What Does the Number 18 Mean in Numerology?

What Does the Number 18 Mean in Numerology?

Angel Number 18

What is the worst thing that could happen if you sum up your numerology number and find that yours is number 18?

Do you know the meaning of this number?

Many people fear some numerology numbers because they do not know their meanings.

I also would fear such a number if I didn’t know what it means. You need to understand every detail about the numbers associated with you so that you remain in a position of knowing how to handle matters facing you. Numerology number 18 has been a great number of interest to many people because of the scare associated with this number.  

What is numerology number 18?

Even before we discuss the meaning of number 18, it is important that we first understand what it is. I know at this point numerology might seem confusing to you since you expect to have a single digit and not double digits.

However, there are instances where double digits are allowed to derive their own distinct meanings in numerology. Of course, you are aware of the master numbers which cannot be reduced to a single digit. Interestingly, 18 is not amongst the master numbers that have their independent meanings and yet we are here discussing it as a double-digit of its own.

The traditional approach to viewing compound number 18 is reducing it to a single digit i.e. 1+8= 9 then look at the value of number 9 to get the meaning. However, numerologists argue that compound numbers such as 18 have vibrational essence that has hidden energies. Therefore, you can independently view 18 as a compound number with its own energies.  

What is the numerology meaning of number 18?

Numerology number 18 has spiritual energy associated with the aspects of humanitarianism, philanthropy, tolerance, self-determination, and efficiency. Therefore, if you are a number 18, you now know what kind of a person you are.

But how did we get to the point where number 18 represents these aspects associated with the love for humanity? Number 18 is a special number with some powerful combination that produces massive energy for the love of the human race.

Breakdown of numerology number 18

To understand the meaning of the number 18 in numerology, we have to break it down to the constituent single digits associated with this number.

The first single digit is number 9. We get 9 by summing 1 and 8. As you already know, number 9 is a spiritual number associated with elements such as sympathy, benevolence, compassion, and independence. These are the positive qualities of a number 9 that influence number 18 to become philanthropic.

However, you cannot be philanthropic if you have nothing to offer. This is why number 18 is also broken down as number 1 and number 8 separately. Therefore, the numerology number 18 has the qualities of a number 1 and 8. This is very interesting because the combination of 1 and 8 is amazingly great for running successful organizations. You know a number 1 as a great leader who is always pioneering new projects and activities. On the other hand, number 8 is capable of running vast organizations. Combined, the two numbers are very materialistic.

The combination of the two materialistic numbers and the single digit that is compassionate and empathetic to the human race brings up a philanthropist in you who is able to run humanitarian organizations to help others. Therefore, number 18 is more than just what you view it to be.

Number 18 as a life path number

Numerology shows that if your life path number is 18, you inherently carry the burden of others. In a family, you are likely to be the one who is always concerned about others even when it is unnecessary. Some people say that this burden is too much and lead you away from enjoying life as others do.

The symbolic meaning

We have already looked at the numerology meaning of number 18. However, this number is deeper than what we have discussed above; it has other associated meanings.

Numerologists have associated number 18 with The Moon Card, which shows that there could be some negative outcomes related to the number 18. This is something worth noting because it can affect your life if you don’t handle it properly. There is a lot of energies required for you to become a humanitarian philanthropist. All the energies of 1, 8 and 9 are needed. However, they need to be perfectly balanced lest they cause an irredeemable confusion in your life. This kind of confusion will make your life unbearable.

In the series of the Tarot, number 18 has appeared severally as one combination that is not psychologically balanced. The probability of suffering from mental states are very high because of the root numbers 1 and 8. Actually, many people with this number have always been viewed as mentally insane because they have not balanced their energies well.  

How to avoid the negativity

As you have already seen, there is a great risk of losing your mind if you are a number 18 and do not balance your energies well. Therefore, the key idea here is to always balance your energies derived from the three single digits i.e. 1, 8 and 9. You first need to refer back to your knowledge of the common traits of these numbers. With the knowledge of the traits, create a balance that you believe is suited for a humanitarian. However, you need to be very cautious about being too humanistic and forgetting the qualities of number 1 and 8.

There is no cause for alarm as numerology view the number 18 as a spiritual number that succeeds in humanitarian activities. If you are a number 18, know that you are required to live up to the requirements of a humanitarian. Good luck in your humanitarian quest!

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