Soul Urge Number 7: Discover Yourself

soul urge number 7

In numerology, the soul urge number is a numerical value that denotes your true self. This number reveals your deepest, innermost drive. Many people go through life trying to discover themselves; trying to find out why they are how they are, and how much this knowledge can affect their lives.

If you’ve ever wondered why you behave in a certain way or if you have innate abilities you might not be aware of, your soul urge number holds the answers to your questions of which soul urge number 7 is one.

The Meaning of Soul Urge Number 7

If your soul urge numbers are 7, it means you’re a highly spiritual person, a seeker of truth who is driven by the quest to find the facts. You’re obsessed about discovering your true self. You want to completely understand your personality, your abilities and the forces that drive you.

You believe there is more to you than people see and you are not going to stop you figure these things out. You’re also interested in discovering the world around you. There’s a whole lot to explore; people, beliefs, tradition, and nature itself. The world poses numerous questions and you’re not simply going to overlook.

You need to know, and this urge will place you on a journey. Your life is a journey full of discoveries. You’re not headed for a
destination because let’s face it, you probably might not be able to figure it all out in one lifetime, but this doesn’t deter you. You’re focused and you’re determined.

Soul Urge Number 7 and Your Relationship With People

People will see you as reclusive and reserved and that’s probably true. You’re not easily trusting, because you know people lie. You know people that smile for the camera but are simply backstabbers and fakes. This drives you to find comfort in your own company.

You’re not necessarily a lone wolf, you don’t dumb having people around, but you’d rather not have anyone than move with fake people. When you do find people you like, you keep them at arms length. Your walls are so high and impregnable that people who try to force their way into your life grow frustrated with time. Yet, when you finally let someone in, you give your all to them.

You lay bare or at least you try to, because let’s face, even you
are not quite sure who you are. Let’s simply say you try your best, but if you’re ever betrayed by people you trust, it’s going to take an awful lot of time and effort to trust anyone again.

Soul Urge Number 7 and Your Love Life

Like friendship, love is not easy for you. You’re indeed an emotional being, but you simply can bring yourself to trust people who like you. Even when you do get along with a partner, you’re cool with keeping things casual without investing your emotions. This way, you’re safe from getting hurt.

You spend most of your time reading your partner; every word, every action, and every reaction. When they do succeed in breaking through that wall, you want full honesty. You need to know that they’re telling you the truth.

Trusting doesn’t come easily, so when you lose it, it may never come back. Asides your trust issues, you’re a lover. It may even surprise you to find out that you’re a hopeless romantic, but this uniqueness in character is the reason you’re such a complicated person and why you find the journey to self-discovery a truly interesting quest.

Soul Urge Number 7 and Your Career

Your career path needs to be in sync with your inner self to help you find fulfillment. With your need to always find the truth, you’ll fit in well with careers related to science, data analysis, and fact-finding.

Normally, you prefer to work alone. This is not to say you can’t work with people, but you feel you’re at your best when working alone.

This attitude may also have much to do with your inability to trust
people easily. You, therefore, believe you’re more likely to be successful when you work completely alone and unsupervised. With this in mind, you may want to consider a career as a freelancer.

Freelancing means you don’t need to come in contact with people and can work completely on your own and in your own space. Whatever career you decide to go for, be rest assured that your attitude to find facts and make discoveries will lead you to excellence and fulfillment.

Soul Urge Number 7 and Life Challenges

Unfortunately, your soul urge number means you’ll have to navigate through certain life challenges. Your idealistic views may see the perfectionist in you emerge. You won’t settle for less or leave things just as they are. You’re so focused on getting to the root of things that people around you may begin to find your behavior obsessive-compulsive.

This behavior could also mean you take more time than required to complete tasks. it can be rewarding, but it may also be quite annoying. You may also find yourself withdrawing from the people around you.

You’re so concerned with protecting yourself and heralding the validity of your ideas that people may begin to find your nature self absorbed. It is, therefore, pertinent to come down to people’s level and try to find common ground. People can be fake, but most times, they are merely seeking for relevance and approval, this tells you that your acceptance, albeit with caution, can go a long way with helping others find their feet.


The soul urge number has helped many people discover their true selves. It has helped many who thought themselves talentless to discover innate abilities they never believed they possessed. If 7 is your soul urge number, it is time to dig deep and find your true self. A lot awaits you.

From spiritual enlightenment to eternal illumination. Own your soul urge number and find the light inside you and you’ll find yourself on the path to mental and emotional freedom.