Life Path Number 1: Leaders and Achievers

In life, there are certain numbers that can show us things about our personality. By constructing a numerology chart, numerology can tell us more about ourselves by looking at different numbers and the vibrations that come with them.

A numerology chart includes numbers that are calculated based on our name and date of birth. One of these numbers is the life path number.

The life path number refers to a key that will give you a better understanding of your life’s purpose. It will help you understand the innate tendencies and the talents you have as well as the obstacles you will face while you keep mastering life’s many lessons.

It is one that shows your life’s primary missions, outlines the things you are good at, and the person you are evolving into. It is important to understand that despite the many gifts and many talents we possess, we are meant to experience a number of obstacles when it comes to using them to better ourselves.

Today, we discuss life path number 1 and what it’s all about. Continue reading to learn more about this life path number.

What is life path number 1?

A life path number 1 in numerology is a person who probably gives new meaning to workaholics and people with personality type A. They are those with an inner zeal that pushes them towards the forefront and makes them climb constantly towards goals that may seem unreachable to others.

According to numerology, people with a life path number 1 can do remarkable things in life for as long as they keep in mind that they are part of a bigger picture. They are usually very critical of themselves and could sometimes end up projecting this to others.

They are never lazy but may impose their way too much on people at times. They are very innovative and can bring others together to start a project from scratch.

Should a problem arise, they are great at finding pragmatic solutions. Once they do so, they let others handle it and are quick to start looking for new challenges.

What life path number is compatible with 1?

In numerology, certain numbers in a numerology chart are compatible with specific life numbers. If you have life path number 1, then life path numbers 5, 3, and 6 will be the most compatible with you.

The 1 life path can sometimes be quite opinionated and bossy while the others, 3 and 5, have a great way of putting up with this kind of strong character according to numerology. They have the traits needed to deal with the path 1 individual.

It’s quite normal for the 1 life path to be serious and stressed sometimes while they try to be in charge of every situation. However, life path number 3 is a compatibility number because of their happy-go-lucky personality and character.

Number 3 can, therefore, make the air or situation a bit lighter. They have a great way of balancing things out.

Number 5 is quite similar, often making things easier for the 1 life path. They can also bring with them some dynamic energy that is very beneficial to the relationship.

Life path number 6 can also make a great match because of the very harmonious character they have according to numerology. Number 6 is very caring, loving, and often gets along with others.

What is the meaning of life path 1 in numerology?

In numerology, it is believed that people can understand the world around them by keenly observing the numerical patterns that appear in their day-to-day lives. Through a simple equation, you can find out your life path number.

Life path numbers reveal your true self, the values within you, and the challenges you are likely to face. To calculate these life path numbers, just take your date of birth then reduce it until it’s down to its single numerical value.

Take for example a person born on the 5th of July in 1989. To find their life path number, take the values of the year, month, and day separately.

July is the seventh month of the year so for it, use number seven. Add the single digits of the year of birth (1+9+8+9) and you get 27.

You then need to add the two resulting digits (2+7) to get 9. So 9+7+5 gives 22, wherein 5 is the day of birth.

22 is still a double-digit number that could be reduced to 4 through addition. 4 is, therefore, that person’s life path number.

The 1 Life Path emphasizes just how important it is to believe in yourself and be independent. It represents the desire to live life in your own terms and the people who are able to stand strong on their own two feet.

It symbolizes a strong desire to go for what you want. So, if this is your life path, you should stop acting as if your happiness and success depend on others.

Number 1 signifies progress in one’s life which means you need to take one step at a time in order to gradually reach your higher goals. Remember that every single step you take is a goal and it’s therefore essential that you know exactly what you want and how to get it.

It’s the only way to achieve even those goals that seem too high and get recognition for it.

Number one is seen as the number of self-centered people or even insensitive ones sometimes. It represents one SELF and because of that, some might not like your strong drive to succeed.

Others might be envious and wish they had a similar kind of drive in life. Understand that the kind of self-centeredness represented by path number 1 is inevitable, simply because this self is what you are on earth to learn more about.

You should, therefore, develop a sense of appreciation for who you are and accept all the opposition that will be aimed towards you. That’s how you reach a state of self-awareness.

Once you’re in a state of awareness and acceptance of yourself, you will be ready to take on the leadership role that was meant for you and at this point, you will not face as much opposition.

When your path number is 1, you will get the physical and mental energy needed to remain busy and active and live in your own truth instead of by following people’s opinions.

Constantly seeking people’s approval will stand in the way of your happiness. If you proceed without aiming to please people, you will gain the admiration of those who are around you.

What is the numerology personality of path 1?

According to numerology, those with life path 1 are original, leaders, pioneers, dominant, individualistic, and are considered master creators. They also represent the Beginning.

In numerology and all other aspects of life, one is the figure that gives birth to the other numbers. Just that already gives the number 1 life path a well-earned sense of importance.

Generally speaking, it’s best never to get in the way of path number 1 because they are very likely to run you over. People with this path number 1 are proud and always keep their head held high.

However, 1 is also a symbol of unity. In numerology, it is also the only figure or digit that’s neither female nor male.

What’s life path 1 like in business or career?

When it comes to their careers or businesses, life path number 1 people work best when left alone. When they are allowed to be this secluded, they freely work in their own way and can maintain a great level of alertness.

They are also known to thrive most in careers related to crafts and construction. They understand that if they work hard enough, they will be able to achieve their goals.

The downside to this, however, is the fact that this could make them strain. They could end up experiencing a lot of tension and will often feel worried, something that could affect their bodies and overall health.

It is therefore very advisable for these people to follow a carefully crafted schedule, to exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, and do everything possible to stay both physically and mentally healthy.

They are in fact also advised to pick up different sports that they like in order to remain both fit and sane.

What’s life path number 1 like in romance and love?

When it comes to love, the 1 life path likes to be in charge of everything. They like to be the decision-makers in the relationship.

This could actually be a problem if they get into a relationship with someone else with the same life path number or generally somebody who greatly values their independence.

Most of the time when people in relationships struggle, it’s usually because they can’t seem to compromise. It’s often the result of conflicting desires between them and their partners and in this case, they both find it difficult to meet each other in the middle.

Is life path 1 good?

Generally speaking, despite the many challenges that come with having life path number 1 whether from a numerology perspective or other, it is a great number.

These people can easily come to a full understanding of who they are and their natural personality. They discover their traits and personality and find the best ways to use them in the achievement of their goals.


If numerology is anything to go by, you should generally be happy if you indeed have this life path.

You should, however, work hard towards finding ways to handle the strong personality that comes with it. Once you’ve mastered that, you should be ok.