5 Signs Why You Are Seeing 10:10 – The Meaning of 1010

Each of us goes through our lives unaware at times of the things before our very eyes. 

We walk down the street without necessarily thinking of the street names, the house numbers, or the license plates of the cars driving past us. We go to a restaurant without paying attention to the number of lights there are or what our order number is.

However, there are times in our lives that we seem to notice these small, usually meaningless, things. There are moments when we see something seemingly ‘normal’ yet our gut feeling tells us that there is more to it, like a deeper meaning hidden from our immediate view.

In some cases, the moments that involve a feeling of a deeper meaning may happen when we notice a specific number. While this could be any number, it’s usually in the form of a number sequence, one that captures our attention repeatedly in different areas of our life.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the number 1010, what it stands for and the influences it could have. By going through various interpretations and getting a feel for what this number represents, you’ll be able to come closer to finding the meaning it has for your life.

Why Do I Keep Seeing 10:10 on the Clock?

The ancient Greeks, and others before them, believed that some number combinations were sacred or Divine, much like how early settlers in North America believed some animals carried meanings (zodiac sign). They believed that there is a heavenly significance to each number and that you could use the appearance of these numbers to find your purpose and direction in your life.

Since then, a lot has been learned and understood about the world around us, at times robbing us of the divinity hidden in every day. However, the appearance of a number in your life can still give you that undeniable feeling.

One way of interpreting what may be a numerical sign from Above is called numerology. Numerology believes that seeing a certain number happens for a reason, that it’s a sign the Universe is sending you a message.

In a numerology chart, each number carries the vibrations and influences of the Universe and/or your guardian angels. 

By using this knowledge, you’ll be able to find the meaning that a number has for your life, what it’s trying to communicate, or rather, what someone is trying to communicate through it.

If you’ve been seeing the 1010 angel number in places like a clock face, your angels may be trying to indicate a time of focusing on yourself. Seeing number 1010 specifically on a clock can emphasize how near this time may be to entering into your life.

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What is the Meaning of 1010 in Angel Numbers?

Within numerology, a phenomenon that is commonly linked to number sequences (and, in rare cases, to single numbers) is called angel numbers. Angel numbers are specifically charged with the energies of your guardian angels. 

Guardian angels use the meaning of these numerical sequences to send a message of encouragement, comfort, or advice during times of change in your life.

In numerology, we can see 10 forming angel number 1010. Therefore, the easiest way to start deciphering the meaning of 1010 in angel numbers is to look at the influences carried by the individual angel numbers in the sequence.

By understanding the meaning of each digit, you can begin to piece together the angel number 1010 meaning that your guardian angels want to communicate to you. 

Number 1

Number one often resonates with things like new beginnings and creativity. It seeks to encourage us at the start of a new journey or to remind us of the beauty in the process of creation. 

It accomplishes this by relating to things such as:

  • creativity,
  • motivation,
  • progress,
  • self-assertiveness
  • intuition, and
  • attainment.

If you see the repeating number 1 in various places, it could be your angels trying to tell you that you’re about to begin a new phase or season of your life. They might use it to encourage you towards creating something new or restoring something old. 

On top of this, number 1 can sometimes represent the unity we feel within ourselves—the unity that allows us to experience happiness or contentment.

Number 0

Number 0 carries the vibrations of the Universal Energies and is very often associated with a spiritual journey. When 0 appears twice and combines with 1, it can also represent the power of potential within each choice you make in your life. 

The number 0 embodies the point from which all journeys begin; it’s the starting place for every first step. It stands for things like:

  • flow,
  • wholeness,
  • eternity, and
  • the beginning point.

Therefore, seeing number 1010 in your life can be a message from your guardian angels and spirit guides to begin or continue developing your spiritual journey. The angels are sending this number to urge you to teach yourself the tools and techniques that will help you connect to your higher self.

What Should I Do When I See Angel Number 1010?

The combination of these two angel numbers creates a powerful number sequence, one that shouldn’t be too easily dismissed. It’s important to know that the double appearance of 1 and 0 in the angel number 1010 means that their influences are doubled, allowing them to vibrate with higher energy.

Understanding each number individually slowly begins to reveal a possible meaning of angel number 1010. It can often indicate a time of personal development and self-sufficiency, of shifting your attention inwards and striving for a breakthrough or enlightenment. 

Seeing angel number 1010 could be a sign that tour angels are encouraging you to watch your thoughts, actions, and beliefs. Doing this will help you push towards the right direction, taking you out of your comfort zone and towards fulfilling your Soul Purpose.

When you see number 10 repeated twice in your life, stay positive and let it remind you that there’s more to life than what is in front of you right now. The problems that we face in life are often exaggerated by the perspective we have of them from within. 

