7 Secrets of Number 7 in the Bible

A lot of us tend to assume that numerology readings are religiously followed and widely known only these days, but numbers were held in high regard even during biblical times. Even to this day, biblical numerology is still a topic in many questions ministries ask and reflect upon.

Though not all numbers in the Bible have deep significance, there are some frequently used ones, which are known to be more significant than the others. One of these important numbers is the number 7.

With number 7 mentioned at least 88 times in the New Testament (including over 56 instances in the book of Revelation alone) and around 380 times in the old one, it’s hard to overlook its spiritual, biblical significance.

In todayʼs text as we break bread, weʼll attempt to decipher the true significance of number 7 in the Bible. With a deeper comprehension of this number, youʼll be able to reflect on the symbolic deeper meaning of the verses where number seven is mentioned in the Holy Scripture—in the way God’s word, God’s judgment, and God commands were meant to be understood.

What Does the Number 7 Mean in the Bible?

The number 7, in the Scripture, represents completeness—physical and divine perfection. 

After all, the book of Genesis (Genesis 1; 2:1-2) states that God completed His perfect creation, the world, on the sixth day and rested on the seventh day. With God’s creation complete on the seventh day, the seventh day was thus, made holy.

As a result, we often emulate His cycle of work and rest, toiling hard for six days and then taking a breather, completing the seven-day week, just as God rested on the seventh day. This day then became a holy day known as the Sabbath (Exodus 20:9-11).

Digit seven also relays the message that we must always be grateful for God’s judgment and offerings, and we should repay him with our loyal duties and services. Additionally, as a servant of God, one must make sure not to have an unclean spirit.

Digit seven in the Holy Scripture also resonates with healing and exoneration, as the book of Deuteronomy (Deuteronomy 15:1-2, 12) says that on every seventh year, the Israelites are to cancel all debts they made and free their slaves. Another case is made when Jesus replies to Peter that we must forgive each other not just seven times, but “seventy times seven” times (Matthew 18:21-22).

The Prophet Elisha also directed Naaman to bathe in the Jordan river seven times to be healed (2 Kings 5:10), further connecting the digit 7 to healing. 

And, lest we forget this revelation—throughout the four gospels, Jesus performed seven miracles on God’s holy Sabbath Day, one of which was healing a man born blind. Jesus healed a disabled man as well.

Where Does the Number 7 Appear in the Bible?

The digit seven, as I mentioned earlier, appears numerous times in the Scripture. For example, the priest in Leviticus 16:14 sprinkled bull blood seven times upon the mercy seat, thereby marking the Holy Day of Atonement.

In addition, the number seven has been used to symbolize deliverance, as there were seven years of plenty and seven years of famine in Egypt.

Another important event in the Bible that revolves around the digit seven is the Jubilee year, which is at the end of every seven Sabbatical years. After every forty-ninth year, according to Leviticus 25:9-12, no one should work for the entire Jubilee year because it’s “a special, sacred time.”

Seven is made even more important here because 7 times 7, as you know, is 49. Also, on the tenth day of the seventh month of every Jubilee year, a ram’s horn is to be sounded to mark the Day of Atonement.

While you go through the book of Revelation, youʼll find series upon series of seven things. For instance, there are seven trumpets, seven seals, seven churches, seven angels, seven letters to the seven churches, seven bowls, seven stars, seven priests, seven thunders, seven golden lampstands, and seven last plagues.

Interestingly enough, youʼll also find that the first resurrection of the dead happens with the priests blowing the 7th trumpet, thus completing salvation for the Church.

It should also pique your interest to know that Genesis 7:2 tells us that seven pairs of each clean animal were on Noah’s ark. Other than that, John’s Gospel states that there are seven qualities or seven signs of the Messiah seen in the prophet Isaiah, and in Matthew 13, Jesus told seven parables.

Here’s another revelation for you—there were seven main holy days in old Israel: Passover, Unleavened Bread, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement, Tabernacles, and Last Great Day.

As you can tell, the numeral seven has been repeated numerous times in the Holy Scripture, and it would be nearly impossible to complete a list of every single one of them in this short space.

What Does the Number 7 Mean Prophetically?

Prophetically speaking, digit seven signifies that youʼre soon to undergo a spiritual journey of introspection and self-discovery.

This journey will take you to places youʼve never been before, and it’ll thus enable you to experience new things and learn new eternal life lessons, completing a necessary and required phase in your life. The Lord expects you to emerge from this journey a more well-rounded individual.

For you to make the most of your blessings, you shouldnʼt shy away from using your spiritual gifts and unique talents. Helping others on Earth is the best and fastest way of expediting spiritual growth.

Number seven suggests that the divine plan here is simple and easy to follow—be a good example to others on Earth, and expect to be blessed by the Lord and the divine realm beyond your wildest dreams.

Number seven also represents knowledge, inner wisdom, rest, determination, and discernment.

Does the Number 7 Have Negative Symbolic Meanings in the Bible?

Number seven is often viewed as a complete and holy number, representing Jesus and God. As a result, it doesnʼt have any negative meanings in the Scriptures.

What Does the Number 7 Mean in Hebrew?

In Hebrew, the number 7 means the fulfillment of oaths or promises, but why is this the case? Well, the Hebrew words for seven (Sheba) and swearing an oath (Shaba) are both derived from the Hebrew word Saba, which means fullness or satisfaction.

What Does the Bible Number 7 Mean in Daily Life?

You should count your blessings if you see the number 7 frequently—six days or seven days a week, even.

When you see this number, take it as a cue that God and the celestial beings are carefully watching over you. They’re available to offer you support, care, love, protection, and guidance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In this case, the odds seem to be stacked in your favor, as the Higher Powers work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure you find total happiness and peace on Earth.

If you want to benefit from the blessings of the divine realm, you must continue to trust its plan. Don’t stray away from the path set out for you by the Universe and spiritual entities.

Continue to have faith in God, the celestial beings, and the Universe, and youʼll be richly rewarded for your efforts.

Number seven also seeks to remind you to be grateful for all of the good things in your life. If you take them for granted and donʼt offer your gratitude, duties, and services to God, they could be taken away from you in an instant.

What Does the Bible Number 7 Advise Us to Do?

The number 7 advises you to be content with yourself.

The thing is, youʼre divine perfection—you’re perfect just the way you are. After all, God created you!

So, instead of beating yourself up over your presumed shortcomings, learn to appreciate the spiritual gifts you have. If you see the number seven frequently, take it as a sign encouraging you to hone your abilities.

Youʼve been blessed with amazing intuition, prowess, and inner wisdom, so rely on them to help you get out of sticky situations.

Additionally, you have the ability to detect well-disguised lies, so use this power of yours to protect yourself from dangerous and nefarious folks. Be sure to be wary of these folks all the time—seven days a week.

You can also interpret the number seven as a sign urging you to only focus on yourself. It’s extremely counterproductive for you to compare yourself to your contemporaries.

If you arenʼt honest with yourself and pretend to be someone youʼre not, people will see right through you and wonʼt like you for it.

The Bottom Line

With God creating our world, Earth, on the sixth day and finally resting on the seventh day, Adam being made on the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar, the original Bible being composed of 7 books, the word “create” being used 7 times in Genesis, and seven angels, seven trumpets, seven seals, seven bowls, and more being mentioned in the book of Revelation, itʼs no secret that number seven holds high biblical significance.

After all, it serves as a symbol of balance, perfection, and foundation. Some are careful to even label number seven as the number of God, so treat this number with respect.

Now that you’re aware of the significance and deeper meaning of the number seven, spread the knowledge as you break bread with others and teach them the concealed and disguised sayings of the Almighty God.