Soul Urge Number 11: Secret Numerology Meaning

In line with other numbers like your life path number and core numbers, the soul urge number is a powerful indicator of the inner workings of your mind and soul.

Getting to the heart of your soul urge number, which is determined via a numerology chart, can provide real insights on a deeper level and help you to discover your life’s true purpose.

Unlike life path numbers that depend on the date a person was born, the soul urge number is derived from their full name. A numerology chart shows the specific values of the vowel sounds contained in your full birth name, including your middle name, and by adding the values and reducing them, you can arrive at your soul urge number.

If it turns out that you were born with a soul number that also happens to be a master number, it’s a prominent sign in numerology that you’re bound to have an eventful existence, to say the least. As far as any spiritual journey towards one’s destiny goes, yours is filled with surprises and challenges, driven by your powerful heart’s desire.

What Does Soul Urge Number 11 Mean?

The soul urge number 11 has a wide variety of meanings as it’s also a prominent master number.

The master number 11 is somewhat unique in that it cannot be scaled down, unlike many multi-digit numbers which are usually reduced to a single digit by being added together. This gives the number 11 a powerful universal vibration that makes it highly spiritual.

This is an example of a highly elevated soul urge number vibrating with positive energy and spirituality, connected to your birth name. It, therefore, serves as an indication that anything you experience in your life isn’t so much personal as it is universal and spiritual.

What is the Numerology Meaning of Soul Urge Master Number 11?

The soul urge master number 11 carries the essence of the very positive numbers 1 and 2.

Number 1 is the single digit in this master number which represents the starting point for positive manifestations, and 2 is the total of the 2 digits in this soul urge number added together. The number 2 is all about communication and connection with others, so the number 11 is a powerful sign in the esoteric sciences and spirituality in general.

Master numbers are all highly charged and have their own energy signature in numerology that is more powerful and universal than most numbers from 0 to 9.

If you have the number 11 as your soul urge number, you may even find master numbers in other areas of your numerology chart. You will, therefore, benefit from the positive vibrational energy in a number that has no negative readings when it comes to soul urge numerology. 

What Does Soul Urge Number 11 Say About You? 

If you carry the soul urge number 11, then it’s highly likely that you’re focused on other people more than on yourself. This is a positive thing and indicates that relationships with partners, family, and friends mean a lot to you.

You have a strong feeling that there’s something you need to achieve in this life with a particular purpose. 

Therefore, you’re inclined to be helpful, and maybe have spiritual ideas in a kind of extroverted way, which mirrors the energy inherent in the number 11.

You have a keen sense of responsibility and a sharp mind. At the same time, you’re highly intuitive and creative, and you view yourself as a kind of spiritual messenger with the ability to bring insights and changes to the world through loving relationships.

Anyone with this particular soul urge number is also likely to lean towards the occult in trying to navigate their spiritual quest, perhaps intending to alleviate any nervous tension that arises from doing so.

How Does Soul Urge Number 11 Approach Love and Relationships?

Anyone with the soul urge number 11 has a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to a relationship, and can make for a highly devoted partner.

Many of the bearers of this number tend to crave companionship. Hence, once in a relationship, they’re likely to remain committed to maintaining harmony and a peaceful environment as much as possible.

If your romantic partner has this master number in their chart, you’ll benefit from their ability to instill a deep bond and meaning into any relationship in their lives. They’re also likely to be the one in the relationship who is inclined towards seeking resolution if any kind of conflict shows up.

A soul urge number 11 will be devoted to any partner or family, but they need to be aware that they shouldn’t be relying too heavily on a partner to help them achieve peace in their own life.

What are the Best Careers for Soul Urge Number 11?

It’s important to find a career that channels your inner desire if you want to truly be involved in matters beyond your own life.  

Now, this number is a strong indicator of morality and a true sense of what is right and wrong in terms of criminal justice.

So, some kind of mediator or peacemaker role would definitely be suitable for some bearers of this expression number, wherein spiritual energy aspects cannot be overlooked.

With a strong sense of intuition as far as destiny is concerned, and a strong spiritual energy aligned to helping others, anyone with a link to master number 11 would be equally suited to pursue a healing practice or a career steeped in helping others. 

As these people desire to devote themselves to other people’s needs, their keen sixth sense makes them able to determine the feelings of others quite well. 

Take note though that one aspect common among bearers of this soul urge number is that they’re highly creative, which sometimes manifests in them being either a problem child or a troubled parent in some way. 

So, in order to avoid the possibility of any negativity from your energy turning in on itself and resulting in some form of vicious cycle, great care has to be taken when considering how best to put this energy to use in the world.

Your inner desire to contribute in some way towards making the world a better place to live makes you an ideal candidate for social or charity work of some form. 

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, by making efforts to become more aligned with your soul urge number, you can get deep insights to your true life purpose and have a better chance of staying on track.

This is especially true when your soul number contains master numbers, and the significance of this shouldn’t go unheeded.

It may be that with such powerful energy, you unknowingly and completely throw yourself off track sometimes, which is why some kind of grounding is likely to be beneficial to a soul such as yourself. 

Focusing on your natural strengths and aligning with your true life purpose will allow you now to do what you came here to do—and with the powerful soul urge number 11 fueling you, success isn’t as far as you imagined it to be.