The Meaning & Symbolism of Angel Number 156

Angel number 156 is a sign to remain positive as you pursue your life purpose. Your guardian angels want you to know that you’re about to experience positive change, and they will guide you in making major life decisions during this time.

Focus on channeling positive energy on your journey. The Universe will take care of your material needs and guide you along the way.

The secret meaning of angel number 156 is derived from the energy and vibrations of angel numbers 1, 5, and 6. 

The following will take you through the hidden messages and interesting facts related to angel number 156 and what it represents for your near future.

Angel Number 156 Meaning and Significance

The meaning and significance of angel number 156 are due to the influences of the single-digit angel numbers that comprise it.

Angel number 1 represents everything associated with your thinking process and signifies determination, new beginnings, intuition, self-reliance, willpower, ambition, instinct, moving forward, initiative, creativity, and overcoming obstacles.

Your angels are sending you the number 1 because they want you to be more aware of your thoughts and how they relate to your actions. If you have big dreams but rarely execute any plans, your angels urge you to start taking things into your own hands.

The meaning of angel number 1 is to create your own reality. You attract more people with your vision if your efforts are visible.

Angel number 5 speaks of change and similar traits to the many transitions we go through in life. The figure represents adaptability, resourcefulness, versatility, new fortunate opportunities, expressing freedom creatively, and learning through your own experience.

Lucky number 5 informs you of the major life changes you’re about to experience in this next stage of your life. Your angels want you to open your mind and wait for these transitions with an optimistic attitude.

The number 5 also speaks of your well-being and encourages you to take good care of your mental, physical, and spiritual health. The key to a fulfilling life is a healthy mind, body, and soul.

The number 6 is an angelic message of unconditional love and symbolizes providing materially for your family. It reminds you of the importance of spreading love and being the source of light to your family and the people around you.

This divine digit signifies independence, family life, selflessness, responsibility, empathy, sympathy, humanitarianism, compromise, home life, honesty, integrity, and service to others. Your guides are encouraging you to love yourself and maintain good relations with your family and every person around you.

The number 6 is also a message to strike the right balance in your life. Pay attention to how you spend your time and how that time spent benefits your progress.

Angel number 156 advises you to maintain a positive outlook and spread positivity to the world around you as you experience different life changes. 

Your guardian angels want you to know that they will reward you for your determination to stay positive. They’re also assuring you of a bright future for you and your family.

The Ascended Masters want you to pay more attention to your intuition during this time. They will communicate with you and give you guidance to ensure you’re moving in the right direction. 

Angel number 156 is, most of all, assuring you that these changes will bring about an environment of love and happiness in your home. Keep spreading positivity and trust that the angels are watching your every step.

What Does Angel Number 156 Mean Spiritually?

The spiritual meaning of angel number 156 is perseverance in the face of hardship and symbolizes independence as you move toward a new beginning. 

This angelic number is a message to strengthen your inner self as you look forward to a positive future.

Seek the help of your guardian angels and acknowledge their presence in your life. They don’t want to see you suffer when you can easily reach out to them and ask for guidance.

They will send you positive universal energies and fill you with a spirit of love and kindness. Cherish every single day for what it is, and have it in your mind that you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

What is the Symbolism of Angel Number 156?

The 156 angel number symbolizes letting go of the past in order to cultivate a positive mindset about what’s to come. 

You may be used to dwelling over experiences that are now long gone. Your guides want you to stop purposefully inviting these negative thoughts into your life.

As you move to this new stage of growth, angel number 156 tells you to let go of these negative energies and foster the best attitude possible to embrace new beginnings. 

Let go of any person that seems to influence your life in the wrong way. Associate with like-minded and freedom-loving people who bring out your talents and creativity and who will assist you on the right path to success. 

Why Do I Keep Seeing Number 156?

You keep seeing the number 156 because your angels want you to know that your life is destined for great things. They have lined up blessings for both you and your family and want you to take this time to teach yourself how to love.

Spend time with your family and take care of every person you love. Use your skills and creativity to provide financial stability to your family and ensure the material aspects of their lives are well catered to.

Creating a stable environment for yourself and your loved ones will help you gain balance in your quest for success. 

Most of all, maintain a strong connection to the divine realm. Trust in the promises of your angels and know that they’re working to bring peace and satisfaction to your life.

What Does Angel Number 156 Mean In Love?

Angel number 156 resonates with expressiveness in your love life. 

Don’t be afraid to try out different ways of communicating your love to your partner. Doing so keeps the relationship fresh and helps you strengthen your connection to each other.

You should also remember that both you and your partner will go through major life changes.

Be there for each other, and allow your relationship to evolve during these times. As you learn the lessons that come from these transitions, your bond will grow, and you’ll both receive the life you deserve.


Angel number 156 sends a special message of hope and optimism in life.

Hope gives you strength during tough times, and it ensures that you maintain your determination throughout. Know that your efforts will soon pay off.

Keep your thoughts positive, and remember to spread love everywhere you go.

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