5 Secrets of Number 4 in the Bible

Biblical numerology has gained increased popularity over the years with many harnessing the significance of certain numbers in the Bible to decipher symbolic values. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, there is a steady trend in the Bible that proves that certain numbers are symbolic.

One of the strongest proofs that numbers hold strong sacred meanings in the Bible is the story of Moses whom God instructed to strike a rock once with his rod. Moses struck twice and was punished severely.

If you’re hoping to learn about the number 4, what the Bible has to say about it, and its influence on people and events, this article will take you through every bit of information you need to know.

What Does the Number 4 Mean in the Bible?

In the Bible, number 4 means creation. This number directly relates to the creative ability of God. 

The earliest mention of number 4 in the Bible is in the Book of Genesis. During the creation week, God finished the creation of what is termed the ”material universe” on the 4th day. 

On that day, he made the stars, the moon, and the sun. These three things were created to give light to the world and to divide the days. 

With the sun cometh the day and with the moon cometh darkness. 

Day and night would become the mark of time, from days to weeks to months, and to years. It would also be the mark of seasons which was used to identify different celebrations and feasts in the Bible.

Among everything that was created are 4 important elements which are earth, air, fire, and water. There are also four major cardinal points on earth which are North, South, East, and West as is seen in the Book of Revelations chapter 21 verse 13. 

Also, the 4th commandment given to Moses on Mount Sinai says that we should keep the Sabbath Day holy at all times. This Sabbath Day commandment is a direct reference to creation in the Book of Genesis. 

After creating the world and the heavenly bodies in 6 days, God rested on the 7th day and instructed man to always keep that day holy to signify the completion of the creation process. 

What Does the Number 4 Mean Spiritually?

The Bible is a spiritual book that reveals facts about our world and the spirit realm. Number 4 holds huge significance in the spiritual world according to the Bible, and we’ll be discussing some of the major significances below.

God’s Witnesses

People who often don’t believe in the existence of God back their claim by asking for evidence. While we cannot see God physically, he has provided us with certain witnesses that will prove to people that He exists. 

These witnesses are 4 in number. They are the gifts of the Holy Spirit, miracles, signs, and wonders. 

These witnesses are spoken of in the Book of Hebrews. Miracles, signs, and wonders can happen in various manifestations. 

When Jesus was on earth, he was able to command these witnesses. He performed miracles. 

Also, signs and wonders followed him wherever he went. Also, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are distributed among Christians and each person receives a gift according to the will of the Spirit.

Living Creatures

The living creatures are a group of mysterious beings that appears in the Book of Ezekiel and Revelations. In the Book of Ezekiel, these living creatures transported a throne that had 4 wheels and 4 sides. 

Each of the 4 living creatures has 4 faces. One of the faces is like a lion, another is like a man, the face of an eagle, and a cherub. 

Each of these living creatures also has 4 wings. Ezekiel describes them as cherubims who are the bearer of God’s throne.

These living creatures have the ability to move in any direction without needing to turn around as their 4 faces are directed towards the 4 cardinal points on earth. 

In the Book of Revelations, the 4 living creatures are described a bit differently. They also have 4 faces but with 6 wings. 

Their faces are a lion, a man, an ox, and an eagle. These 4 living creatures are said to have eyes all over their body representing their limitless knowledge. 

What Does the Number 4 Represent in the Bible?

In the Bible, the number 4 represents the perfect creation of God. Every element of creation resonates with number 4.  

One of the biggest indications of number 4’s representation as the perfect creation is found in the Book of Revelations 10:11, 5:9, and 13:7. In these Bible verses, humanity was divided into fourfold by God. 

The division includes people, language, tribe, and nation. On earth, God refers to humans by any of these creation divisions. 

We are identified by our language because language signifies who we are and where we originate from. 

We are also recognized by our tribe. People who are of the same tribe might not necessarily speak the same language as certain tribes adopt languages that are foreign to them. 

Humans are also identified by their nation which is usually a combination of similar tribes unified under one government. 

Lastly, humans are recognized as people. Throughout the Bible, God has referred to humans as any of these fourfold divisions.

Number 4 also represents the completeness of God’s revelation. 

It means God doesn’t work halfway. He will not suddenly disappear after helping you for a period of time. 

This revelation can be seen in the life of Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. The Bible recorded 4 times angels visited Joseph to send him a message concerning baby Jesus and how to keep him safe. 

In the first dream, the angel came to reassure Joseph that Mary was telling the truth about carrying a divine child. The angel urged Joseph to take Mary back and help her raise the child that she will bear. 

He was also instructed on what name to call the baby. 

In the second dream, Joseph was instructed by an angel to flee to Egypt as king Harold heard of the birth of a new king and decided to kill the child before he grew up. 