So, the angel number meaning of 1010 encourages you to live a life filled with harmony and focus on your self-growth or personal development; this will help you be in a better position to deal with a wide range of situations that you may encounter in your journey.

What Does the Angel Number 1010 Mean Spiritually?

When you resonate with this angel number spiritually, the meaning of 1010 takes on a more specific tone directed at something within your spiritual journey.

With the influences of angel number 1010 in your life, you are most likely in an ideal position to step out of your comfort zone and begin (or continue) creating the reality you have imagined within. You’re on the right path, and it’s time to live a life with purpose.

During this time of spiritual awakening that’s filled with potential, focus your attention and energy towards spiritual, creative pursuits that help you get in touch with your inner self. Striving for these pursuits will allow you to discover deeper and deeper parts of yourself, equipping you with the skills you need to attain your spiritual purpose.

Your angels often use angel number 1010 to encourage you to build and maintain a positive outlook on life. Focusing your attention on noticing and creating positive vibrations in the world keeps you open to these vibrations returning to you. 

What Does Angel Number 1010 Mean Biblically?

Angel number 1010 is simply number 10 repeated twice.

Hence, in the Bible, 1010 can be reduced to the number 10, which is most commonly related to the 10 commandments. These divine rules were given by God to Moses, who then distributed them to 10 different nations, to give guidance on what is needed for peace and unity within a society or within the individual.

You see, 10 is therefore associated with the Divine Order. This could be the order within the universe or the order within your own life; meaning that your angels want to help you create the order that will bring you contentment and harmony.

What Does Angel Number 1010 Mean in Love?

The meaning of 1010 in the realm of love is frequently considered as a message about your life with your partner. If you and your loved one are both seeing 1010 in various places, it’s often a sign that your relationship is in a great position to undergo changes and/or step up to the next level.

The angel number 1010 can serve as encouragement from your guardian angels that you’re on the right path in your romantic endeavors. 

As you are about to go through changes, remind yourself and your partner to focus on the positive and empowering aspects of your relationship. Doing this will help you to keep perspective during difficult periods when uncertainty and fear can cloud your view of your relationship.

The 1010 number is a reminder that no one but yourselves can bring your relationship through the tough times. Pay attention to your partner’s feelings.

Within love, the angel number 1010 still resonates with your spiritual journey, only now it might be the spiritual journey you and your partner take together. Let the appearance of this angel number in your love life remind you that a positive attitude can have a powerful effect on the path your life takes.

Is Angel Number 1010 a Twin Flame Number?

For those not familiar with the concept of twin flames, a twin flame partnership is a relationship between two people who are near-exact replicas of each other. A person who is your twin flame will seem to hold up a mirror to who you are—your personality, your beliefs, and sometimes even your thought patterns. 

A twin flame dynamic is most often highly charged emotionally and can, therefore, be quite volatile.

If you’re in your twin flame partnership and you see the 1010 angel number, your guardian angels alter the meaning of 1010 to let you know that your relationship is on the cusp of evolving into something different. Although this may be hard work, your angels use the meaning of 1010 as an encouragement to keep an open mind, prepare to step out of your comfort zone, and to embrace any changes you experience as positive.

If you’re not in a twin flame relationship yet, you may still feel yourself resonating with that space when seeing angel number 1010, meaning your guardian angels want to give you a message to help you prepare for meeting your twin flame. Angel number 1010 in this case could be a reminder of the importance of your personal spiritual journey. 

Moving forward, remember that encountering your twin flame can be an emotional, sometimes painful, experience. You want to make sure that you are prepared internally to handle whatever it can throw your way and greet it with positive energies.

What Does Number 1010 Mean for Twin Flames?

Whether you’re in your twin flame partnership or not, it’s important to remember that these dynamics are often much more turbulent than other relationships. Your twin flame will show you things about yourself that you may not want to see, and you want to make sure that you can see what it is that you need to. 

Seeing angel number 1010 is a sign from the guardian angels that you need to prepare yourself to go through the hard work necessary to attain the growth and spiritual awakening that can come from your twin flame partnership.


Things often happen for a reason, and seeing 10 10 at the most random of places is no exception.

Your guardian angels care deeply about you and want to see you achieve your Soul Purpose. To see number 1010 is to receive divine input regarding your spiritual self, meaning angel number 1010 wants to help you shift your focus internally. 

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our spiritual aspect can often take a back seat to physical and material things and to our relationships with our loved ones. The meaning of 1010, therefore, strongly resonates with the energies of your spiritual journey.

Use this time of your life to discover, create, and maintain the practices that help you remain aware of your inner self. 

The spiritual journey is far from an easy one and can at times be clouded in confusion and vagueness. Your guardian angels use numeric sequences like 1010 most often as divine encouragement, which can help clarify or motivate the next step.

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