Soul Urge Number 8: Hidden Numerology Meaning

From a numerology perspective, your soul urge number is an indication of your innermost motivation for doing things.

This could mean that your deepest desires are creating the patterns of your daily life, whether positive or negative.

It’s your soul urge or heart’s desire, and unlike other numbers in numerology, the number related to it is calculated through an analysis of both your birth name and the vowels contained within it. This is done using a numerology chart, and any free numerology reading of your birth can easily show if you have soul urge number 8.

What Does Soul Urge Number 8 Mean?

Soul urge number 8 is frequently linked to finance, power, and material wealth. It is, therefore, inherent fuel for ambition, drive, and ultimately, success. 

However, this isn’t to be taken too literally if you’re wondering why you aren’t rich yet when this is indeed your soul urge number.

In fact, the number indicates more about your hidden desires and urges than it does about your current financial or material wealth.

One way of looking at this in perspective is to consider that if you aren’t yet in the position of financial security that you’ve been seeking or expecting for a while, it’s possible that your energy isn’t aligned with your purpose.

You may be out of balance in some way, especially if you spend too much time worrying about your finances.

What is the Numerology Meaning of Soul Urge Number 8?

Looking a bit more closely at the numerology secrets involved and the number 8, we may find that this number is sometimes an indicator of being out of balance in some way.

The personality number 8 is closely linked to the material things of the world and status symbols. It is, therefore, often connected to things like money and financial affairs, as well as other things like legal issues and power. 

As a result, it’s likely for people whose numerology chart reveals an 8 to be drawn towards a path of financial or even political power, or at least some means of being able to demonstrate mastery over the physical world.

What Does Soul Urge Number 8 Say About You? 

Having considered the numerology behind this soul urge number, it’s fairly logical that if you have the energy of this driving force in your charts, you’re most likely full of ambition.

Core numbers such as this suggest that you’re hardworking and willing to put in the hours to achieve the success and financial gain that you seek. In other words, this indicates that you have no issue with working late or even giving up your weekends if it means getting a little closer to your goals by making money.

This can work both ways though. While some people who have 8 for their life path number or soul urge number are hugely successful financially, others get just the opposite results.

This could be due to the fact that they’re so obsessive about their goals. This then drives them to extremes in that they don’t actually save any of the gains that they make, and are incapable of seeing the bigger picture. 

They may be overly authoritative and unable to accept the best advice that they receive, especially in terms of money.

If you’re having any problems with money right now, you may need to investigate your inner drive in relation to issues of control and power, and see how it may be causing you to be out of sync.

How Does Soul Urge Number 8 Approach Love and Relationships?

If you have a number 8 soul urge, you’re very likely the type that has the ability to attract other people into your life whether they be friends or love affairs.

Of course, because of your drive and dedication to aspects of your career, you’ll need to be aware that balance is required as far as any relationship goes, particularly one with a romantic partner.

Hence, it would be beneficial if you choose a partner who can understand, or even hold ideas with a similar expression or meaning to yours.

Your ambitions may also tend to make you come across as a person who is emotionally shallow, or perhaps a little distant when it comes to matters of love. 

Again, the key here is to achieve and maintain the right levels of balance and harmony between your professional and personal life, and keeping career and family or relationship affairs separate to some degree.

What are the Best Careers for Soul Urge Number 8?

If you have this soul urge number, then undoubtedly, with your determination, you’re the right material to accomplish a career in both the corporate and legal fields.

That doesn’t mean that all will be plain sailing for everyone with this number though, as the 8, being representative of wealth and power, is also likely to encounter authority figures who may present difficult relationships.

These fields of business don’t always have the kind of people in authority that are exactly the easiest to deal with, but it’s necessary to consider that this is one way of learning life’s lessons and getting closer to achieving your destiny.

Perhaps your life path is guiding you towards your own leadership role, and encountering difficult people is good preparation for this—if you have the courage to embrace it.

Integrity in any position will be crucial for anyone with the soul urge number 8, as this particular number has a habit of being demanding. Ultimately, you’re always going to be in a position where you need to consider the kind of example you’re setting for others.

How Does Soul Urge Number 8 Relate to Life Purpose? 

There are different ways to look at this.

However, one angle is that someone with this soul urge number has incurred some kind of unresolved karma from a previous life that needs to be addressed in this one.

This could come from having been too driven by ambition, and possibly abusing a position of power in a way that was harmful or distressing to others while seeking your own freedom.

The 8th card of the Tarot which relates to this number points to justice and balance, using the symbolism of a sword and scales.

Anyone with this life path number or soul urge number may need to consider the fact that incessant striving for material gain and money against its various obstacles puts some stress on the secret spiritual aspects of life, and often neglects them and the soul altogether.

What to Do if You Have Soul Urge Number 8?

Well, the scales only work properly when they’re evenly balanced.

So, you might take this powerful symbolism and consider ways as to how you can redress any potential imbalance in your life. If the scales have tipped too much in one direction, then this could easily be when any problems that you’re experiencing lie.

Maybe you can look more into the spiritual aspects of your life. Take some time out from society to reconnect with your inner self and deeper, intuitive nature. 

Reconsider your highest goals and how they relate to all aspects of your life.

Perhaps you can get out in nature or do some meditation, and just try to put the material grasping aside with confidence, at least for long enough to allow you to refocus. Think a bit more about how exactly you feature in the lives of those around you.

The Bottom Line

Your personal power is represented by your soul urge towards your big dreams in life and how they relate to your life’s purpose as well as the lives of others.

Material success in the world is one thing, but it can sometimes lead to self-destructive actions. A strong desire for money and material comforts can hinder you from finding contentment in life.

Make sure that your hard work and busy lifestyle are harnessing the right energy of your secret soul number, the meaning of which is deeply connected to your birth and your soul mission.