3 Hidden Meanings of Number 5 in the Bible

The use of numerical value for symbolic purposes is an issue that has raised a lot of eyebrows over the years. What cannot be denied, however, is that the Bible shows consistency in its use of numbers to represent significant events. 

One such number is number 5. It is an important number in the Bible and there are various events and symbolic mentions that attest to this. 

Number 5 is an angel number that is of huge significance in the Bible and numerology in general. For centuries, angels and spiritual authorities have used the number as a message to speak to humans about their lives. 

Sometimes, this number appears as a single digit, while other times it appears as a sequence with other numbers. If you have been seeing number 5 consistently and are not quite sure what it means, then you’re in the right place.

This article will give a detailed explanation of the use of number 5 in the Bible, its significance, symbolism, and how it affects us today in relation to its biblical meaning.

What Does the Number 5 Mean in the Bible?

Number 5 is mentioned in the Bible a total of 318 times. This number is directly linked to God’s grace, mercy, and favor. 

The grace of God is described as an unmerited favor that comes as a result of God’s love. The New Testament is seen as the perfect tale of God’s grace. 

In the Old Testament, the world was under the law and some laws carried harsh punishments for anyone who disobeyed. 

The 5th book in the Bible is Deuteronomy and it contains strict laws that were meant to keep the children of Israel from offending God. These laws were abolished in the New Testament as God sorted out to ease the suffering of his people.

When number 5 multiplies itself, it produces number 25 which symbolizes double grace as seen in John 1:16. 

Also, the 10 commandments are divided into two parts of 5 commandments each. One part is related to man’s relationship with God while the second part is related to our relationship with other people. 

These commandments were given to us to help guide our path and help us live in harmony with God and among ourselves. Another meaning of number 5 in the Bible is balance and this meaning is generally accepted among numerologists. 

In the Bible, balance is reflected in creation. All humans have 5 hands and 5 fingers, as well as 5 senses. 

These traits distinguish man from other animals created. Some animals share only two of the 5 senses of man, which is an indication of man’s dominion over everything God created.

What Does the Number 5 Mean Spiritually?

The Bible says that God is a spirit and as such, everything that is associated with Him has a spiritual significance. Number 5 reveals certain mysteries that are shared below.

The Tabernacle

The Lord’s Tabernacle in the Wilderness holds strong spiritual significance in the Old Testament as it was literally the house of God on earth. God personally gave the instructions for the building and one number that is consistent throughout the instructions is number 5. 

According to the Book of Exodus, God instructed that the tabernacle should have 5 curtains, 5 pillars, and 5 sockets. Also, the tabernacle would have an altar made of wood which would be exactly 5 cubits wide and 5 cubits long. 

The tabernacle would also have a court that is exactly 5 cubits in length. 

After the tabernacle was constructed, oil was used to anoint the furniture for consecration and God again gave strict orders on the preparation of this holy anointing oil. The oil has 5 parts or 5 spices. 

Each of these spices that were used to make the oil was in proportions that were multiples of 5. The ingredients were:

  • Pure Myrrh of 500 shekels
  • Sweet calamus of 250 shekels
  • Cassia of 500 shekels 
  • Sweet cinnamon of 250 shekels

What Does the Number 5 Represent in the Bible?

Number 5 represents the 5 types of offerings that God requires us to offer to him. These offerings were described in the first 5 chapters in the Book of Leviticus. 

Trespass Offering

This type of offering was mentioned in Leviticus chapter 5 and described as the kind of offering to appease God for sins committed. 

This sin could be as a result of legal or emotional guilt. The Trespass offering is required by God and according to the Book of Leviticus, it is not a sweet-smelling offering to God. 

This offering is also signified in the ministry of Jesus on earth as he died on the cross to pay for the sins of mankind.

Sin Offering

The sin offering is offered as remittal for our sinful nature. In the Old Testament, the children of Israel were required to make these sacrifices to atone for their sins. 

However, Jesus Christ came and atoned for the sins of mankind once and for all on the cross of Calvary. This type of offering is not a sweet-smelling savor unto God but it is required. 

Peace Offering

The peace offering is mentioned in the Book of Leviticus chapter 3 and is a voluntary offering unto God. This offering is received by God as a sweet-smelling savor. 

This kind of offering represents communion or fellowship with God. In this offering, the offerer is allowed to eat the meat of the offering. 

Christ also made this offering when he came to earth and reconciled man to God according to Hebrews chapter 2. 

