7 Hidden Meanings of Number 20 in the Bible

Biblical numerology is a long-studied tradition still being fueled and carried on by both Jewish mystics and spiritualist Christians. 

While we can look at the spiritual meaning of number 20 with numerological methods, it’s often helpful to see how the number itself is mentioned in the Bible, along with other words related to its spiritual meaning. Often, we’ll have a better and more holy understanding of numbers in our lives when we’re fully informed of what they mean in the Bible.

Continue reading to learn more about the biblical significance of number 20.

What Does the Number 20 Mean in the Bible?

The biblical meaning of number 20 represents the cycle of time, specifically cycles of waiting and completion in life.

In the Hebrew language, the number 20 is written with the letter “kaph,” which also represents the palm of a hand. If you practice palm reading, you know the significance of wrinkles and ridges to represent time and cycles in one’s life.

The number 20, all in all, can represent cycles of waiting and completeness in life, that includes trials and redemption, eventually leading to one’s spiritual coming of age.

How Does the Number 20 Relate to Years in the Bible?

The number 20 is often associated with a certain amount of time in the Bible—20 years.

For example, in Numbers 1:3-46, Yahweh commanded Moses and his brother Aaron to count all the men aged 20 years and older to become soldiers in the army of Israel. Later, when the people lost their faith, Yahweh threatened to let everyone aged 20 and older die in the wilderness (Numbers 14:29), but He didn’t follow through on this threat.

Yahweh forgave them and asked Moses and Aaron to count everyone aged 20 and older a second time (Numbers 26:2), but unfortunately, the people lost their faith yet again, so as a result, Yahweh said He wouldn’t let them see the Promised Land (Numbers 32:11). Later on, Yahweh again didn’t follow through on His threat.

Clearly, Yahweh considers the age of 20 to be quite significant, and the number 20 is a symbol of coming-of-age both in a spiritual and mental sense.

Moreover, Genesis 31:41 states that Jacob worked for his father-in-law, Laban, for 20 years of his life before he followed God’s word to return to his homeland of Canaan. He and other members of his house, including his wives, children, servants, and property, had to flee before Laban could stop them.

In 1 Kings 9:10, King Solomon spent 20 years building his holy house in Jerusalem. Yahweh then gave him a promise that He would protect the throne of Israel as long as Solomon or his descendants didn’t turn away from Him.

A final example of how the number 20 relates to years in the Bible is Judges 4:3, where Jabin, king of Hazor, oppressed the Israelites for 20 years before Yahweh spoke to Deborah, who was a judge. Deborah and Barak eventually led armies against Jabin and freed the Israelites from his rule.

What’s the true meaning and underlying theme in all of these stories connected to number 20?

In each, the chosen people were undergoing a trial—slavery or oppression. Yahweh then asks His people to trust Him, and those who are faithful are rewarded and given guidance and success in their lives.

How Does the Number 20 Relate to Coming of Age?

While many know the symbolism of number 20 related to cycles of completeness, not everyone understands how the number 20 is also a symbol of coming of age. Anyway, what is coming of age?

Coming of age is the period in life where someone grows from child to adult—from beginner to expert—from tiny seed to towering tree. While you may think you’re done growing after this period, your angels know that no matter what, you’re always growing both spiritually and mentally.

In the previous biblical examples, Yahweh notes the symbolism of age 20. However, when one becomes 20 years old, it isn’t the end of their sacred growth, which is why the number 20 is really a symbol of one’s journey to enlightenment.

In other words, one of the meanings of the number 20 is the symbolism of your spiritual coming of age.

Where Else Does the Number 20 Appear in the Bible?

The number 20 is mentioned many times throughout the Bible. One interesting fact is that the Bible mentioned 20 important dreams.

In one instance, Daniel interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s dream with God’s help. In another, Pilate’s wife had a dream from God, warning her that Pilate shouldn’t harm Jesus Christ.

These stories symbolize the importance of God’s willingness to guide those who are faithful to Him.

Another place where the number 20 appears is when Yahweh spoke to Abraham about the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, both known for the wickedness of their people. Yahweh planned to destroy the towns, but Abraham repeatedly asked Yahweh if He would destroy the towns even if there were 50, 45, 40, 30, 20, or 10 righteous men (Genesis 18:23-33).

Yahweh answered that He wouldn’t, but when no righteous men were found, He sent holy fire and brimstone to the two towns as a symbol of punishment to the wicked. The number 20 appears in this story as a reference to God’s trials given to His chosen people.

What is the Numerological Symbolism of the Number 20?

It’s never a bad idea to analyze the symbolism of numbers, even when looking at their biblical meaning. Angels use numbers in the Bible to tell us secret messages and teach us lessons that we can use in our day-to-day lives.

In this case, the number 20 is made up of the vibrations of the numbers 2 and 0.

Two represents balance, duality, and choice. It’s like a coin—a single object with two sides. On the other hand, zero is the number that relates to the “God force,” or the living energy that powers the life of all sacred things. 

Together, number 2 and number 0 combine to make a number that’s a symbol of both trials and completeness.

What Does the Bible Number 20 Advise Us to Do?

Let’s take a moment to think about how the number 20 is a symbol of both hope and patience.

In the biblical stories, 20 years of waiting represented the Israelites’ faith in Yahweh. Their ability to weather a long period of oppression or even simply anticipation can symbolize how the meanings of the number 20 relate to cycles of time and symbolize the light at the end of the tunnel.

What trials are you going through now? By directing your attention to the number 20 (and maybe other numbers as well), your angels are reminding you that patience is a virtue, and your faith will be rewarded in the end.

The Bottom Line

While the number 20 has many meanings, the most important ones are the cycles of patience and completeness, along with the spiritual coming of age. Your angels have sent you the number 20, and you clicked on this article because of that.

Are you experiencing any need for patience and trust? Pay attention to messages in your dreams, for angels often send us messages in the form of these subconscious thoughts.

Accept these messages, no matter how the angels deliver them to you! When we discover an angelic message, this deepens our connection to the supernatural world.

I hope you go forth with joy and a new appreciation for the meaning of the number 20!