Soul Urge Number 22: Explore Your Potential

Have you been seeing the number 22 everywhere lately? Were you born on the 22nd day of a month? 

Are you worried that there could be a meaning attached to it that you haven’t unlocked yet? Well, your worries end here for we will look at the meaning of this number. 

Number 22 is a soul urge number. It is a unique number revealing your innermost self. 

As a soul urge number, 22 allows you to explore your true potential in ways you could have never thought. Learning about these meanings will help you get clues about your purpose in life. 

Before we get to the meaning of soul urge number 22, you need to ensure first that you have the correct numerology calculations that sum up to number 22. You may derive it from the sum of your birthday, year, and month, or get it from the letters of your name.

It could also be when something important happened in your life on the 22nd day of any month. 

Once you are sure about this number, then we can proceed to look at the associated meanings and how you can unlock your inner potential.

Soul Urge 22: The Master Builder 

Number 22 is one of the few master numbers in numerology. As a master number, it carries a big weight with it, which means that when you have this number you have inherent responsibilities that will drive you to achieve your life purpose. 

Soul urge 22 is referred to as the master builder because individuals with this number are known to be creators. Unlike managers, creators set the pace by doing impossible things that only a few could do. 

There are three main areas that a person with this number explores:

  1. The essence of craftsmanship: This means that you can use your own hands to create things from scratch. In other words, you are an innovator who can come up with a new idea and bring it to life
  2. Creative vision: You can see ahead and offer a solution using your creative mind
  3. Material creation: You can create wealth using your ingeniousness.

As a master builder, you should be aware of your capability to turn a vision into material form. If you have been having a vision about something, it is now time for you to start thinking of creative ways of actualizing it.

What does number 22 mean?

There are many meanings that you can take from this number. If it is your lucky number or it has been particularly visible to you, then you need to explore the following meanings:

You have big plans 

You are not an average person if this is your number, and your life purpose is to achieve greatness in life. The plans that you have are big and have an impact on the life of other people as well. 

Therefore, do not limit your dreams for you are the kind of person who is set to achieve big things in life. 

You are not satisfied with most things 

One thing that comes out clearly from the character of people with soul urge number 22 is that there is less satisfaction in projects done. Everything that happens around you never seems to satisfy you. 

Once you achieve something, you tend to think of something better instead of celebrating the achievement. There are two ways to look at this; one, it helps you focus on greater things ahead, and two, it makes you unnecessarily unhappy even when you have made great achievements in life. 

In social science, this could lead to reduced happiness if you don’t take care. Therefore, you are advised to celebrate all your achievements even if you are planning to start something new after your success. 

You are mindful of your legacy 

Legacy forms an important part in the understanding of the meaning of soul urge 22. A person with this number tends to be very mindful of what will be remembered of them after they are gone. 

This is why all the projects that they start seem to be a solution to large-scale problems. Someone with soul urge number 22 will not stop at anything to build a legacy. That said, you should start working on something that you think will make you be remembered after you are gone. 

Link the abstract world to the physical reality 

Thanks to the soul urge 22, the world now has things that were previously thought of as impossible e.g. airplanes, mobile phones, the internet, etc. While others are looking at a concept as an abstract one that cannot be achieved, a number 22 looks at it differently with the eyes of possibility. 

They don’t just see the possibility though; they also work to bring these possibilities into actual things that benefit the world.

The use of individual talent is key to realizing these solutions. Therefore, you should focus on your inherent talents and use them to bring phenomenal changes to the world. 

Career options for number 22

The messages from soul urge number 22 suggest a few good career options:

  • Architect: This is one of the most exciting careers for this number as it gives the person an open world of possibilities to create new things, which is in line with the number’s core value as the master builder 
  • Artist: This career path allows the person to use their talent to bring new ideas that can be conceptualized into reality
  • Diplomat: This is a career path that appeals to the number 22’s urge to leave something that will live after they are gone. For example, one might want to be the figure that will be remembered for ending a major war between some countries.


Soul urge number 22 is indeed a master builder number that allows you to know who you truly are. With this knowledge, you can comfortably explore your full potential and help bring new physical realities into the world through creativity and invention.