What Does 55555 Meaning: What Does It Symbolise?

angel number 55555

Do you find yourself consistently seeing the number 5 everywhere you go? Did you check your smartphone and saw your battery at 55% at about 5:55? No doubt you think this must mean something, maybe the universe is trying to talk to you.

The good news is that you’re right! The universe sometimes speaks to us in numbers because these numbers hold the ability to carry powerful messages across space and time. Angel number 55555 is a symbolic one.

According to numerologists, numbers carry pure energy that contains an indescribable amount of unique wisdom. The wisdom carrying abilities of number codes are the reason they are perfect for delivering messages to us from the spirit realm.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Number codes are called angel numbers because of their role in delivering messages to us from the spirit realm. As you may already know, angels are celestial beings who are messengers with specific tasks on earth as determined from a higher realm.

The major task of angels is to deliver messages, and it is for this exact reason angel numbers are so important to us. To a non-sensitive person, angel numbers are mere numbers and nothing more.

To the spiritually sensitive, they are more than simple numbers. They can be a warning of an impending disaster, a message of encouragement, or a foretelling of successes to come.

The Angel Number 55555

The number 5 is an important angel code that tells of an impending change. It could be a life-changing decision you need to make, a life-changing situation about to happen, or encouragement that it is time to make that life-altering choice you have delayed for so long.

This number may appear as 5, 55, 555, 5555 or 55555. The higher the frequency, the more intense the message contained in this angel number.

The number 5 arrives as a source of illumination. It arrives to challenge you to take a closer look at your life, to see what changes to be made, should be made or may be made.

If you have been seeing the number 55555, you need to understand that the intensity of the message is at its highest, it means certain areas in your life require drastic changes. These changes are most likely going to define your future and could be the difference between pain and regrets or happiness and joy. When you see this number, do not be scared. It is for your good.

The number 55555 represents passion, progression, and multiplicity. If you take heed to the message your angel is trying to tell you, a positive change awaits you. Often, these changes are difficult to make.

You may need to sacrifice certain pleasures, say goodbye to certain people or quit a job you love. None of these choices are easy to make. You’ll need courage and strength to do the right thing irrespective of the difficulty in the decision.

The number 55555 reduces to 7 ( 5 + 5 + 5 +5 + 5 = 25, 2 + 5 = 7 ) which is the number that represents spiritual awakening, inner wisdom, intuition, and development. Through the vibrations of angel number 7 in number 55555, your angel is telling you that you have it within you to make those choices that may seem too difficult.

It also says that these choices have filtered into your thoughts before and you have flirted with the idea albeit without any true conviction.

Their message is clear, your thoughts are spot on. Trust your intuition and the power of your inner wisdom. Number 7 also assures you that you have all it takes to scale through whatever obstacles that may come with your decision and in the end, you find the doors of success opening right before you.

Many people complain about the difficulty in knowing the exact area of their lives an angel number is speaking to, but in truth, it isn’t difficult at all. All you need do is take note of whatsoever you were doing or thinking about when this number appears, it will give you a clue of the area of your life this change affects.

55555 and Your Love Life

Angel number 55555 conveys messages about specific areas in our lives and one could be our love life. When an angel number is associated with your love life, it is time to make a positive change. It could be a relationship that is holding you back, you may be engaged in a love web that has crippled your wings and deemed your shine.

According to the angel number 55555, you are aware of these limitations and you sometimes crave for some freedom. Your angel is telling you that your instincts are spot on and it is time to make that bold step. There is more to life than you currently experience.

At times, we stay with people who limit us from reaching our full potentials. Moreover, many have given up their ambitions then miss out on great opportunities to please their partners. These choices often lead to regrets and the pain of an unfulfilled life.

It’s time to break free from the shackles of those limitations and find true happiness.

Angel Number 55555 and Your Career

Angel number 55555 usually sends a message telling of the need to make a major career change. This number usually appears at a time when you need to make a big career choice. You may have been flirting with the idea of taking that new job or completely crossing over to a career that excites you but couldn’t find the courage to take necessary action. Angel number 55555 is the universe telling you to follow your intuition. It’s now or never!

Moreover, the intensity in the number frequency denotes the urgency of the message. If you do not make this change now, you may miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t be scared. Your angels know what’s best for you. Take that bold step and watch as you make significant progress and live a better life.


Angel number 55555 is a change agent that helps you make the necessary life changes. It is, even so, a sign that you’re not alone. Your angels are with you and looking to help you lead your best life. When you receive this message, be ready to align yourself accordingly. The good news is that these changes tend to make your life better.

It is, therefore, important to keep calm and walk through this process safe knowing that your life is about to change miraculously.

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