5 Hidden Meanings of Number 14 in the Bible

Biblical numerology is a highly interesting method of looking into the meaning of the numbers featured throughout the Bible. The various aspects of these biblical numbers are cloaked in symbols and metaphors, which have different levels of meaning that are often hidden.

These numbers are often mentioned many times in the Bible, and the symbolism is significant for each of them.

Some Christian scholars have determined that the numerology of the Scriptures actually works on four different levels. These are, namely, the literal, the symbolic, the moral, and the mystical.

Either way, the importance of the message behind much of the numerology in both testaments is worthy of deeper study. Understanding these numbers gives a greater awareness of the spiritual perfection behind the words.

The number fourteen provides ample opportunities to do this.

What Does the Number 14 Mean in the Bible?

Speaking of spiritual perfection, the number 14 contains a double dose of it. This is because the double digit number 14 is a multiple of the number 7, which is often regarded as a perfect number in both spiritual and numerological terms, when dealing with angel numbers.

Seven represents completion, and so the number 14 indicates a double completion as 7 + 7 = 14. The relevance of the number 2 cannot be overlooked here either, as 2 x 7 = the number 14.

It’s interesting to realize that the numerical value gematria of the name David also equals the number 14.

The number fourteen is also a symbol of salvation or deliverance in the Bible. This becomes more apparent from a deeper analysis of the meaning of the Scriptures where the angel number is mentioned.

Where Does the Number 14 Appear in the Bible?

Looking more closely at the symbolism of liberation or release, we can start with Genesis. In Genesis 18:10-11, which is the 14th time that Abraham’s name is mentioned, the Creator informed him that his life was about to change, and he’s told that his wife was going to deliver a child.

Then we have Jacob, who, in Genesis 31:41, said that he worked 14 years for his uncle, Laban, just to be in the presence of Laban’s daughter, Rachel.

Now, in Exodus, Israel was delivered from Egypt by the symbolic sacrificial Passover lamb, whose death was on the 14th day of the first month (Exodus 12:6).

The book of Proverbs is also a prominent resource when looking at the number fourteen, and in this instance, it relates to the expression “The Fear of the Lord.” The phrase is mentioned in this section of the Scriptures a total of fourteen times from chapters 1 to 23.

Now, let’s move on to the New Testament. In the book of Matthew, the genealogy of Jesus was shown to have been divided into 14 generations.

This section in the Gospel explained how the various generations that existed before Jesus Christ was born totaled fourteen, from Abraham to Joseph to, eventually, the Messiah (Matthew 1:1-17). Two of these generations are also connected to incarnation.

Adding to the theme of release or being delivered, we have the Messiah delivering a man from a demon the 14th time His name occurs in the Gospel of Luke (Luke 4:35).

Lastly, in Acts, Saint Paul and his companions were travelling by ship to Rome.

The ship was caught in a storm and endured much hardship, but he was lucky and was delivered to safety on the 14th day of their journey (Acts 27:14-44). Though they didn’t reach the right place on time, at least they ended up safe at Malta (Acts 28:1-10).

What Does the Number 14 Mean Prophetically?

As an angel number, the number 14 often turns up as a symbol from guardian angels to say that positive thoughts are necessary.

This may come at a time of confusion or loss, as does many an angel number. It wishes to express that things always turn around for the better, so the number 14 should be taken as a good sign if it’s spotted in various aspects of your life.

It could be that you’ve been having issues with other people in your world, and now’s a good time to find balance along your path in life.

The number 14 is an ordinal number with a message related to finding that balance. There are many things that you could begin to look into if you seek to achieve more success in your life right now, and it could relate to aspects of your life related to money or new people.

Maybe you could speak to these new people or begin to think and talk about success in your life more frequently, especially when it comes to making important decisions. 

If it’s a new situation that you currently seek in your life, then you can see from its biblical significance that the number fourteen could well indicate release from a certain situation in your current world.

All in all, take inspiration from the number 14 and all it symbolizes.

Does the Number 14 Have Negative Meanings in the Bible?

There are a couple of instances in the Bible where the number fourteen is related to something negative. The main ones occured in the 14th chapter of Numbers, when the Creator was annoyed with the people.

He asked Moses how long the people would spurn Him and refuse to believe in His ways, living lives of sin. The Creator had heard the complaining of the people of Israel and how they’d started to turn against Him, and He seemed less than happy about the whole thing.

He’d previously set down principles accompanied by threats of judgment, and this was done as some kind of motivation for the people to repent. Either way, it can be understood that in Numbers chapter 14, God was quite angry at the people.

In the end, this resulted in Him giving Moses a test after threatening to inflict all kinds of punishments. Moses passed the test and managed to argue on the people’s behalf, avoiding their destruction.

In the end, there’s some underlying symbolism to be seen in this segment of the Holy Scriptures related to crossing the line.

What Does the Number 14 Mean in Hebrew?

Unsurprisingly, the number 14 in Hebrew is indicated by the term “Yod-Dalet,” and it’s another symbol of deliverance and release.

The letters signify a hand opening a door and the subsequent release or freedom from some kind of prison. This is often related to new beginnings, and it’s an indicator of hope in the lives of many people.

The 14th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, “Nun,” is also equivalent to the word “David” in some contexts, so it tends to be linked to the Messiah.

What Does the Bible Number 14 Mean in Daily Life?

The number 14 in terms of its symbolism in the Bible can serve as inspiration in your daily life.

It can be a reminder that there’s always a way out—especially if we’re seeking release from a particular situation. New situations and openings can be unlocked through persistence and belief, and old situations can be transcended.

All negative situations in life have a logical exit point, and the number 14 is a useful reminder that doors will always open if we’re actively working towards them. If you look upon each day as being born anew, you automatically release yourself from any negativity that you’ve had before.

The Bottom Line

The main takeaway from the study of biblical numerology is that there’s always a deeper message to be found in the Scriptures.

Double-digit numbers like the number 14, along with the other numbers in the Bible, show us how diligence is necessary to decode much of the deeper meaning in the Good Book. If you read between the lines and truly seek the power behind the words, you can get closer to the mind of the Creator.

If you’re able to find the correct applications of these numerological interpretations in your life, you’ll undoubtedly also find yourself blessed with more success from the Universe. This is apparent from a deeper analysis of the number 14.