Angel Number 1212 by Doreen Virtue: Its Meaning & Symbolism

Angel Number 1212 by Doreen Virtue: Its Meaning & Symbolism

Angel number 1212 is one of the messages your guardian angel sends when communicating with you. Angels feel the need to reach out to us once in a while when they want to pass on an important piece of information or warning.

Using the weather or other forms of communication may be misleading as one thing could have different meanings. According to Doreen Virtue, angels reach out to us using numerology.

One of the things that are unchanging in the world is numbers and that is why they are often used to relay coded messages. A number will always have the same meaning even in a hundred years.

How then do the angels pass on this information through numbers?

If your guardian angel needs to pass on a message to you, you will have the number repeating itself in different patterns until you notice it. These angel numbers will keep appearing and will not stop until you finally get the meaning out of it.

You are undoubtedly seeing 1212 and want to find out if it is anything special. Read on to find out what Doreen Virtue has to say about angel number 1212.

Doreen Virtue’s Method of Interpreting Angel Numbers

According to Doreen Virtue in her book titled Angel Numbers, all numbers have their meanings from which longer number sequences can be interpreted. Number 1212 is a four-digit number and the best way to interpret this is to break the number sequence into three digits.

The digits each have their significances and together they also have a meaning. After interpreting the three digits, the addition and interpretation of the final digit are what gives the final meaning of the entire number.

What Angel Number 1212 Stands For

Angel number 1212 is a number that is made up of the digits 1 and 2. The combination also gives rise to other numbers such as 12, 121, and 212.

To better understand the meaning of the number 1212, it is only right to grasp the meaning of the individual numbers. Doreen explains the significance of each number and I have them here for you to study and better understand the message your angels have for you.

Angel Number 1

Angel number 1 is a number that stands for unity. Number 1 is a binary number and can divide every other number.

This implies that we all are one and are linked together by our thoughts. Seeing this number encourages us to be careful of the kinds of thoughts we have and not let the negativity that comes with fear cloud us.

Focus more on your goals and desires.

Angel Number 2

Angel number 2 comes with a short but powerful message. It tells you to continue to have faith and be strong because your prayers are being made manifest.

You might not notice it yet, but the answer to all your prayers are about to come to pass. Don’t lose faith and give up; be strong.

Angel Number 12

Number 12 comes with a stronger message for you. It urges you to believe in your thoughts and follow your instincts.

The spirits that are always around you will always guide you through your thoughts so you have to believe in yourself. They will fill your mind with ideas that will lead you to improve both your life and the lives of others, so always allow your positive thoughts to guide your way.

Angel Number 121

Just like Doreen’s advice, to understand the meaning of the angel number 1212 you have to understand the meaning of 121 first and then add the meaning of 1 to better appreciate the message.

Angel number 121 is an encouragement from the angels. They are urging you to be positive and have faith.

This is because all your vibes are going to manifest into reality whether positive or negative. Your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings will all come to pass and so you need to fill your mind and thoughts with only positive and productive energy.

Number 1 encourages us to be positive in all thoughts and feelings so its appearance twice is to be taken seriously.

Angel Number 1212 and Love

Angel number 1212 has great significance in love and relationships and seeing it means that peace and love will be abundant in your life. It comes with the opportunity to make your dream come true together with your partner or a group of people who share your dreams and goals.

Having faith in the spirits that guide you through your thoughts will help you find and recognize the person that is right for you. The person will care so much about you and you need to appreciate and return that love and care.

You have to let the positive energy continue to flow. Apart from guiding you to meet the right person, the angels will also guide your thoughts and help you in making the right decisions that will make your relationship better.

Not everyone needs to get your care, love, and affection and you need to know and accept this. The guidance from your angels will set your path straight and help you in always making the right choices.

What to Do When You See Angel Number 1212

If you keep seeing the angel number 1212 repeatedly, then it is here to tell you to be positive and put your fears aside. Whatever your thoughts and feelings are, they will manifest so you have to be careful about the kind of energy you put out there.

Focus on the positive things and on the things that are about to come your way. Have faith in your angels as they guide you on the right path and look after you.

You need to worry less and be assured that everything will work out perfectly in the end for you. Fill your life and thoughts with optimism and brace yourself for something good is about to come your way.

All you have to do is remain focused, be yourself, and let the good energy you send out work for you.

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