Soul Urge Number 1: Secret Numerology Meaning

A soul urge number is one of the five core numbers, the other four being the life path number, birthday number, expression number, and personality number, which all make up a person’s numerology chart. Soul urge numbers are derived from the vowels of a person’s name and are deciphered mainly to help people discover and comprehend their life purposes and the shadow aspects within them.

Also known as heart’s desire numbers and soul core numbers, they help you become more attuned to your internal value system, and as such, they lead you to facilitate true self-discovery. Additionally, soul urge numbers show the main motivation behind everything you do.

Now that you’re aware of the significance of these numbers, let’s talk about what it means for you to have life path soul urge number 1, as a result of the vowel sounds in your birth name (including first names, middle names, and last names). 

What Does Soul Urge Number 1 Mean?

The energy of soul urge number 1 infuses one with leadership traits, independence, and originality, so, a 1 is certainly not a follower. Additionally, a person with soul urge number 1 is bound to be a perfectionist of sorts as they have an indomitable will to be first at everything and be successful everywhere they go.

A number 1, who’s in alignment with their soul urge number, sometimes also displays controlling behavior because of their compelling personality, strong drive, and ambitious nature.

However, when a person’s chock full of the aforementioned traits, they’re also bound to face obstacles along the way. After all, a 1’s controlling behavior and driven nature are generally not looked upon favorably by other people, and someone who not only expects perfection out of themself but also out of other people, cannot be deemed the ideal colleague, companion, or true leader.

Also, when soul urge number 1s do face failures, they tend to be too hard on themselves. In extreme cases, it may even lead to them developing an inferiority complex. 

What is the Numerology Meaning of Soul Urge Number 1?

People born with the soul urge number 1 in numerology are blessed with clarity of thought and purpose. As a result, they can be somewhat bull-headed with their own ideas.

It would take a monumental effort to get them even remotely close to changing their opinions or behaviors. However, they rarely need to change their viewpoints, as they often have a clear understanding of how life works. 

Soul number 1 also resonates with creativity. As a result, people with soul urge number 1 are often blessed with superhuman creative prowess.

Creativity is often the driving force behind stellar performances. For a number 1 to tap into their large reserve of creative powers, they must partake in creative activities—think painting, playing a musical instrument, or even divination.

A number 1 can also do themself a big favor by being one with nature. At the same time, life spiritual practices such as yoga and regular meditation can also lead to a better life in general. 

All in all, soul number 1’s numerology meaning mainly revolves around yearning to be independent and successful. 

What Does Soul Urge Number 1 Say About You? 

As stated earlier, these numbers often facilitate true self-discovery, and they help a person become more aware of their strengths and flaws.

As far as personality’s concerned, number 1 states that you’re a natural leader because of your independence, originality, and compelling personality. You’re an authoritative figure capable of commanding attention and respect everywhere you go, and it just comes naturally to you because of your strong, charismatic personality.

Additionally, you also have a sensitive side to you that makes you thoughtful and responsible.

Since you boast of all the powerful personality traits that can be found in a successful person, you have a high chance of achieving success. This number demands that you manifest all your dreams into reality with a positive mindset.

However, with respect, I must mention that there are drawbacks to having such a strong personality. You can be rigid at times and unwilling to budge with your opinions and beliefs.

In other words, you would often follow a “my way or the highway” type of belief to get everything they desire. But don’t take matters too seriously all the time; as long as you lighten up every once in a while, you’re good to go.

How Does Soul Urge Number 1 Approach Love and Relationships?

Number 1s love being in control of things, and as a result, they desire taking control of their intimate relationships. They won’t be able to settle into a relationship properly if they sense resistance and aren’t allowed to reign supreme.

Additionally, number 1s also have a tough time grasping the different views, ideas, and beliefs of their partners, so they don’t fully understand the big picture. Now, although it may seem that number 1s are impossible to deal with, they do have their pluses as well.

For example, despite being perfectionists, they’re quite tolerant of other people’s mistakes, so as a result, they aren’t too harsh on their partners even if they fail to live up to their high standards. Instead, they’re fiercely supportive and loyal—traits that make them quite suitable.

Plus, though they’re driven beyond belief, they prefer sharing their blessings with their partners.

Number 1s are also well-aware whenever they don’t give their partners enough time and attention, so to compensate for that, they usually work hard to shower their loved ones with lavish gifts.

However, they should bear in mind that material gifts alone won’t suffice for the emotional and physical affection their partners need. They should be careful to remember that they wouldn’t have ventured far without the love, patience, and support of their partners, so they need to reciprocate that love and shower their partners with it as well.

Typically speaking, number 1s should look for supportive partners who fully understand their big ambitions. Their partners should be submissive with their roles and content with taking a back seat in the relationship.

When it comes to compatibility, the numerology chart states that number 1s will thrive from the support, compassion, and empathy of numbers 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, and 9. 

Unfortunately, 1s will be at loggerheads with the like-minded, ambitious 4s and 8s, with neither party willing to compromise, and number 5s aren’t good at taking orders either. 

What are the Best Careers for Soul Urge Number 1?

I’ve mentioned countless times before that a number 1 is a perfectionist and a natural leader, and as a result, you’ll discover that they’re almost always at the top of the ranks. A number 1 will most likely be an expert at their craft—the lone wolf you’d call to kill the boogeyman.

Additionally, number 1s are creative beyond belief, which makes them suitable for any task. Of course, there are 1s who might be meek and unwilling to take leading roles in their lives, but those 1s are simply people who haven’t been able to tap into their untapped potential yet, and they should realize that they’re just as capable as the 1s with outstanding leadership qualities.

As a result of their leadership qualities, inner wisdom, creative prowess, personal independence, firm authority, quick efficiency, strong determination, and great ability to make correct split second decisions, number 1s usually excel at entrepreneurship. They’re very capable of creating a successful business from the ground up.

After all, they can go to great lengths to see through their plans and meet their objectives. In hindsight, any career choice related to creating or owning a business plays to the strengths of the natural born leader that’s a number 1.

The Bottom Line

Compared to other soul urge numbers, number 1s are blessed with an abundance of extraordinary qualities and creative talents, but they should be careful of the powers they have, as their abilities and personality traits can work against them, leading them to feel superior, overconfident, entitled, reckless, and even overcritical at times. 

However, as long as they keep their feet on the ground and don’t take failures too personally, they’ll be able to live life to the fullest and thrive under any circumstances.