Soul Urge Number 5: Hidden Numerology Meaning

Soul urge numbers are also known as heart’s desire numbers, and you can calculate them from the vowels of your full birth name. Your numerology reading will seek to reveal your inner subconscious feelings—feelings that are often neglected at the level of the conscious mind.

Additionally, a soul urge number is an important key to finding out your soul mission and life purpose as a human being. With a soul urge number putting you back in touch with your essence, you begin to learn more about the spiritual forces motivating you to follow the divine plan of the Higher Powers. 

What Does Soul Urge Number 5 Mean?

In today’s text, we’ll discuss what it means for you to have soul urge number 5. As briefly stated earlier, your soul urge number, according to numerology, helps you comprehend the nature of your origins and the purpose of your life in this world.

People born with this soul urge number are known to value personal freedom over everything else. They don’t like being restricted one bit, and as a result, you’ll never find them stuck at jobs that confine them, limit their potential, and don’t take advantage of their creative prowess.

They go gaga over world life experiences, and as such, try to dip their toes into as many unfamiliar territories and new environments as possible, possibly to learn new life lessons or change their perception on certain things. They also don’t mind taking risks.  

What is the Numerology Meaning of Soul Urge Number 5?

According to numerology, most people born with the number 5 are seekers. In the early stages of their lives, they have a constant desire to seek pleasures and delights that get their senses thoroughly stimulated.

However, as they grow older, they tend to become numb to such simulations, and as such, they search for deeper life meanings. If they truly seek to discover their life purpose, it’s in their best interest to seek out spiritual masters—other people who can convey a deep meaning of our time-bound experiences in total clarity.  

If you have this soul urge number as a result of your birth name, you’re being urged by the Universe to go on your chosen roller coaster of a spiritual journey without showing any resistance. This journey is likely to introduce you to interesting places and beings who can either help you discover your true purpose or assist you in your soul missions.

Think of the number 5 as a sign encouraging you to respond to your larger calling in life. All in all, this number urges you to take control of your destiny. 

What Does Soul Urge Number 5 Say About You? 

As far as personality goes, numerology says that if you’re born with the number 5, you’re one to always seek excitement because of your curiosity and energy—anything that sets your five senses alight. Since you love adventure and escapades, there’s no point in you restricting yourself to a scheduled, monotonous routine or lifestyle. 

Also, since you’re an adventurer at heart, you aren’t likely to stick around in a particular place for a long time. This means that you could change jobs or even homes quite frequently.

With such a personality, you also find it hard to shoulder responsibilities as you’re not someone who can be easily tied down to commitments, and at the same time, as you undergo changes in your life, you’ll meet new people, give birth to new ideas, and end up having a different perspective on life.

This number also tells you that you’re an extremely flexible person—one who is capable of adapting to any situation. In essence, there’s no one better than you when it comes to handling tough circumstances like a financial crisis, and with a flexible persona, you also gain attention for being an easygoing and laid-back person.

Though these traits can be beneficial to a large extent, they can also be obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals. Know that you find task completion difficult mainly because of your distractions, but if you get rid of your distractions and learn how to focus better, you’ll see remarkable improvements in all aspects of your life. 

How Does Soul Urge Number 5 Approach Love and Relationships?

The number 5 finds the early stages of a relationship truly exhilarating and electrifying. Since they love this phase a lot, people associated with this number enjoy being in relationships.

However, their fast-moving nature also works against them, so they tend to lose interest in partnerships as quickly as they develop other new interests, and as stated earlier, it’s tough for number 5s to stay committed. They can only stay committed if they find partners who are willing to afford them the freedom they need.

It’s also tough for number 5s to find partners who match their frequent desire and energy for exciting, unique experiences, so if a partner doesn’t share the same enthusiasm as a number 5, you can fully expect the 5 to abandon ship. After all, they don’t like being confined, restricted, or limited.

Though it may seem damn near impossible for a number 5 to find suitable loved ones, that isn’t really the case. As long as they’re faithful and very clear about their physical and emotional needs from the get-go, they can easily enjoy a strong, long-term love life.

To be on the safe side, it’s key for number 5s to know that they’re most compatible with other 5s, along with 3s, 7s, and 9s, and according to the numerology chart, they should avoid getting into a relationship with 2s and 4s at all costs. These numbers, apparently, are only perfectly suited as friends. 

However, bear in mind that a numerology chart or free numerology reading is meant to be taken as a point of reference, not as a strict rule or obligation you must follow no matter what to find your ideal relationship. 

What are the Best Careers for Soul Urge Number 5?

Those born with the number 5 are excellent at living life fearlessly with total freedom. In fact, their soul mission is to inspire others in the world to do the same.

However, that doesn’t mean that they should be careless with their lives, and if they don’t set certain parameters or boundaries for themselves while pursuing sensual pleasures, their lives will quickly spiral out of control. As a result, there could be total chaos, or in the worst case, extreme restriction.

After all, let’s be honest, only through money and financial freedom will number 5s be able to pursue new experiences and adventures.

Since number 5s love adventure, it only makes sense for them to take up a career in travel like journalism, air transport, or other businesses that require frequent traveling. Additionally, 5s can also be interested in careers that allow them to create their own routine, and one such example is freelancing.

It’s of no point for number 5s to try their hand at 9-to-5 jobs; they must be careful to only look at those “suffocating” jobs as a last resort.

Now, it may seem that entrepreneurship and self-employment are attractive career options for number 5s, but that’s usually not the case because of their laid-back attitude, free-spirited energy, and inability to easily complete tasks and challenges. If they wish to thrive at such career options, they must have a proper plan in place, along with a great work ethic, and they must be willing to persist through difficult circumstances.  

The Bottom Line

Unlike an expression number that’s extracted from your full name or a life path number derived from your date of birth, you can calculate other soul urge numbers from the vowels of your birth name. 

A soul urge number offers unusual insights into your deepest desires and the spiritual forces encouraging you to realize your aspirations, and in the case of soul urge number 5, though, unlike other numbers, you’re being told to live freely without fears, worries, and doubts. 

However, there’s a need for you to maintain a certain level of physical and mental discipline too, and you also have to set specific boundaries and restrictions if you wish to overcome challenges and be free of trouble.