What does the Number 40 Mean in Numerology?

angel number 40

The question as to whether number 40 is a lucky number or not is one that numerology can answer.

Given that number 40 is not a master number, you might be a little bit scared to find out that it is your destiny number.

However, just to give you a little cheer, number 40 is not a bad number in numerology.

Learning its symbolic meaning is the first key to understanding the unlimited potentialities locked within this number.

Is number 40 a numerology number?

I know you are used to single-digit numbers as the ideal numerology numbers with defined meanings.

Therefore, the first thing that would come to your mind the moment you come across number 40 is to reduce it to its root number i.e. 4+0= 4.

Numerology supports this reduction of a double-digit number to a single-digit number.

However, you can also view number 40 as a unique number carrying its own set of traits.

According to numerology, the meaning of any number is determined by a mystical relationship between the number and coinciding events.

What does number 40 mean in numerology?

If you ignore the Biblical allusions of number 40, numerology will give you a set of 5 traits that describe the meaning of this number.

  1. Dignity: in numerology, number 40 is associated with the quality of being worthy of respect or honor. If you are a number 40, you are likely to gain respect from a society based on your appearance as a serious person who has a high level of self-control.
  2. Focus: unlike many other people, you are likely to be goal-oriented in your dealings. A number 40 always remains focused on the price and does not lose focus when in need of achieving a certain goal. They also have a clear sense of understanding and are able to visualize what they want in life and remain focussed to achieve it.
  3. Pragmatism: One of the key traits that anyone would want in a number 40 is pragmatism. The ability to logically reason out things is a special gift given to number 40, which helps them to live well in life. As a number 40, you do not make assumptions but rather deal with things in a reasonable and logical way.
  4. Sense of security: all number 40s do not exhibit insecurities as other numbers. Numerology views it as a number that is very secure and dependable. This is why most people would want to have such a person as a partner because of the sense of security.
  5. Dedication: the final of the 5 traits we are looking into is dedication, which is an inherent ability to prioritize important matters and give full attention. This trait is related to the previously mentioned trait of focus. The two work together to ensure that a set goal is achieved.

The basics of number 40

All the qualities that you get from a number 40 have their origin in the core numbers found in 40.

On its own, number 40 has two core numbers i.e. 4 and 0.

You will get 4 as the core number of 40 if you are to reduce it to a single numerological digit.

What this means is that the vibrational essence of number 40 is based on number 4’s vibrational essence.

Number 4

One of the most important things that the number 40 gets from core number 4 is pragmatism.

This number helps in building up the levels of consciousness in an individual.

Numerologists have discovered four levels of consciousness that are inherent in a number 40 based on the presence of core number 4.

The four levels are:

  1. Reason:  number 40s respond well to matters that require their reasoning. This is based on the presence of pragmatism as a trait in people with numerology number 40.
  2. Order: this is an inherent ability in you to make things right through the creation of order in all matters that surround you. If you are a number 40, you will notice how keen you are to detail as it is an important element in creating an orderly world around you.  
  3. Measurement: number 40 also means that a person has a good sense of measurement.
  4. Judgment:  using the measurement, a number 40 is capable of making a fair judgment. This one may look easy but requires a high level of pragmatism to make an informed judgment. You will be faced with a lot of situations where you are needed to make a judgment and that is where a number 40 will always rise to the occasion.

The zero (0) in 40

The zero in 40 is also an important number to consider when finding the numerological meaning of number 40.

In as much as zero has not been listed as one of the core numbers that have a distinct meaning in numerology, it still has a meaning that makes it a unique figure to have in your number.

The number 0 represents the beginning and the highest in order of numerology value.

Since there is no beginning or the end in numerology, zero remains as the number that represents infinite possibilities.

Numerologists say that this number is like an unseen force that is everywhere. Many things can come out of it.

Do you think having a zero in a double-digit number is lucky?

You can have your say either way but numerologists believe that it is a good supplementary number since its value is unlimited.

