Is My Name Lucky in Numerology Alphabets? [The Truth]

Numerology Alphabet

Are you interested in learning how you can use numerology to redefine your fate?

With the right lucky name numerology alphabets, you can actually redefine your fate and give yourself a chance to create a better version of you.

If you are still interested, I will elaborate a numerology alphabet for you to calculate the traits associated with your name. Just like you, I was once interested in uncovering the importance of names in defining my destiny.  

Have you ever wondered why people say that names have meanings and that there are inherent associations with certain names?

A couple of years back, I journeyed through a quest to find out the theory behind the meanings of certain names. In my quest, I bumped into a metaphysical explanation that names are a system of numbers, which have defined characteristics. ‘Numerology’ is the term that explains this well. Together, we will look into the deep meaning of this term and how you can use it to your advantage.

What is numerology?

Numerology is a distinct branch of knowledge that deals with the study of numbers, and how they affect your life. Simply put, we can say that it is the universal language of numbers. As I had earlier mentioned, names are just a system of numbers, which can be analyzed to determine the fate or destiny of the name bearer.

In numerology, it is believed that nothing happens by chance and that everything is coded numerically, including the alphabet letters that form your name, to determine your fate/destiny. Therefore, you can actually condition good luck by using the right names that will coincide with lucky events.

After years of researching about numerology, I have come to a logical conclusion that it really works and that you can recondition your future using the principles of numerology.

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Numerology Alphabet Chart

Whilst various numerologists have varying numerology chart, this one here is the most common for the English alphabet:
A, I, J, Q, YB, K, RC, G, L, SD, M, TH, E, N, XU, V, WO, ZP, F*nine has no corresponding letter*

How do I calculate my name number?

At this point, you are probably asking yourself how you would know if the number corresponding to your name is the lucky number.

Every number has its own associated luck.

Therefore, by knowing your number, you will be able to pinpoint your character traits and/or your destiny/fate. I will highlight all the traits associated with all the numbers, from where you can judge and know which numbers are luckier than others.

I will list both positive and negative qualities of each so that you can make an informed judgment.

Number 1

Positive qualities: If your name numerology alphabets add up to 1, then you are likely to be autonomous with a clear demonstration of administration and drive. You are likely to be a self-starter, brave, dynamic, independent and mostly defiant.

Negative qualities: on the other hand, you can be undisciplined, frail and tenacious.

Number 2

Positive qualities: as a person with numerology number 2, you are always careful, helpful, and political. Other qualities include the tendency to initiate peace-making processes, the exhibition of lady-like qualities, and instinctive.

Negative qualities: your oversensitivity to issues raised against you is among the greatest negative qualities that you have.

Number 3

Positive qualities: if number 3 is your lucky number, then you are good at communication. Ideally, you are a tolerant person, always happy, joyful, dynamic and skilled.

Negative qualities: many numerologists agree that people with numerology number 3 are restless, trivial, and have bad faith.

Number 4

Positive qualities: as a number 4, you possess qualities such as dedication, efficiency, solidness, steadiness, and devotion. You are also upright and dependable.

Negative qualities: number 4 tend to lack creativity, feelings, and compassion. They do not focus on appearance and are often unrefined and envious.

Number 5

Positive qualities: if your lucky number is 5, then you are brave, audacious, flexible and strong. Other good tendencies that you display include versatility, speed, inquisitiveness, and great social relations.

Negative qualities: on the other side, you can also be thoughtless, precarious, disorderly and unreliable.

Number 6

Positive qualities: the top qualities that define you as a number 6 are generosity, thoughtfulness, mercifulness, and optimism. You are also reasonable and natural instructor.

Negative qualities: on the other hand, you can also be restless, troubling, skeptical, impulsive, and suspicious.

Number 7

Positive qualities: In my research, I found that many numerologists agree that number 7 is a fortunate number. As a number 7, you are not only fortunate but smart, learned, systematic, studious, refined, genuine, generous and always driving forward.

Negative qualities: the negative traits attached to this number are detachment, social clumsiness, melancholic traits, and double-crossing tendencies.

Number 8

Positive qualities: if your name’s number is 8, you are distinguished from the rest by your ability to be effective and practical in doing business, great judgment of character, competence, and brilliance.

Negative qualities: number 8 are known for their religious extremism. If you are one of them, you also suffer the risk of being fierce, uncaring, bullish and barbarous.

Number 9

Positive qualities: the character traits associated with numerology number 9 include sympathy, compassion, independence, benevolence, and refinement. As a number 9, you are also likely to be sentimental, inventive, agreeable, altruistic and distinguished.

Negative qualities: among the reasons why you wouldn’t want to be a number 9 is because they are egocentric, wistful, flighty, self-indulging, pompous, and rationally shaky.

Now you can compare the numerology number that you calculated against your name with the set of traits associated with the number.

Does it work?

The simplest answer to this question would be YES.

For many years, there has been a proven correlation between the names of people & business and their level of success. In this correlation, a name that has luck, such as number 7, is likely to succeed than other names.

Therefore, if you are planning to start a business, condition it to fit the right numerology number for it to succeed; if you have an unborn child, think of a name with the right numerology number for him/her to succeed in life; and even if you feel your name is letting you down, it is never too late to change it to a lucky name with the right numerology alphabets.

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