3 Secrets Why You Are Seeing 12:22 – The Meaning of 1222

If you feel like you keep seeing 1222 in different places more and more, like in an email address or on license plates, it could be a sign that your guardian angels are trying to talk to you. Whether it’s popping out from phone numbers or appearing in clocks, seeing angel number 1222 is a positive and powerful message for your life.

Take note that the meaning of angel number 1222 is a combination of the qualities and vibrations of numbers 1 and 2. The number 2’s effects are tripled in this angel number since 2 is repeated three times, thereby gaining huge influence on the meaning of 1222.

Why Do I See the Number 1222?

You might remember 1222 as the year the University of Padua in Italy was founded, but seeing angel number 1222 can mean a variety of things, depending on where you are in life and where your intuition is guiding you. No one but you can know the true message the angels are sending your way.

The meaning of 1222 is oftentimes a sign of encouragement, the Universe urging you to gather yourself and move forward into the unknown. Hence, if you keep seeing it, you better start paying attention.

Number 1

Firstly, the number 1 is usually your guardian angels sending a message of new beginnings or creation. In whatever number it may appear, 1 represents the universal energies associated with a fresh birth, such as:

  • self-leadership,
  • assertiveness,
  • initiative,
  • instinct, and
  • stepping out of your comfort zone.

These are all linked to 1 in numerology. Through this number, your guardian angels may be trying to tell you to exercise them and to create your own realities and life experience with your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. 

Your angel might be drawing your attention to this number during a time in your life when you need to leave your comfort zone, be decisive and trust yourself enough to stick with your life decisions, and go through the consequent changes.

Number 2

The number 2 often represents balance and harmony. Highlighting the duality of all things in life, your guardian angels will use this number to encourage the use of characteristics such as:

  • devotion,
  • insight,
  • grace,
  • cooperation,
  • faith, and
  • flexibility.

The fact that it appears three times in the angel number 1222 serves as a reminder of how important its energies are and acts as an amplifier to its influences. 

It’s a wake-up call for you to remember the power of faith, trust, and service to reconnect with your divine life purpose and focus your attention on fulfilling your Soul mission.

Other Numbers Linked to 1222

Seeing 1222 is not only seeing 1222. It’s also seeing the numbers 122, 222, 12, 22, meaning all of these may have an impact on this number, so it’s important to consider these angel numbers as well.

  • 12 – this angel number could be a message that you should be devoted to a certain area in your life, perhaps urging you to leave old habits and create new ones.
  • 22 – this number is a reminder and reassurance that you should use your intelligence, strength, and wisdom to accomplish your goals.
  • 122 – this number can be ‘permission’ from your angel to get rid of your doubts and fears, to release the things holding you back in life so that you can strive towards success.
  • 222 – as one of the most energetic (and powerful) angel numbers, 222 is the way an angel tells you that peace and harmony are the most important things in life, and to prioritize them every day.

What Does Angel Number 1222 Mean?

The numbers mentioned above all act as components of the number 1222, meaning they should also be considered and understood when you keep seeing 1222 in different moments of your life. Together, they slowly begin to reveal one possible meaning of the angel number 1222.

Another meaning could come from number 7 since 1+2+2+2=7 and its influences could also come into play. These influences could be the encouragement to overcome troubles, confirmation that your progress is noticed in the Divine realm, or a sign that success is not far off, as long as you have faith in your guardian angel and in your own abilities.

The 1222 angel number generally also appears in your life when it’s the right time or on the right path to pursue new starts and to take on the changes that you’ve been contemplating or considering. It may be ushering in a time to move forward, follow your intuition, and go through the difficult but worthy process of creation. 

Your angel directs your attention to angel number 1222 to encourage you to create a new life through your thoughts, beliefs, and action.

The 1222 angel number is often a message of leadership and decisiveness, urging you to remain conscious about the people you choose to trust and love. Don’t be afraid to let go of things that belong in your past and to look forward to the future with your loved ones. 

Angel number 1222 urges you to embrace positive thinking, to release your creativity, and to unleash your dormant ambition.

The triple influence of the number 2 in the number 1222 also serves as a message that you’re not alone. The duality of 2 reminds us that there are always other people, and with our guardian angels around us, we can step out of our comfort zone to reach out to someone else.

What Does the Angel Number 1222 Mean in Love?

When it comes to your love life, the angel numbers 1222 speak heavily of faith and devotion for people in relationships. 

This number carries a message that it’s important to remain devoted to your partner, especially when you feel like differences might be surfacing and causing conflict in your love life. It could be the gateway to a time to work together and move forward as partners who love and respect each other.

You can accomplish this by remaining faithful whenever the possibility arises. Whether in your thoughts or actions, make sure that you are sensitive and considerate of your partner’s needs and desires. 