The neutrality of number 40

With the presence of 0 in number 40, numerologists associate number 40 with neutrality.

Regarding this trait, you will rarely see a number 40 taking sides or making biased decisions.

The other implied meaning of this trait is that it helps in keeping someone as objective as possible.  

The neutrality of number 40 links with the spiritual nature of the number.

Based on the coinciding circumstances involving people with numerology number 40, numerologists argue that the number 40 is guided with the spiritual laws of justice and right.

If this is your number, you can use to resolve conflicts, provide pragmatic solutions, and offer value judgment on a number of matters facing you or people around you.

It is true that you can rely on your consciousness to make important decisions of life.

What does the angel number 40 represent?

Number 40 represents the importance of hard work in achieving our goals. 

This number is sent by our guardian angels to remind us that we need to work hard despite our talents and divine blessings.

No matter the brilliance of your abilities, you still need to put in hard work and dedication to reach the heights the divine masters want you to reach. 

Number 40 is usually sent to people who are blessed with natural talents but are beginning to relent with their efforts.

The divine authorities think you can do much better than you currently are if you would only develop yourself further. 

They recognize that you’re already doing a great job, but they want you to do even better.

What is unique about the number 40?

Number 40 is unique because it is a number that encourages you to keep trying and tells you that you’re already doing a good job. 

This number is also unique because it signifies that the ascended masters and archangels are fully behind you.

They order your steps and will always be there to help you get through any challenge in life. 

People who are under the influence of angel number 40 are bound to have a closer relationship with the divine authorities.

This relationship is fostered by an alignment between the body and the spiritual energies in the universe and provides certain privileges that other people are not entitled to. 

Having direct access to the spiritual authorities means that your prayers are heard and answered speedily.

What does the angel number 40 mean spiritually?

Spiritually, number 40 signifies a bond with the spiritual authorities.

This bond is formed to seek counsel for you and the people around you. 

As you may know, angel numbers are sent to deliver messages to us because the angels cannot communicate with us directly in this physical realm.

However, when a human is under the influence of number 40, he is spiritually connected to the divine authorities and able to communicate with them without the need for an angel number. 

This relationship between the spirit realm and the enlightened human is a level that is mostly attained by people who have a higher calling on earth.

What is the significance of the number 40?

Number 40 signifies hard work and success, two elements that go together.

You cannot achieve success unless you’re hardworking. 

The natural order of things on earth is that all things must go through a natural process to get their desired result.

This natural order of life can be seen in the mystery of seedtime and harvest. 

Every plant takes a particular time to germinate, grow, and bear fruit.

This process is also true for us humans. 

We must go through hard work, growth, and more hard work to bear fruit.

The amount of work might not be specified, but we are encouraged by the divine authorities to work until we see the fruits of our labor.

What does the number 40 mean in a dream?

If you’re seeing number 40 in the dream, it is because your angels are trying to speak with you. 

Messages from the universe and the divine authorities are sent to us through angel numbers. These numbers can either appear in real life or in dreams. 

Whether you’re seeing it on your phone screen, TV, or dream, angel number 40 has one meaning and it is an encouragement by the universe to continue your hard work because success is not far away.

If you have been discouraged by your output despite your efforts, your guardian angels want you to continue because eventually, hard work will always be rewarded with success.

What is the biblical meaning of angel number 40?

In the Bible, number 40 appears a total of 146 times.

It signifies trials, testing, and a period that comes before results. 

Moses lived in Egypt for 40 years as a prince and spent another 40 years away before he came back to lead the Israelites out of captivity.

He also spent 40 days on mount Sinai receiving instructions from God to His people. 

Also, Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights before being tempted by Satan the times.

He also appeared to his disciples for 40 days after he was resurrected. 

When Jonah was sent to warn Nineveh, he spent 40 days warning them of the consequences of their sins if they refuse to repent and ask God for forgiveness.

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