Secrets of Number 33 & Your Personality

Do you know that your date of birth and name have a great influence on your personality? That said, if your numerology number is 33, then you are up for a big life challenge. 

You need to understand your personality well to be able to unlock your inner potential. 

Numerologists say that the double number 3 is a master number, meaning a person bearing this number has very strong personality traits. 

It also has 6 as its core number i.e. 3+3=6. This means that a person with this number enjoys the benefits of both 33 as a master number and 6 as a core numerology number. 

Number 33 and Your Personality

If this is your lucky number, then you should know that several character traits define you. It is important to note that some of these traits may be unutilized; thus, tasking you to start taking advantage of the inherent traits associated with this number. 


Responsibility is among the leading characteristic that defines a person born with number 33. You are naturally inclined to be responsible for people around you, it is your inherent nature to always want to take positions of responsibility. 

A person with this number will often volunteer to oversee projects even if there are no financial benefits. 

So, how responsible are you as a number 33? If you haven’t explored this, it is time you start acting as a responsible person for your numerology number advises you to do so. 


One of the things you enjoy is freedom, and you consider liberty as an important aspect of human life. You are the kind of person who will always ensure that you are making your own decisions without anyone influencing how you do it. 

Your role as a liberator goes beyond fighting for your freedom to ensuring that people around you also enjoy the sweetness of freedom. Regarding your personality as a liberator, you are expected to do the following:

  • Give your dependents (children) enough space to make their own decisions
  • Participate in activism that champion freedom rights 

Friendly and compassionate 

You are the kind of person people always feel comfortable being around, and you are very friendly to both humans and animals. You are likely to be having a pet in your home, a pet that you love so much. 

It is common for you to always feel sorry for people who are suffering, and the sense of compassion in you makes you a great helper to many people who need aid. This is why people like you often give money to support charities. 

Great nurturing skills 

Apart from just being friendly and compassionate to others, you also enjoy nurturing young people to become better. 

You are the kind of person that can be trusted to nurture something to excellence. This is why it is natural for you to be picked for a management position because your superiors are aware of your keenness to detail that helps in recognizing and cultivating excellence. 

This is also evident in the family setup. It is normal and expected of you to raise your children better than people with other numerology numbers. 


As a number 33, you are very protective of the people around you. You love your family so much and will always do anything humanly possible to protect them. 

This is why women are attracted to men with this number. Even when dating, a number 33 tends to take their protective roles seriously and would often go overboard to ensure their dates are safe. 

A woman who is a number 33 is also protective of all the relationships she has. She will always fight to keep her relationships instead of just letting go at the slightest sign of a shakeup. 

Fashion and Style 

When it comes to fashion and style of dressing, people born with number 33 are very reserved. 

You are not the kind of person who has a high affinity to fashion trends. You tend to dress modestly, showing your disinterest in fashion. 

You place so many things ahead of your life that you lose your fashion sense. Ironically, you can select good dressing for your dependents but you can’t do the same for yourself. 

This act of selflessness is what makes it easy for you to avoid flamboyance related to fashion. 

Core Areas in Your Life

All decisions that you make in your life, which in turn shape your personality, are always influenced by three main things:


According to you, family is the most important thing in your life. You pay close attention to family values and even at an early stage, you already have a picture of an ideal family which makes you eager to start a family of your own.

Often, number 33s get married fast. The only problem they face in this aspect is ending up with an incompatible partner who frustrates them. 

As a tip, you should choose a partner who is compatible with numerology number 6. Such a person won’t make life difficult for you.


Unlike many people who believe that love is abstract, you find it to be so real. You are a believer in love and enjoy being in love. 

Your romantic life is usually considered admirable by the opposite sex because you really pay attention to the relationship since you are in it for love. 


You are the kind of person who thinks he can change the world to what it was ideally meant to be. You believe that if people would only listen to you, the world would be a much better place to live in. 

The good thing is that you always prefer to start making an ideal world in your home by being a nice person. Deep inside, you have a sense of awareness that you cannot change the whole world but you still keep on trying to somehow influence people everywhere you go. 

Number 33 and You: Conclusion

The personality of number 33 is considered slightly vulnerable as many people often take advantage of your love and generosity. 

Therefore, you need to be careful when dealing with people as most of them are insincere. Having limits is one of the ways to keep yourself safe from such people. 

Be kind to everyone and love them, as your nature dictates, but do not forget to love and be kind to yourself too.

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