You can also help each other to express and receive your love languages more clearly on a consistent basis; this will bridge any gaps and help resolve issues that have been arising between you and your loved one.

The 1222 number also asks you to learn to let go of the doubts, fears, or anxieties that influence your relationship and hold you back from evolving. This will allow both of you to discover new joys in the relationship and in life. 

It may also help you stop taking gestures of love for granted, giving you clarity about the effort and energies coming from your partner. Then, by learning to trust your instincts and to take initiative, you can show them your appreciation through sweet, loving gestures of your own.

What Does the Angel Number 1222 Mean for Twin Flames?

A twin flame is someone who is a near-exact mirror of you, someone who shares characteristics, behavior patterns, and beliefs with you. They differ from soul mates by not necessarily being someone you completely get along with from the start; rather, your twin flame is someone who holds up a mirror to you, revealing parts of yourself you may have been blind to, and with whom you feel a deeper connection.

If you open your heart and mind, you will not only be able to spot this person as soon as they are in front of you, but also resonate with them and feel the energy of the twin flame connection.

Angel number 1222 can also be a message to those already in a twin flame relationship. 

Number 1222 means you have to strive towards keeping your relationship a place filled with love, peace, and happiness. Talk through conflict and misunderstandings as soon as they come up to prevent the possibility of built-up anger or resentment. 

Your guardian angel may be trying to renew the importance of deep, meaningful communication between you and your twin flame partner.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 1222?

Spiritually, the angel number 1222 meaning carries significant weight. 

For some people, it delivers a message about shifting your attention towards manifesting your goals and desires, so that the Universe can help you achieve them. For others, it may also serve as an encouragement to focus on fulfilling your divine life purpose, and sharing it with your loved ones and other people so that you can add positive vibrations to the world around you.

If you keep seeing angel number 1222, your angels may also be urging you to discover and concentrate on your needs and desires so that your energy will flow towards the hard work and determination necessary for their manifestation. By maintaining a positive outlook and paying attention to your thoughts, you can create the reality you want sooner than you might realize. 

Remember that if you feel lost or confused, turn towards your guardian angels for further clarity or guidance.

What Does it Mean if I See 12:22 Frequently?

The triple mirror hour 12:22 is an especially powerful message when it comes to numerology. This variation of the angel number 1222 is most often associated with the angel ‘Haami’ (sometimes referred to as ‘Haamiah’), who influences the energies associated with truth and voice.

If you’ve been seeing this triple mirror hour frequently, it may be Haami sending you a message of insight and wisdom, urging you to seek the truth with his sure guidance. With this guidance, you can form deeper understandings of the world’s religions, resonating with the ceremonies and initiations they use.

Haami also uses angel number 1222 in this form when a human being is in need of direction and organization. Angel number 1222 means, with his influence, you can create your own daily rituals and adjust to them easier. 

What is the Significance of Angel Number 1222 According to the Tarot?

Numerology and tarot cards can blend together in subtle yet extraordinary ways. If you’re someone who has gained a lot from tarot readings, you may want to know the significance or symbolism of the angel number 1222 according to the tarot deck.

The Minor Arcana cards in a Tarot deck are split into two groups—one group consists of 40 numbered cards and the other group is 16 Court Cards. The 40 numbered cards are split into 4 Suits, with each Suit running from 1 to 10.

According to the Tarot, the number 1 commonly resonates with forces such as:

  • new beginnings
  • opportunity, and
  • potential.

This number may be a message from your angels that you are at a time where you can begin to create the life you want for yourself. They could be reminding you of their support and encouraging you to believe in your abilities to overcome obstacles.

Meanwhile, 2 in the tarot deck is often linked to energies such as:

  • balance
  • partnership, and
  • duality.

This number might appear when you feel alone to reassure you that you are not, or it might come when you and your partner are in a unified space, serving as confirmation of your unity. Whenever you see this number, try to improve your communication throughout all the relationships in your life.

What these numbers will mean in a tarot reading will also be influenced by the Suit that they appear in. The 4 Suits of a Tarot deck include:

  • Cups – this resonates with emotions, creativity, intuition, and relationships.
  • Pentacles – associated with things like material wealth, money, career, and manifestation.
  • Swords – relates to communication, truth, intellect, and thoughts.
  • Wands – resonates with inspiration, energy, and enthusiasm.

Which Suit the number 1 or 2 is drawn in a tarot reading will give you direction about which area of your life the symbolism applies to. Trust your intuition to guide you in the right direction, knowing that your angels are right beside you.


Wherever and in whatever form you may be seeing the number 1222, know that your angels are reminding you of their presence. They use the 1222 angel number to nudge you towards your life’s purpose, giving you encouragement to be the spark for your own soul purpose’s fulfillment. 

The angel number 1222 is the gateway towards a new life, lived by a new you.

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