Soul Urge Number 3: Hidden Numerology Meaning

Numerology studies firmly believe that the circumstances of your birth (birth date, time, birth name) are all chosen by your soul to reveal your life path further down the line, and there are five core numbers that your soul chooses when you’re born—the life path number, birthday number, expression number, personality number, and soul urge number. 

In todayʼs text, we’ll look at soul urge numbers.

Derived from the addition and reduction of the vowels and vowel sounds in your full name, your soul urge number is a single digit that primarily helps you discover your soul mission and ultimate purpose in life.

Additionally, they provide deep insight into your powerful, spiritual, and eternal motivating forces—forces that give you the impetus to learn more about yourself, your own emotional life, your internal struggles, and your heartʼs innermost desires.

Here, we’ll talk about soul urge number 3. Excited to learn what it means for you to have soul urge number 3?

Keep reading and join us as we dig deep into soul urge number 3’s meaning. Some of the numerology secrets will blow your mind!

What Does Soul Urge Number 3 Mean?

Those born with soul number 3 are blessed with an abundance of talent and creativity. They’re most likely to channel their artistic abilities through art practices such as writing, acting, poetry, and singing.

It also wouldnʼt be far-fetched to call soul number 3s natural-born entertainers as they’re almost always the life of a party. With 3 as their soul urge number, these people often stand center stage to showcase their creative talents.

Of course, not all 3s are brave enough to answer their true calling; some struggle, as standing in front of people doesn’t always feel natural. However, if they do manage to overcome challenges and embrace the master number-like energy of soul urge number 3, they’ll be able to achieve phenomenal success.

Number 3s should also keep in mind not to go overboard with their creative expressions. They need to strike a balance in all aspects of their lives because failure to do so can be detrimental to their well-being and ruin their relationships with loved ones. 

Surrounded by numerous ideas at any given time, number 3s should also learn to keep  their eyes on the prize. If they aren’t careful, they’ll become negligent, making procrastination and scattered focus their worst enemies.

What is the Numerology Meaning of Soul Urge Number 3?

People with numerology soul urge number 3 tend to value creativity and authentic sense of self-expression over everything else. As a result, they have an underlying and pressing need to hone and manifest their creative nature and talents everywhere they go, whether it be among friends, colleagues, or even other people in the community.

Everyone near and around 3s will be well aware of their driving need to be creative, and some would, in the same way, strive to become as creative as them, too.

An achiever, creator, excellent learner, and bringer of joy, the extroverted number 3 is blessed with a plethora of talents that are widely sought-after in the world, especially by huge multi-billion dollar corporations.

The truth is—as long as number 3s are offered the freedom to speak their mind, express their thoughts, and use their talents creatively, they’ll succeed in any sector or department.

What Does Soul Urge Number 3 Say About You? 

As a soul urge number 3, you’re arguably one of the most artistic and creative people in your social circle. It’s almost as if you’ve had artistic expression since birth. 

Plus, the fact that learning comes easy to you plays to your advantage and adds to your ability.

However, there’s a downside to being as creative as you are. You tend to find menial work extremely monotonous and unnecessary, and as a result, you donʼt put a lot of thought into having financial security.

As long as you get the chance to follow your bliss, you couldnʼt care less about economic stability. Though this is admirable, it isnʼt the most practical way of going about things.

Another thing about number 3s that we can be certain of is their gregarious nature, which makes them the life of the party. As a number 3, you radiate joy and pleasure, and you draw attention everywhere you go. 

A number 3’s personality may also include enthusiasm, with even potential fame and possible eccentricity, but they’re also prone to feeling unwanted at times.

How Does Soul Urge Number 3 Approach Love and Relationship?

Number 3s work best with friends, loved ones, and family members who share their creative vision. They particularly enjoy the company of those who are carefree, spontaneous, and fun.

Additionally, they usually look for life partners who can stimulate them both mentally and physically, but unfortunately, their insatiable thirst for excitement can work against them in the future, especially when they desire a stable, long-term relationship. After all, many struggle to match their wildness and passionate nature.

Throughout their life, a number 3 can get romantically linked with a variety of people, with whom they can share different relationship dynamics. Through these varied experiences with emotional ups and downs, they can experience personal growth and truly identify what they’re looking for in a partner.

According to the numerology chart, a number 3 can enjoy their best life with 6s, 7s, and 9s. The chart also denotes that 3s should avoid relationships with fellow 3s and number 5s at all costs.

However, bear in mind—any free numerology reading chart should only be consumed as a point of reference, not as a strict rule you must adhere to all the time. In other words, donʼt let anyone or anything stand in the way of your heart’s desire.

What are the Best Career Paths for Soul Urge Number 3?

Though number 3s are often encouraged to take center stage, not all of them find the spotlight naturally. However, if they manage to overcome their uneasy feelings, clear self-doubt, make sure not to over think, and answer their true soul’s calling, they’ll thrive substantially.

For that matter, careers involving performing and public speaking could be a good option for 3s, but if they still find it tough to be out there among a crowd of people, they should, perhaps, look for a more intimate setting to express themselves better. One-to-one settings or solitary work such as painting and writing could work for them too.

Number 3s could also excel at leadership roles because of their friendly nature and exemplary social skills, and since 3s have a decent business acumen as well, they can start their own business. However, they should be careful not to let their creativity get in the way of crucial financial decisions. 

The Bottom Line

Soul urge number 3s are often seen smiling ear to ear, and why wouldnʼt they smile? After all, they’re blessed with so many talents, positive energy, and creativity, along with the amazing sense to manifest all their dreams into reality.

However, these highly capable people donʼt do well working under someone. Hence, it’s in their best interest to choose a career that gives them the chance to be as creative as their soul’s urge desires.

Here’s a short piece of advice for number 3s—for a bit of brain relaxation, they should partake in spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation. After all, if there’s anyone who can feel life so intensely that it’s emotionally overwhelming, it’s a number 3 person, so they need all the help they can get.