What Does the Number 14 Mean in Numerology?

What Does the Number 14 Mean in Numerology?

Do you believe in numbers?

Has anyone ever told you about the effects of numbers in your life?

Recently, number 14 has been appearing in my life, and I know it may be happening to you as well.

If you have been seeing this number not knowing what it means, then you are in the right place for I will help you get the hidden meaning of number 14 as dictated by numerology.

One of the first things I often ask myself about number 14 is whether the number brings good or bad luck. I will look into the meaning of number 14 with the aim of determining whether it is lucky or not.

Is number 14 a numerology number?

I know you are used to the root numbers (1-9) as the ones with numerology meaning. However, you need to know that number 14 is also a numerology number, despite it being a double-digit number.

You can view number 14 as a double-digit or reduce it to its root number i.e. 1+4= 5. The calculation I have done shows that there are three root numbers associated with number 14 i.e. number 1, number 4, and 5. Therefore, the vibrational energies of number 14 come from all these root numbers. This makes number 14 a strong number.

The traits of the root numbers of 14

You can associate the root numbers of 14 with the following traits as per their root numbers:

Number 1

  • Independent
  • Self-starter
  • Dynamic
  • Defiant

Number 2

  • Good at initiating peace-making processes
  • Careful
  • Political
  • Helpful

Number 5

  • Brave and audacious
  • Strong and flexible
  • Versatile
  • Has great social relations

Which of the root numbers of 14 is powerful?

You should focus on determining the most relevant number that defines the number 14. Number 5 is the most relevant root number from the list of the three numbers we have. The reason is based on the fact that it is the number you get when you reduce 14 to its primary root number as calculated above. Therefore, the other numbers are just there to support number 5.

However, we are discussing number 14 and not number 5. It is important for you to note that number 14 has its unique set of numerological meanings that might not be similar to number 5.

The meaning of number 14 in numerology

Here are some of the meanings associated with number 14:

Transformation or change

You should know that a message of ‘change’ or ‘transformation’ is being sent to you when number 14 starts appearing in your life repeatedly. The most appropriate response is to prepare for change. Sometimes you may not be able to detect the appearance of the number instantly. This calls for you to be watchful of the communication that comes with number 14.

The number also symbolizes the process of moving. This symbolic meaning is related to change since you may be required to move as a consequence of the call to change. For example, if you have been doing a certain type of project and you don’t seem to get the results you want, number 14 could be your signifier to move on to the next project. Similarly, this number has been used by people in unsatisfying relationships who want to move on from their relationship commitments.

However, there is a danger of insecurity that comes with number 14’s love for a change. You may be unable to face the reality of your life and experience unsteady emotions when change occurs. As a human, you are culpable of mood swings whenever a change occurs. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself adequately for change the moment number 14 starts appearing in your life.  


The energies of 1 and 4 combine well to give a harmonious effect on an individual. It brings together the ambitious extremes of 1 and the reserved extremes of 4 to create a harmonious number.


Number 14 is also the number of love. The implication of this number is that you may be on your way to finding love if you start seeing this number. Alternatively, it may be a sign for you to start showing love to people around you. You should get the right meaning based on your life’s happenings.


The ability of the number 14 to create a balance between numbers 1 and 4 makes it a number that commands wisdom. If you are a number 14, you should share your wisdom freely with others as it is a key component to your internal satisfaction.

The symbolic meaning of number 14

Tarot card Temperance

Number 14 is associated with temperance as evident in the Tarot series Temperance. In this series, The Angel of Time that is on the Temperance card is seen integrating the experiences of the past with those of the present to create harmony.

Conflicting interests

You may also be faced with the challenge of conflicting interests based on the extreme nature of your root numbers. Therefore, you need to be very careful about the life choices that you make to avoid future regrets.

How can number 14 appear in your experience?

There are different ways that number 14 can appear in your experience.

Birthdate: number 14 may be in your experience if you are born on the 14th day of any month.

Life path: if your life path number is 14, you may experience the traits of a number 14.

Major events: number 14 traits can be manifested in your life if you have planned major events of your life on this date. Such events include weddings, inauguration, party, etc.

Ideal relationships for number 14

As a number 14, you enjoy exciting romantic relationships. Some of the things that excite you in a relationship include romantic dates, dinner, and movies among other types of fun that are outgoing in nature.

If you are in a romantic relationship with a number 14, surprise them with high-tech gadgets, travel accessories, and books.

The beauty of number 14 is that it allows you to redefine your fate through the creation of a balance in your life that gives you the wisdom to make the right choices that will make your life better.

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