House Numerology: The Meaning of Your Address

Does your house feel tailor-made for your personality? Or, do you feel that there’s something off with your house?

Well, first of all, understand that it isn’t unusual to sense the energies of a house. After all, according to numerology, every home address possesses a vibrational matrix that helps build a home’s “personality.”

This may sound outlandish to the uninitiated, but those who are into numerology know that everything on Mother Earth can be equated to numbers, even a home.

What is the Benefit of House Number Numerology Readings?

House number or address numerology readings, like Feng Shui, help you discover the personality and character of a house. It helps you figure out if your energies mesh well with the vibrations discharged by your home.  

In essence, address numerology enables you to find out if your house aligns with your goals, life path, and desires, and supports your lifestyle as a bachelor or a family man.

Now that we’ve understood the significance of address numerology readings, let’s talk about how the process works. To get the home numerology readings underway, you must first find your house’s number.

How to Find Your House’s Number?

Calculating your house’s number is akin to finding your life path number or destiny number. You’ll simply need to reduce your home address to a single-digit number.

For instance, if your house address is 635 Gandhi Street, your house number becomes the double-digit number 14 (6+3+5), which reduces to 5 (1+4). The single-digit number, 5, is your final house number.

Isn’t this process similar to working out your life path number through your birth date?

However, unlike when working with a birth date, take note that the process of finding a house number can get quite tricky when there are streets, apartment unit sections, and letters in your address. Thankfully, the process can be made quite easy when you know the correct methods to apply.

For example, if you live on a street with a specific street address number—think 150 7th Avenue—pay no heed to the street (7th Avenue). Simply reduce the address number 150 (1+5+0=6).

Hence, your house number if you live on 150 7th Avenue is 6.  

Also, if you live in an apartment with a unit building number, only reduce the unit number as it is most personal to you. For example, 1500 Siliguri Apartment-16, your apartment number is 7 (1+6).

Now, if your house or apartment building address contains letters and ends up looking something like 170-A or 5D, you’ll need to add the letter along with the number. To find the numeric value assigned to a specific letter, you’ll need to refer to the numerology chart, where;

1 – A, J, S

2 – B, K, T

3 – C, L, U

4 – D, M, V

5 – E, N, W

6 – F, O, X

7 – G, P, Y

8 – H, Q, Z

9 – I, R

So, if your house or apartment has the address 5D, your house or apartment number becomes 9 (5+ 4).

You can also convert your street name into numbers and thereby get instant access to invaluable information about your street.

However, keep in mind that if you’re dealing with master numbers—11, 22, and 33—leave them be as they are master numbers and as such, have to be dealt with differently.

Interpreting the Numbers

Once you’ve discovered your house or apartment number, it’s time for the interesting bit—discovering your home’s personality and finding its significance in your life and those of other people who live in it.

Number 1

House number 1 is ideal for those individuals who value independence, personal freedom, and autonomy over everything else. In essence, you could call it the perfect bachelor pad.

This home is also a great space for people looking for a fresh start in life as it infuses them with the energy to strengthen their confidence and determination.

On the downside, there are some disadvantages to living in this home. As stated earlier, a number 1 home carries too much “self-energy,” and as a result, doesn’t have the natural elements to promote partnerships. So, if you’re looking for a family home that exudes love and coziness, you might want to look somewhere else because this home isn’t for you.

Number 2

The number 2 home is everything a number 1 home isn’t. The number 1 home offers plenty of self-energy and not as much partnering energy, whereas the number 2 home is the polar opposite.

Ideal for those looking for a cozy, nurturing, sensitive, and lovely place, this house’s energy promotes loving relationships and offers a good environment for romantic partners. Therefore, if you’re someone who loves filling your walls with pictures of loved ones and looks forward to having people over for intimate gatherings, the energy of this house will suit you well.

Additionally, this house will also make you more agreeable with your business partners.

Number 3

The number 3 house energy promotes creativity. As a result, the number 3 real estate is perfect for those who work in the creative field.

Young families or rising artists looking to start an artistic endeavor stand to gain a lot of momentum and motivation from living in this space. Additionally, this home is also suited for hosting parties, large gatherings, and entertaining guests.

However, be advised that the energies discharged from a number 3 home can also be pretty unbalanced, leading you to a scattered or unfocused lifestyle.

Number 4

What I like about number 4 homes the most is the fact that they’re arguably the most grounded and practical homes around. A number 4 home supports a structured lifestyle, promotes discipline, and encourages the tenant to take responsibility in his life.

