3 Hidden Meanings of Number 15 in the Bible

The study of biblical numerology gives insights into the meanings of the Scriptures. It’s a way of looking into both the literal and symbolic meanings of the numbers in the texts, and it can be very useful for people looking to understand the deeper meaning contained within the passages, which are often multi-layered.

The biblical meaning of a number also has similar connotations to some angel numbers. Numbers are quite significant to many Christians in terms of their story-telling properties and their relevance to the word of God.

Now, the number 15 is seen several times throughout the chapters of the Bible, and it’s a double digit worthy of deeper investigation and interest. In this article, we’ll be analyzing the number 15 and its relation to guardian angels, God, and more, so keep reading to find out more about this biblical number.

What Does the Number 15 Mean in the Bible?

The number 15 signifies rest in the Scriptures. It appears in relation to various rest days and periods mentioned that are highly relevant to the children of Israel.

As it follows the number 14, which is symbolic of deliverance, the number 15 relates to an important day of rest for Christians after a symbolic long night.

It’s seen in the Scriptures that the children of Israel had a significant rest day—Feast of Unleavened Bread—which fell on the 15th day of the first Hebrew month on the Hebrew calendar.

Another feast that Israel began to celebrate on the 15th day of the 7th Hebrew month was the Feast of Tabernacles. It was a festival designed with the intention of providing rest, and it was intended to bring balance to the lives of the children of God after the long harvest season.

The Feast of Tabernacles retains its meaning as a relevant rest day for many Jews and Christians around the world to this day. The first day of this feast is regarded as the time when the release of sin was earned by the shedding of Jesus’ blood when the night of the Passover began.

How Does the Number 15 Feature in the Bible?

The number 15 is seen many times in the Holy Scripture.

In Genesis, the story goes that on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Nisan, Abraham saw a vision. In this vision, God told Abraham that his descendants would become slaves in a foreign country and that later, they’d escape this slavery.

Later on in Exodus, the children of Israel are set to leave Egypt on the same date, the 15th of Nisan, as the sun sets. This is when God’s prophecy of the future comes to fruition, and the Israelites are set free on the exact same day.

This biblical meaning of the number 15 signifies a new direction, as this was the first day of freedom after the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt.

In the Gospel of Matthew, the number 15 is spotted again. It’s recorded that the sun was again setting to begin on the 15th of Nisan when Jesus’ body was laid in the tomb in the garden.

There are further references to this particular occurrence on the 15th of Nisan in the Gospels of Luke and John.

In the second book of Kings, there’s one person largely related to the number fifteen: King Hezekiah. He was sick and dying, so he prayed with his whole heart that God would recognize all the good work he’d done in his life.

God the Father talked to King Hezekiah through the prophet Isaiah, who said that God heard the king’s prayer and gave him another 15 years to live.

Significantly, the book of Peter also contains information on the biblical meaning of the 15 books of the Old Testament, and the two women most mentioned in the scriptures (Abigail and Miriam) are both featured 15 times.

Lastly, the Bible mentions that John the Baptist began preaching in the 15th year of Caesar’s reign.

What Does the Number 15 Mean Prophetically?

In prophetic terms, the number 15 is connected to the 15th day of the 7th month, and it’s a symbol of the coming Millennium.

The Bible pictures this as a time when the world will have rest from sin. This is because on this day will be the binding of God’s adversary, Satan, at a time known in the scriptures as the Day of Atonement.

This day is prophesied to be the time when Jesus Christ will reign supreme across all of the world. Under the guidance of Christ, there will be great positive changes, along with what’s known as the great spiritual harvest of God, which will last for 1,000 fulfilled years.

What Does the Number 15 Mean in Hebrew?

In Hebrew, the number 15 signifies a new direction. The number in Hebrew, “Yod Hey,” is a symbol of the inspiration that comes from the Holy Spirit, and this inspiration gives a new meaning to life and makes way for a new direction.

In Psalm 15 of the Bible, there’s mention of dwelling on a hill and entering God’s recuperation. 

Another example of this is in the 15th time Noah is mentioned in the book of Genesis. This is when Noah and his wife, along with his sons and their wives, entered the ark because of the Great Flood.

This was obviously a step towards a new direction—not only for Noah and his entire family, but also for the whole of humanity.

This symbolizes a new direction for mankind, which comes in direct contrast to people previously being more inclined to pay attention only to carnal desires.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the number 15 is a significant number that contains many different meanings. It serves as a significant symbol of both rest and recuperation, along with the undertaking of new directions in life, aided of course, by our guardian angels.

And as with all biblical numerology, sometimes, the symbolism is deeply veiled, while at other times, it’s hidden in plain sight.

Needless to say, the study of the numbers contained in the Scriptures can lead to some fascinating discoveries as to how the messages contained within the Bible work, along with how they can be interpreted.