What Does the Number 16 Mean In Numerology?

What Does the Number 16 Mean In Numerology?

Would you consider setting major events on dates associated with number 16 if it is as special as numerologists claim it to be?

You can answer this question well once you know the numerology meaning of this number.

Just like all other numbers of the universe, number 16 has special meanings attached to it based on its value on the numerology scale.

The scale used to calculate the meaning of a double-digit numerology number is different from that of the single-digit numbers. A double-digit number like 16 has a number of implied meanings because it is associated with multiple root numbers.

What are the root numbers of 16?

The meaning of number 16 in numerology is obtained from the root numbers that make up number 16. The primary root number of 16 is 7, which is obtained by adding 1 to 6 as done in all numerology calculations. The other root numbers are 1 and 6, which are the constituents of number 16.

The character traits of number 7

You should expect the following traits from number 7:

  • Straightforwardness
  • Integrity
  • Generosity

The number 7 is a fortunate number.  

Character traits of number 1 & 6

Some of the great qualities you will find in numbers 1 and 6 are:

  • Demonstration of autonomy
  • Bravery and dynamism
  • Generosity
  • Mercifulness
  • Thoughtfulness

The combined characteristics of 1, 6, and 7 make up a wholesome number 16 with a set of meanings that you will find interesting to explore.

The symbolic meaning of number 16 in numerology  

Here are some of the associated meanings of number 16 in numerology:

Achievement of material power

There is a close association between number 16 and material power. This means that all number 16s have an inherent trait that helps them to succeed in their quest to make money. If you are a number 16, you should exercise your potential of creating wealth through various ways such as business and employment.


The contrast between 1 and 6 makes number 16 a number that signifies evolution. Numerologists say that 16 is a number that leads to karmic liberation. One thing that you need to know about number 16’s evolution power is that it can have some negative tendencies if you do not observe the cycles of nature. Since liberation is associated with change, it is better to consider the kind of change you are going for before you implement it.


The fact that number 7 is the root number of 16 makes it a symbol of perfection. Number 7 has been linked with perfection in various literature, including the Bible. It is also a mark of completion.

As a number 16, you tend to achieve perfection in the things that you do. You are keen to detail and would often encourage other people to work as perfect as you do. You resent people who are not keen on detail.

One of the challenges of being a perfectionist is that you often clash with many people. Most people are not attracted to perfectionists and you will find it hard being accepted in society. Furthermore, you suffer the risks of being unhappy since the world is not always perfect. Therefore, you should not allow imperfection to hold you back from being happy.


Number 16 is a symbol of optimism. A person with this number is always optimistic in life. This optimism comes from the pioneering spirit of the number 1 found in 16. Optimism has no negative side effects for it keeps you motivated to achieve your life’s goals.

Number 16 and relationships

Relationships are crucial in defining the life of an individual. Here are some of the things about a relationship that you should know as a number 16:

Romance is the epitome of a relationship

Romance is the thing that you value most in a relationship. You only engage in a relationship because of its romantic aspect.


This is an intrinsic personal trait that manifests itself when in a relationship. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are always the responsible one in a relationship. People find it is easy to date a number 16 since they are caring and responsible.

When it comes to matters of love, number 16s are simply good at appreciating their partners.

Ideal gifts

The best gifts that you can give a number 16 include crystals, Tarot cards, and pendulum among other ‘New Age’ stuff. You can also buy books for them as they enjoy reading. Self-help books should be your choice for them.

Men with numerology number 16 prefer gifts such as computer software, CDs, a new bicycle, and good wine.

Possible career paths for number 16

A number 16 has the following career options:


During your free time, you enjoy writing as it gives you the pleasure to reveal your ideal world. The kind of ideal world that you represent is that of a perfectionist. Since the world cannot offer you a place to exercise your perfectionism, you use literature to express your view of the world.


You can also do well in the entertainment industry as an actor. One of the reasons why you can do well in acting is because you have the ability to present a worldview that is different from reality.

Spiritual meaning of number 16

When number 16 starts appearing in your life, you should treat it as a special spiritual signal of success in life. You should get an assurance of good times coming in your life when this number starts appearing in your life.

Number 16 is also a guiding spirit that will lead you to make the correct decisions about your materialistic aspect of life. When the number starts appearing in your life, start rethinking about the decisions you are about to make in life with respect to your material wealth.

Final say:

Number 16 is a go-go signal. You should remain optimistic and affirmative in what you are doing.

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