3 Hidden Meanings of Number 19 in the Bible

While you may think numerical messages just come from your guardian angels, numbers can have a special meaning based on the Bible as well.

Judeo-Christian scholars have studied the significance of numbers for thousands of years. The number 19 has been analyzed and examined for generations, and great thinkers have tried to interpret its special message and what it means.

If the number 19 has been appearing in your life, this article will help support your understanding of what this symbol truly means to you.

What Does the Number 19 Mean in the Bible?

The meanings and symbolism of 19 relate to faith in God, also known as Yahweh, as well as God’s judgment of humans. For example, the names Eve and Job in Hebrew both relate to the number 19 because if you change the letters in their names into numbers, they both add up to 19.

Eve was the first woman Yahweh created at the beginning of the world. She and her husband, Adam, were forbidden to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but Eve was tempted by Satan in the form of a snake, and she convinced both herself and Adam to eat the fruit.

Because of their transgression, Yahweh’s judgment was to cast them out of the Garden of Eden.

Job’s faith was also tested. According to Judeo-Christian tradition, Job was a blessed and happy man with a large family who lived righteously.

Satan suggested to Yahweh that Job only worshipped Him because Yahweh protected him. To prove that Job did truly worship him, Yahweh let Satan torment Job.

Job eventually lost his home and his family, and he even got skin sores. While Job despaired, he never stopped being faithful to Yahweh and continued to serve Him, and Yahweh eventually restored Job’s life, wealth, and family.

Both people—Eve and Job—were tested by Yahweh. Eve gave in to temptation, while Job remained faithful despite his circumstances.

In both cases, these stories show the biblical meaning of number 19 in relation to faith and Yahweh’s judgement. 

Where Does the Number 19 Appear in the Bible?

The number 19 is mentioned three times in the Bible. 

The first time the number 19 is mentioned is in Genesis chapter 11, verse 25 where Nahor, Abraham’s grandfather, was said to live one hundred and nineteen years after the birth of Abraham’s father, Terah. This is an important moment because a few years later, Yahweh asked Abraham to leave his home and found a new nation, and because he followed Yahweh, Abraham is considered the patriarch of three religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The second time the number 19 is mentioned is in Joshua chapter 19, that talked about the allotment of inheritances among the Israeli tribes. In verse 38 (Joshua 19:38), Naphtali’s tribe was said to have inherited “19 cities with their villages.”

Finally, the number 19 appears in the 30th verse of 2 Samuel, chapter 2 where it’s said that 19 of King David’s servants were killed in a civil war in a province called Gibeon, while 360 of their opponents died.

In each of these passages, Yahweh rewards the faithful but punishes the wicked, which further connects 19 to faithfulness and judgement.

What Does the Number 19 Mean Prophetically?

Number 19 prophetically means that faith in God will be rewarded, while turning away from Him will lead you to suffer and be conquered by others.

While the kingdom of the Israelites were Yahweh’s chosen people, unfortunately, greed and arrogance caused the people to turn away from Yahweh.

In 2 Kings chapter 15, verse 29, 19 kings were written and enumerated, and they were said to have ruled Israel until the Assyrians overthrew King Pekah and enslaved the Israelite tribe. This story also shows how the meaning of number 19 is also related to the fact that Yahweh punishes those who lose faith or draw away from his commandments.

Perhaps the most prophetic meaning of the number 19 has to do with Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. Mary’s name is mentioned exactly 19 times in the Bible, and you only have to read her story once to notice how faith and spiritual intentions really influence the meaning of the number 19.

Before Mary was married, it happened that she was visited by the Archangel Gabriel, who gave her the message that she was pregnant with Jesus. God could’ve chosen any other woman to carry His Son, but Mary’s uniqueness and purity of soul connected her to God’s plan.

There aren’t many ways to interpret this interesting story!

Begin to think about how faithfulness relates to your own life and what 19 truly means in relation to it. Being faithful should not be a phase—it should be your life mission.

What Does the Bible Number 19 Mean in Daily Life?

The number 19 is an important reminder in our daily lives that our spirituality isn’t something we should take for granted. While independence is a wonderful virtue, don’t let your good intentions lead you astray from the angelic support that’s helped you in the past and will continue to help you in the future.

It’s been written that 19 is a symbol of faith, and Yahweh won’t abandon those who ask for His presence. Consider the meanings and symbolism of 19 in your life.

Have you noticed that it’s been a symbol of faith for you in your past? Begin to consider how you could live up to what angel number 19 truly means.

What Does the Bible Number 19 Advise Us to Do?

Over the course of this article, you may realize the importance of paying attention to messages from the angels using something like an angel number. If you notice a sign of 19, you should hear what your angelic guardian’s telling you about your life.

While you may go through a phase of spiritual stagnation, focus not on your motivation but on your personal traditions and spiritual habits! Spiritual inspiration will come and go, but you’ll surely find success in your spiritual journey if you’re faithful and keep practicing your personal religion.

Your guardian angels know the significance of the biblical meaning of number 19, and once you reach the beginning of your new phase with the Lord, they’ll reward your faithfulness with many good things!

The Bottom Line

After reading this article, you should now know what number 19 means. It has a deep message that tells you to be faithful, through both the good times and the bad ones.

Now, hear my advice—numerical messages in the form of angel numbers are constantly appearing, and it’s our life objective to pay attention to the symbolism of these messages. 

Always look out for angel numbers because a sign appears when we least expect it!