Soul Urge Number 33: Lend a Helping Hand

The soul urge number is derived from the letters of your full birth name. It is also known as the heart’s desire number and is one of the most important numbers in numerology. 

You have to know how to calculate your soul urge number. Not all letters of your name can be used to form the soul number, as only vowels and in some cases the ‘y’ sound are considered.

Vowels are used because they are formed by the unrestricted flow of breath, and so you can say they are formed of air and spirit. 

What then does soul urge number 33 mean?

The soul urge number reveals the deeper “you”. It uncovers and allows you to understand the part of you that is not shown to the world. 

Understanding your number lets you know what you truly crave and shows you your innermost desires and passions. Your soul urge number shows your fears and what truly motivates you deep inside. 

Simply put, your soul urge number tells you the force behind your coming into existence and what you are meant to experience. Understanding your soul urge can help you attain inner peace as you now truly understand what your soul wants.

Meaning of Soul Urge Number 33

Soul urge number 33 is linked to oneness, strength, and the need to do things to perfection. It brings the need to love and show empathy to others. 

Those who are in resonance with this number perfectly understand the beauty that comes with being at peace and harmony with those around them. That is why they strive to make peace and do things for others selflessly. 

They are set aside by some qualities they possess, such as unselfishness, compassion, and warmth in their relationship with others. They have set principles that they follow no matter the circumstances, as long as it makes the life of another person better.

Those who carry the vibrations of heart’s desire number 33 do everything with the benefit of others at the back of their minds. The number comes with so much love that it enables you to heal the sad and broken-hearted with the love that flows from you. 

All that someone with soul urge number 33 wants is to bring happiness to everyone. Their imaginations are very well developed, helping them find solutions to every problem, big or small. 

Heart’s desire number 33 gives off a kind of energy that makes people trust you a lot and support your ideas which are often aimed to protect human values.

Heart’s desire number 33 also means that you have an endearing personality that makes you very sociable and emotional. You are sensitive and that is what always moves you to offer help to whoever is in need of it. 

You are always ready to sacrifice your comfort and luxury if it means putting a smile on the face of another person. Soul urge number 33 tells you that despite your selfless service and help, not everyone will show gratitude but you should keep up the good work anyway.

Soul Urge Number 33 and Your Personality

Good Listener

If you have 33 as your soul urge number, then you have a large heart, even if you do not know it yet. People are drawn to you because you are an excellent listener and a very understanding individual. 

You are smart and a good adviser. People tell you all their problems because they can trust you and always feel better after talking to you. 

You give off so much good energy and have a way of healing those you come in contact with through the love you give. 

You must have noticed that you are always interested in people’s problems. It is not a bad thing but just the way you are. 

That is because you feel you are responsible for the wellbeing of those around you. You often forget about yourself because you are mostly focused on others and you exhaust yourself trying to do good. 

One thing you have to learn though is to draw the line between people’s public and private affairs.


Soul urge number 33 makes you have a lot of interests, but they seem to dwell mostly in the world of art. You love to collect things and strive to always leave a good impression when you meet people. 

You feel everything happens for a reason, and not randomly as some others believe. You are energetic and have a very attractive personality that doesn’t fail to captivate the hearts of those you meet.


Your obsession deep down is to make the world a better place and you take it upon yourself to do as much as you can. All you want is peace and harmony between people and you sometimes do things to this end that you don’t even understand. 


You pursue your dreams and worry less about your problems. You aim for perfection and end up making many sacrifices which are unwise in some cases. 

You have big dreams and have the drive but those attributes alone won’t take you far. To achieve your dreams, you have to make logical decisions and put your energy into good use.

Selfless Soul

All you think about is how to make those you love happy and comfortable. You go the extra mile to protect them from the pain and hardship in this world even if it costs you a lot. 

You have to understand that even though you have a good understanding of the human soul and sense people’s feelings greatly, you have your own life also. 

A Note For Carriers of Soul Urge Number 33

To those who have the double number 3, you have to remember that you cannot change the world alone and the weight of the world doesn’t rest on your head. Devote your time and energy to your spiritual growth because it will make you a better person. 

Trust that others can take care of themselves and be cool. You do not need to prove your worth to anybody. 

Allow others to live their lives their own way. You can help them grow and heal their hurting souls with the love you radiate but always know when to stop. 

You only live once, and you also have a life.