Meat Offering 

This type of offering is the only kind that is made without the need to shed blood (no animal sacrifice). Meat offering does not require animal flesh; it is made with fine flour. 

It is an indication of a living sacrifice and is a voluntary offering that brings a sweet smelling savor to God. Jesus made this sacrifice on earth when he committed the days of his life on earth to do the will of God.

Burnt Offering

This kind of offering requires the sacrifice to be completely burnt on the altar. No part of the offering is allowed to be eaten by man. 

The burnt offering is the most common type of offering made by men to God.  This offering indicates total surrender to God and its sweet-smelling savor is pleasing. 

Jesus also made this offering by giving himself to the complete service of God while he was on earth.

What is the Biblical Significance of the Number 5?

From Genesis to Revelations, there are several parts of the Bible where number 5 appears. According to Bible scholars, number 5 signifies the impotence of man. 

Man’s helplessness is the reason for God’s grace and favor. Man has no power of his own and cannot prosper except when God has willed it. 

In the Old Testament, God gave humans certain rules to guide them on earth and help them live in harmony, but because humans are weak on their own, they were unable to keep God’s commandments or obey his rules. Once again, God had to make contingency plans to deliver men from the authority of the law they could not keep. 

God brought grace in the form of Jesus Christ who came to die for the sins of men to ensure that we no longer struggled to do what is right in the sight of God.

Also, the whole point of God blessing us is because our power alone cannot help us. Peter and his friends had toiled the whole night without catching any fish, but when Jesus asked them to cast their net again, they caught more fish than they could handle. 

This story is the perfect indication of God’s importance in our lives.

What Does the Number 5 Symbolize in the Bible?

Number 5 holds many symbolic meanings in the Bible and some of the more important symbolism of number 5 are:

Transformation of Man

In the Bible, number 5 is used to symbolize divine transformation. This is the number that takes men from nobody to somebody according to God’s will. 

This can be seen in the change of Abraham’s name from Abram to Abraham. The letter “h” was placed as the 5th letter to change the name Abram to Abraham. 

That simple name change was all Abraham needed to become the Father of Many Nations to fulfill the promise.

Destruction of great enemies

Another symbolic use of number 5 to show God’s grace was in the story of David and Goliath in the Old Testament. 

The odds were stacked against David as he had no military training and was facing Goliath who was the champion of the Philistines. To make it even more difficult, David did not know how to fight with a sword and shield and decided to go into the fight with a catapult. 

God led David to select 5 stones as he went into the fight and in the end, he was able to defeat Goliath. 

David’s victory was only possible because of God’s grace. On his own, he was no match for Goliath, but with the grace in number 5, David was able to do the unthinkable and slew a seasoned soldier with just stones.


Another show of God’s favor was in the miracle of the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes. With the power in symbolic 5, Jesus only had to give thanks to God and suddenly, 5 loaves of bread were enough to feed 5,000 people

As if that was not enough, the remaining loaves that left after the people had fed were still up to 11 baskets. Today, many people try to channel the miraculous power of number 5 when praying to God for a miracle.

What Does the Number 5 Mean Prophetically?

Prophetically, number 5 represents the world that is to come, a prophecy that has been passed down from the Old Testament to the New Testament. The most significant book about the day of the Lord is found in the Book of Revelations which is one of the 5 books of the apostle John. 

The prophecy speaks of the promise of heaven and eternal life to everyone who believes in Christ. 

In the Bible, the two comings of Christ stand for the grace period and the end of grace. The grace period starts with Christ and is expected to run through until the end of days, while the end of days represents another coming of Christ when his people will be taken to enjoy eternal life. 

During this time, grace is no longer necessary. According to the Bible, God has gone to prepare a place for His people and it is in this place that every one that is of God will live for all eternity.


As you may have noticed, number 5 is an incredibly significant number in the Bible with various symbolic events giving meaning to its essence. 

Numerologists agree that number 5 describes balance, be it the delicate balance of nature or the balance of life for people who are under the influence of this number. 

If you’re seeing number 5 in your dreams or around you, it is because your guardian angel is trying to send a message to you. This message can be in relation to your life, work, or relationships. 

The key to knowing exactly what God is trying to say to you is to remember the things in your life that constitute much of your thoughts. The good news for people under the influence of this number is that it is a sign of great things to come. 

Just like number 5 brought miracles, victory, and success for characters in the Bible, so shall it bring these things to you if you are under its influence.