Angel Number 1155 Meaning and Significance

Angel number 1155 is a message of harnessing inner strengths in your own life, embracing new beginnings, and the appearance of spiritual awakenings in your future.

If you keep seeing the number 1155 everywhere and wonder if it’s a simple coincidence, you should know that your guardian angels are communicating with you through this number. 

Not everyone is randomly shown Angel numbers—only the most blessed and who are spiritually inclined are guided by angels in their own life.

If you become more aware and conscious of your surroundings, you’ll soon realize that you’re being watched over by spiritual guides who send subtle messages to potentially change your life for the better.

If you keep seeing Angel number 1155, remain positive, be grateful, and seek to understand the meanings behind this number.

In this article, we’ll look at what it means when you see Angel number 1155, and decipher the inner wisdom that your angels want to communicate with you.

Angel Number 1155 Meaning and Significance

In numerology, Angel number 1155 combines the vibrations of numbers 1 and 5. Since both appear twice, their influence on the meaning is heightened. 

Hence, to get a grasp of Angel number 1155’s meaning, we need to take a look at number 1 and number 5 first.

The number 1 symbolizes new beginnings, positivity, and inner strength. 

Take note that number 1 is a very high-energy number, meaning your guardian angels are asking you to become more independent and tenacious.

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The meaning of Angel number 5 is charged with major life changes and making important life decisions. Number 5 also represents spontaneity and personal freedom.

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Through this combination of numbers 1 and 5, your angels are asking you to stay on course to achieve your dreams and pay attention to any negativity around you. 

You shouldn’t be deterred by external pressures but instead, focus on positive thinking and find new ways of achieving your dreams.

Your angels want you to explore opportunities but stick to your current path which will eventually lead to success.

The 1155 Angel number also consists of 11, 15, 115, and 155. 

While number 11 encourages you to attain spiritual enlightenment, the meaning of number 15 is that of having positive thoughts as thoughts have the ability to manifest into reality.

As for number 155, it’s in a way reminding you to live your life to the fullest to achieve your life’s purpose. 

Angel number 115 is the trickiest one and some may look at it as a bad sign and therefore, it is often met with fear.

What Does Angel Number 1155 Mean Spiritually?

Angel number 1155 has two high vibration energies and both of them come in pairs, making this a powerful number sent from your guardian angels.

This number resonates with spiritual awakening, as well as the philosophy that anything can be attained if you take charge of your situation and remain positive.

Angel numbers are an important sign that your guardian angels are reading your every emotion and are assuring you that the best part of life is yet to come.

To achieve success, you must stop brooding over the past and let go of any negativity. 

The number 1155 suggests there are many opportunities waiting for you out there and you are one step closer to making your dreams come true. 

Your guardian angels want you to know that If you do away with negative energies, you’ll attract positive outcomes and your misery will come to an end.

What Does Angel Number 1155 Mean in Love?

Your guardian angels are offering you plenty of relationship advice through Angel number 1155. 

Depending on the kind of relationship you’re in and how your love life is, these pieces of knowledge will bring positive changes in your life.

For Single People

If you’re single and have been looking for that ideal partner, Angel number 1155 represents a new beginning for you. The person of your dreams is about to enter your life. 

Keep an eye out for signs from your angels who will point you in the right direction. Be ready to muster the courage to be the first one to approach that potential long-term partner.

If you’re single but not willing to get into a relationship yet, Angel number 1155 represents the solitude and self-realization that will help you find your true life purpose. 

The divine is sending you a strong message that your life purpose is to take the spiritual path more aggressively and start helping people around you.

This is a call for you to take control of your life and move forward. 

You’ll be surprised at how your life changes for the better once you bring about positive changes and release negative energies.

For Committed People

If you’re in a love relationship but feel suffocated and unhappy, Angel number 1155 will point you towards a higher purpose and give you better clarity over your relationship.

If you still love the other person and want to make things work, you need to take control of any negativity and talk to your partner. 

Seeing Angel number 1155 means you have to be positive and optimistic about your life journey with your partner and discuss how you feel.

Take charge of all the challenges before you and create new opportunities to nurture your relationship by doing something you both enjoy. 

Doing so not only brings emotional fulfillment but draws you closer and helps you both deal with tough situations with renewed confidence.

If you feel the relationship has become toxic and you can’t take it anymore, don’t give up. 

You angels are sending positive energies and the misery is coming to an end. Only you can set yourself free.

Be self-reliant, follow your true heart’s desires, and let go of any negative relationship that harms you. 

Learn to say “no” and you’ll be amazed at the good things that happen unexpectedly when you live life on your own terms.

The meaning of 1155 is that you can steer your life toward romantic fulfillment and shows you don’t need others to be happy.

Positive things are coming and the bad times are almost over. 

The ascended masters are signaling that it’s now up to you to reset the clock and work towards your life’s divine purpose.

Through Angel number 1155, the message from the divine realm is clear. 

You’re capable of being more peaceful and happy through positive energy and taking charge of your life. 

You can unlock the greater spiritual potential in your life only when you stay positive and discard negative thoughts.

Does Angel Number 1155 Bring Bad Luck?

Angel number 1155 begins with the number 115 which deals with karmic payback in the divine realm.

You may be entering or already in a phase where your karma will take over your life. 

It need not be a bad thing if you have done only good things in your life or are prepared to correct whatever mistakes you have made.

Instead of seeing Angel number 1155 as a bad sign, you should look at it as a message from your protective angels who are allowing you to make things right with those you have hurt at some point in your life.

Seeing Angel number 1155 is a sign that now could be the perfect time for you to stop and do some self-introspection in your life. 

This is a time to muster inner strength and finally close those negative threads in your life by talking to people you’ve wronged in your life and apologizing to them.

Always remember that your angels are with you showing their support and unconditionally helping you through this process. 

Thanks to them, you can get through this phase easily and feel great about your life path.

The meaning of Angel number 1155 is that opportunities to make things right don’t often come your way and you must be ready to take responsibility for all your actions in life. 

As difficult as it may sound, be optimistic, and trust your angels. 

If they have shown you this number, it means they believe in your ability to reach higher realms of human conscience.

Why is Angel Number 1155 Powerful?

Courage is one of the greatest virtues and someone who possesses it becomes unstoppable from achieving their dreams.

The 1155 Angel number nudges you towards gathering all the courage and hope that you can find and taking control of your life. 

It reminds you that it’s time to get rid of negativity once and for all and move towards a greater purpose in your life plans.

The 1155 Angel number also helps you deal with the karmic structure without it being a burden you can’t carry. 

Spiritual enlightenment is possible only when your karmic balance is intact and bad habits are eliminated.

Angel number 1155 is a perfect indication of the repeating high-energy numbers in 11 and 55, meaning it offers double the vibrations and offers you more cosmic balance in the world.

Of all the angel numbers, 1155 offers you guidance when you’re feeling stuck in relationships and life situations. 

If you’re forward-minded, you can get rid of situations that don’t help you reach your goals and become better at handling relationships. 

Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on a new chapter.  

The 1155 angel number signals that now is a perfect time for a major change. Have faith and become more positive. 

When you do, you’ll be much more receptive to opportunities when they present themself.


The 1155 Angel number is unique and powerful. It urges you to harness your inner strengths and abilities and become the master of your own destiny.

When an angel insists on showing you the same number over and over, it means the number carries a meaning you must discover.

Take note that number 1155 is one of the rarely shown numbers and it doesn’t appear unless you absolutely need it. 

Work on self-improvement and be grateful when you see Angel numbers. The messages they carry are crucial.

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