If you want to grow your business or family, the energies and vibrations discharged by a number 4 home will align you with the passions and ambitions you feel strongly about.

To amplify the positive energies of the earthy number 4 home even further, experts encourage you to set up a nice backyard garden to go along with the comfortable furniture of your wonderful home. If you’re short on space though, consider putting ‘growing live plants in my home’ at the top of your to-do list.  

Number 5

The influential number 5 home is dynamic, active, and social and is thereby the hotspot for parties. Boasting vibrant and upbeat energy, the number 5 home accepts change and variety like no other.

This fun-filled house also encourages you to be brave in your life, be it tackling major problems head-on or being true to yourself, irrespective of others’ opinions. Living in this house will teach you life lessons that can help you navigate through life’s toughest challenges.

Although this house urges you to live life heartily, a number 5 home also does have its fair share of disadvantages. If you prefer stability and tranquility, you won’t find it here.

Number 6

The number 6 house is the best home for a family as it promotes love, harmony, and peace. Kids and animals thrive in the comforts and safety of this home like no other, so your children and pets will be happy in it—even your guests will completely feel at home in this house.

However, some may find this home overbearing as it forces one to shoulder heavy responsibilities. Plus, let’s be honest—maintaining peace and harmony in a large family is anything but a piece of cake.

The worst-case scenario of living in this home, you ask? Well, this home may even have you shunning the world.

Number 7

The number 7 home possesses a somewhat mystical, spiritual, and private vibration. Therefore, this home will have you reflecting on your actions, assessing your life, and indulging in deep thoughts like no other.

As you may have deduced already, the number 7 home is perfect for introverts or people who enjoy quiet spaces. Plus, since this home provides one with an environment to know himself better, in a deep and profound way, people working in special fields—think writers, professors, and scientists—also stand to gain a lot from the private vibrations discharged by this home.

To further magnify the energy of house number 7, experts recommend decluttering your home as often as possible.

Number 8

The number 8 house supports ambition, abundance, and financial wealth—it supports too much money. Hence, if you’re professionally driven or looking to start a new business undertaking, the number 8 home is just what you need.

In essence, this home is for you if you’re looking to climb up the ladder of the material world.

Of course, like all homes, a number 8 home isn’t suitable for everyone, especially for those who prefer letting their hair down in their humble abode. In extreme cases, the number 8 home can also lead you to become a workaholic since nothing will be enough anymore.

Growth in terms of finances, family, and social class is possible with this home. Personal growth in regards to spirituality, new ideas, love, and wisdom—not so much.

Also, bear in mind that house number 8’s negative energy can also get you constantly upgrading things around the house, thereby making the house a money pit.

Number 9

Ever wondered why you enjoy visiting your friend’s home so much to a point that you almost feel drawn towards it? Well, it isn’t a coincidence you’re feeling that way.

That house is most likely a number 9 house, a house that exudes charitable giving, compassion, and acceptance. A number 9 house also encourages you to balance work with play and offer service to others through acts of philanthropy, benevolence, and altruism.

In essence, if you spend time in this great house, there’s a huge chance you’ll become a better person and learn a great deal about yourself and other people around you.

Master Number 11

The number 11 house promotes spiritual growth, awakening, and enlightenment and clears your self-doubt. This wonderful place allows you to have trust and self-confidence in your inner wisdom, intuition, and inner voice.

Then, with such faith, you’ll no longer need to rely on others for assistance and guidance.

A master 11 house is also commonly categorized as the house of “illumination” because of its warm and inviting atmosphere. Go for this house if you’re looking to heal your spirit and discover your life purpose and soul mission.

Master Number 22

A 22 home’s energy is the best place for you to grow mentally, spiritually, and physically. This house promotes learning and fitness and encourages you to be your best self through self-improvement.

Additionally, it also supports your dreams and interests. So, irrespective of your profession, you stand to gain a lot from calling this house your home.

However, be warned that this house isn’t ideal for slackers. It only serves “doers” right!

Master Number 33

The number 33 house is a good space for those who value their relationships with loved ones as it provides a peaceful and beautiful setting for families to bond and thrive.

Additionally, house number 33 helps the residents maintain a close connection with the spiritual realm too.

And, before we draw the curtains on the number 33 house, let me add that it’s also suited for those seeking to influence others as leaders, be it as educators, politicians, writers, or teachers.


We’ve finally reached the end of the article and I hope you’re now well aware of the significance of house numbers.

Don’t worry if you have already acquired your dream home without paying attention to its number. You can always change your house number to suit your personality and lifestyle by adding another number inside your front door.