5 Reasons Why You Are Seeing 120 – The Meaning of 120

Angel number 120 points to auspicious tidings! This is a powerful number that shows that positive energies surround you.

Your guardian angels encourage this positive atmosphere and want you to take full advantage of its good luck.

You’ve been striving forward in your life, and your guardian angels are telling you that they appreciate the hard work you’ve been doing! Give thanks to your angels, and keep reading to learn more about this angelic number.

Why are Angels Sending Me Angel Number 120?

Your guardians are sending you guidance on your quest to achieve happiness in life, so if you’ve been having a hard time, this number will signify a change in fortunes! Good things are coming your way, and the positive effects they’ll have on your life can’t be ignored.

Take advantage of the new beginnings this number predicts! You’ll manifest your higher self if you focus on adding positive energies to your own reality.

Practice positive self-talk, add good karma to the world, and repeat your personal mantras throughout the day to help you remember and fulfill your life’s mission.

What is the Secret Meaning of Angel Number 120 in Numerology?

To fully understand this angel message, we must look at the meanings of the individual numbers (1, 2, and 0). There are many interesting facts about each digit!

Number 1

The first digit of a three-digit angel number is called the cause number, which points out why your guardian angels have sent you this number. The core number of 120 is 1.

The number 1 relates to new beginnings, along with your initiative, motivation, and positive nature. Your good ability to always see the silver lining is something you can rely on in the upcoming weeks and months!

Number 2

The number 2 symbolizes balance, harmony, co-operation, and choice, and as the second digit, it’s known as the core number. The core number refers to the central meaning of the angel number’s message.

In this case, the number 2 tells us that your guardian angels have seen you reach a place of balance and harmony on your spiritual journey. In fact, your guardian angels think your present path is the beginning of a bright future!

Number 0

The last digit of a three-digit angel number is the effect number, which tells us what’s at stake. The effect number of 120 is 0.

The number 0 is a sign of the universe and the God force. The God force is the divine energy that flows through all living things, and it’s the energy that connects the physical realm to the divine realm.

The number 0 is the point of contact between the two realms. In this message, it points to your strong faith, even when life’s been difficult, so in the upcoming months, rely on this connection to your guardian angels! 

Reduction Number 3

The reduction number is a secret number that tells us the overall influence these three numbers will have on your life. In this case, these numbers combine to give the reduction number 3 because 1 + 2 + 0 equals 3.

The number 3 refers to your spirituality, faith, and creativity. It’s also closely related to the Ascended Masters, who include (but aren’t limited to) Jesus, Confucius, Mary Magdalene, and Noah.

Don’t be afraid to get creative as you take advantage of 120. Your guardian spirits trust your power to pick yourself back up if you fall, so now’s the time to take some risks!

What Does Angel Number 120 Mean for My Love Life?

If you’ve received angel number 120, you’re likely single at the moment. However, there’s probably someone special you’re thinking about.

Angel number 120 is a sign that you should pursue this person if they’re romantically available! Of course, you’ll only have bad karma if you pursue someone who is already in a relationship.

However, if you’ve been waiting for your crush to ask you on a romantic date, stop waiting and ask him or her instead, for the other person will likely appreciate your initiative! If they aren’t interested, you’ll know to put your energy into more fruitful endeavors.

Ask your friends for support, and pray to your guardian spirits for guidance!

Even if the other person doesn’t respond the way you’d hoped, at least you’ll have an answer. Remember, the odds are in your favor right now!

What Does Angel Number 120 Mean for My Career?

The angelic message 120 may also refer to your career. For example, are you at a crossroads where you’re wondering whether to stay or leave your job?

Maybe you want to ask your boss for a raise but you’re afraid they’ll say no. Just remember to trust your creative abilities right now, for you’ll land on your feet if you plan carefully.

Get professional advice from a mentor or friend before committing to a drastic idea like quitting your stable job in accounting to take up something riskier like acting.

While you have many wonderful qualities, don’t let your imagination run too wild. For instance, don’t take out a second mortgage on your house to invest in the stock market.

Small changes and risks will likely turn out well, but don’t have too much hope and expect angel number 120 to protect you from bad decisions.

What to Do if You Keep Seeing Angel Number 120?

120 has many spiritual aspects, as well as practical ones. In general, keep in mind that your guardian angels see you walking a positive path.

Your inner strengths are developing like a bodybuilder’s muscles at a gym! Keep your eyes focused on the path in front of you, and don’t waste time looking back.

Your guardian angels will shine lights upon your path, so don’t be afraid of stepping into the unknown. If you keep seeing angel number 120 and feel a special connection to it, trust your guardian spirits’ message!

This is a great time to explore your creative talents, ask out your crush, or do something out of the box! Consider rearranging the furniture in your home to improve the space with Feng Shui.

Maybe you could book a weekend solo vacation to a nearby city or sign up for a pottery class for adults. Don’t let anyone’s negative words get in your way!

The Bottom Line

Angel number 120 is a sign that you have strong legs to carry you on your journey, crafty hands to create beautiful things, and a clear head to guide you. Trust in your inner qualities because your angels have sent you signs that you’re ready for wherever your journey goes next.

Keep the meaning of angel number 120 in your mind as you begin a new adventure, and watch out for other angel numbers! Who knows, the angels may have even more to tell you.

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