In the 3rd dream, an angel appeared to Joseph in the land of Egypt to tell him it was safe to go back to Israel. 

In the 4th and final dream recorded in the book of Matthew, Joseph was instructed by an angel to move to Nazareth. 

What is the Biblical Significance of Number 4?


Number 4 signifies completeness in the Bible. 

The Bible talks about the new Jerusalem having 4 sides as it represents the new earth that is to come. The Bible speaks of the earth having 4 corners in the Book of Revelations, and there are also 4 rivers flowing out from the Garden of Israel. 

Also, when God gave the instructions for constructing an altar, he instructed the priests to construct an alter that has 4 corners and 4 pillars. To date, altars are still constructed with 4 corners and 4 pillars, a representation of the completeness of God.

Ministry of Jesus

One of the most important significances of number 4 in the new testament is the life and ministry of Jesus Christ which was shared in detail in 4 different gospels. There is the gospel of Jesus according to the book of Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John. The gospel of Jesus according to Luke describes Jesus as a perfect man, Mark describes him as a servant who suffered for the sins of man, John speaks about Jesus being the only son of God, while Matthew spoke about Jesus being the son of David. 

Although these four gospels share similar stories, there is a certain aspect of their story and vocabulary that is quite different, but every Christian accepts all four gospels as the most accurate record of Jesus’s life on earth. Number 4 also signifies the division of Jesus’s clothes after his death. After his death on the cross of Calvary, 4 Roman soldiers came forth and tore his clothes into 4 parts with each soldier taking one part. 

What Does the Number 4 Symbolize in the Bible?

In the Bible, number 4 symbolizes certain important elements of the Christian religion. They include:

Name of God

People commonly refer to the name of God as Jehovah. However, the correct spelling is a bit different. 

The Hebrew word translated to English presents the name of God as JHVH which is without any vowel. What you’d notice is that JHVH only has 4 letters which are 4 consonant sounds. 

It is only natural that God’s name is in 4 letters as number 4 represents completion which is another word for perfection. Throughout the Bible, God has been described as a perfect God without blemish and sin. 

He is also described as being just and true. The Bible also describes his creations as being ”good and perfect”.

The Cross

Another symbolic use of number 4 in the Bible is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 

As is well known, Jesus was tried and condemned to die on a cross. He was nailed to the cross and died to bring salvation to mankind. 

The cross has 4 points. There is a left side, right side, top, and bottom. Hence, number 4 symbolizes the price of salvation. 

God recognized that it wouldn’t be easy to send his Son to die for the sins of humans, but He was prepared to make the ultimate decision. Though at a huge cost, salvation brought hope and mercy for humanity.

What Does the Number 4 Mean Prophetically?

The Bible is filled with various prophecies and many of them have numerical significance. 

The 4 living creatures in the Bible and the throne they carried are a prophecy by Ezekiel. This prophecy can also be seen in the Book of Revelations which are all prophecies by John. 

The number appears more times in the Book of Revelation than any other book in the Bible. John speaks of 4 angels who will stand at the 4 corners of the earth and held 4 winds and prevented them from spilling on earth. 

The 4 winds in Revelation 7 are winds of destruction. The 4 angels are what is stopping these winds from spilling over and destroying the world. 

According to the Book of Jeremiah, these 4 winds are from the 4 quarters in Heaven. God promised to destroy Persia with these winds in the Book of Jeremiah. 

Daniel also spoke of these symbolic 4 winds. According to Daniel 7, the 4 winds from heaven constantly stir up the great sea and won’t be unleashed on earth as the judgment of God is yet delayed. 

In the Book of Daniel 7, there is a prophecy of 4 feral beasts that will appear at Armageddon. The 1st beast looks like a lion, the 2nd looks like a bear, the 3rd looks like a leopard, while the identity of the 4th beast is unknown. 

The 4th beast is described as being the most fearful and destructive. It is boastful and seeks to destroy. 

However, this beast is slain at Armageddon bringing an end to its reign of terror.

Every prophecy on number 4 points to the Day of Judgment. This is also befitting as the judgment will bring to an end everything on earth. 

According to number 4, judgment and destruction of the earth is delayed for a while. When the trumpet sounds, the 4 angels will be allowed to empty the 4 winds upon the world to destroy the wicked.


Number 4 is a uniquely significant number in the Bible. Its significance to creation is the reason angels send this number to people to signify the beginning of a new era in their life. 

People under the influence of number 4 are skillful individuals who can channel the creative power of the number. Christians who see number 4 in their daily lives are reminded of how powerful God is and the perfection that follows all His creations. 

This revelation means that humans are capable of achieving perfection by connecting to God on a deeper dimension.