3 Hidden Meanings of Number 1 in the Bible

Numerology suggests that all things on Earth can be equated to numbers, and all numbers hold special meanings—even the biblical numbers written in the Scriptures! The early church had strong supporters in numerology, too, as they thought that the concealed, disguised messages of the Almighty could only be revealed and fully understood through numerological readings, so then, who are we to disagree?

Experts say that the biblical numbers are deployed systematically and symbolically to reveal the true gospel messages, all the way from the book of Genesis at the beginning to the book of Revelation at the end. These help those aware of their significance to truly acknowledge the divine perfection of Godʼs word and the Christian way of life.

In todayʼs text, weʼll look into the hidden meaning of the number 1. We’ll discuss its significance, symbolism, and deeper meaning, and we’ll also attempt to decipher what it means for you to see the number 1 daily.

What Does the Number 1 Mean in the Bible?

Number 1, in the Bible, represents the almighty Godʼs might, status, supremacy, and self-sufficiency. This number is used specifically to label God as the greatest and to assert that only 1 true God exists, even suggesting that it would be a terrible sin for a person to put anyone such as other gods before God.

The first commandment reads (Exodus 20:3), “Worship no god but me.” Number 1 also symbolizes our need for God in our lives.

Additionally, the number one serves as a symbol of unity and strength. In the Bible, you can find Jesus asking God, “All of them must be one, like your Father, who is in union with me and I with you.”

The apostle Paul was also keen to emphasize the uniqueness of the Christian calling. In his letter to the chapel at Ephesus, he stated that only one true spiritual body of believers exists where they all share one spirit—the Holy Spirit.

According to Ephesians 4:4-6, true Christianity entails one hope, one faith, one Savior, one baptism, and one God.

Lest we forget, the number 111 also has a special significance in the Bible. Since 111 possesses the vibrations of 3, it’s known to signify the sacred Trinity that’s been guiding and blessing all of us since the very beginning.

Where Does the Number 1 Appear in the Bible?

The number 1’s biblical meaning and symbolism appears in the passage of Deuteronomy 6:4: “Hear, O Israel, the Lord is our God, and is one.” This suggests that everything in the world and the divine realm has everything to do with the Almighty.  

In the book of Colossians in the New Testament (Colossians: 1:15), Jesus Christ referred to himself as the Alpha, the first character of the Greek alphabet, and He also called Himself the firstborn of every creature. Additionally, Jesus tells us that we can only be one with Him, God’s Son, if we trust in Him fully and follow His ideals.

It should also pique your interest to know that there are certain words that only appear once in the Bible. For example, some of them include: Reverend (Psalms 11:9), Grandmother (2 Timothy 1:5), Eternity (Isaiah 57:15), and Forgetfulness (Psalm 88:12).

What is the Prophetic Meaning of Number 1?

Prophetically speaking, number one serves as a symbol of new beginnings, fresh starts, and positive changes. The meaning of number 1 signifies the emergence of opportunities for the whole of mankind.

Number 1 suggests that youʼre beginning to achieve true success in your life. However, to make the most of your opportunities, youʼll need to embrace the changes coming your way, courtesy of the Universe and your guardian angel.

Additionally, as I mentioned earlier, number one symbolizes unity. Number one suggests that you need to be unified with your team members, romantic partner, and members of your community if you wish to live life according to the divine plan of the Universe.

Does the Number 1 Have Negative Meanings in the Bible?

Number 1 is a symbolism for new beginnings and fresh starts. Now, some who are resistant to changes may be fearful that a certain phase of their life is coming to an end, but they shouldnʼt be too worried because the changes will open new doors for them.

They should take heart in the fact that the positive changes will contribute to the betterment of their lives, so instead of worrying too much about the past, they must look towards the future with a positive attitude. It’s only a matter of time before good things happen to everyone.

In short, number 1 doesnʼt mean anything negative in the Bible.

What Does the Number 1 Mean in Hebrew?

According to Gematria, the numerological formula that helps us look at Hebrew letters and Hebrew words connected to numbers, number 1 translates to “wonderful.” 

Here’s another interesting fact for you—in this language, the first day of creation is called “one day.”

What Does the Bible Number 1 Mean in Daily Life?

If the 1 number appears before you regularly, take it as an angel number sign that you need to step out of your comfort zone in the future. You need to get rid of old, unproductive habits and position yourself to try new experiences and adventures.

Only then will you be able to maximize your potential, learn new life lessons, and all in all, experience a new beginning in your life.

Angel number 1’s biblical meaning also asks you to alter your way of thinking. Get rid of the negative energy around you to make room for positive energy, and cut off ties with disparagers, critics, and people who add little value to your life.

These people will do nothing but drain you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Remember this—you’ll only be able to achieve positive results and a truly new beginning through the execution of positive actions, and positive actions are only possible with a positive mindset.

What Does the Bible Number 1 Advise Us to Do?

It’s of paramount importance for you to keep the biblical and prophetic meanings of number 1 in mind when you go about your daily activities. It’s a highly powerful number that’s been revered for ages because of its close connection to the Almighty.

Number 1 is also widely credited as the number of God, Jesus, resurrection, hope, and faith. Number 1’s biblical meaning also resonates with primacy and sacrifice.

With all these things in mind, you can interpret number 1 as a sign, urging you to be more independent in life. The divine realm is imploring you to take control of your destiny.

When you take your life in your own hands, youʼll be able to manifest all your dreams into reality. In essence, youʼd be able to create a life worth living.

Number 1 also advises you to always maintain a close connection with the Almighty and the spiritual realm. Know that you can always rely on the support, love, protection, and guidance of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, for eternal life.  

The Bottom Line

Now that you’re aware of the significance, symbol, and meaning of number 1 in the Scriptures and the Bible, from the very beginning to the end at the book of Revelation, it’s time for you to spread the word and help other people comprehend the true significance of Godʼs word and blessing.

Through such knowledge, everyone will be able to reflect on the symbolic meanings of the verses in the Bible where number 1 is mentioned, in the way they were meant to be understood.

Before I end this piece, let me leave you with some facts about number 1 in relation to the Bible. The first English translation of the Scripture was in 1382 A.D. by John Wycliffe, and Johann Gutenberg made history in 1456 when he printed the very first Bible using movable type.

Since we’re still on the topic of firsts, let me also mention that William Tyndale was the first person to translate the Bible from its original Greek language into English.

From verses to important people to even the Greek alphabet, the number one plays a big role in our lives and in God’s plan for us.