that matter like personal relationships.

This angel number also signals that you’re blessed with many spiritual gifts, abilities, and talents to overcome your challenges. So, trust in your abilities, remain forever faithful to the divine plan of the Universe, and look for all the answers from within.

This number also implies that you shouldnʼt blame anyone for the predicament youʼre in. Everything that’s happened to you or is happening to you right now is a result of your own doing.

Thankfully, you have the time to act on your actions and get back on the right track, so develop a positive mindset and execute positive actions before it’s too late.

What Does the Bible Number 6 Advise Us to Do?

The biblical number 6 advises you to change your way of life and never lose sight of the important things in it. Too much of anything in the world, including money and material possessions, wonʼt do you any good, so donʼt get attached to such things, for theyʼll lead you to live a life of fear and worry.

Despite all that’s happening, keep your head up because it isnʼt too late for you to turn things around. Now is the time for you to focus on developing key spiritual aspects of your life.

To experience spiritual growth, youʼre being urged by the Higher Powers to live a selfless life like Jesus, the twelve disciples, King David, Bible scholars, and your guardian angels. When you serve others and help them without expecting anything in return, youʼll be blessed beyond your wildest dreams.

The Bottom Line

Number 6 in the Bible basically emphasizes man’s creation, his subsequent fall, his weaknesses, and how God’s perfection is corrupted by humans. Additionally, it’s highlighting God’s power to restore everything God destroyed.

Take number 6 as a sign that you’re susceptible to mistakes in life as youʼre imperfect, despite being God’s work. However, donʼt beat yourself over it, for God is always willing to mend or restore His relationship with His children.

All in all, you must become close to God, as you’re only able to overcome the terrible trap of life through God’s love.