Secrets of Number 1: What is Your Perfect Career?

Secrets of Number 1: What is Your Perfect Career?

Numerology Number 1 For Careers

It is our inherent wish to find the perfect career.

Sadly, however, most of us are stuck with careers that are not enjoyable and do not bring joy in our lives. This is because we do not understand how numerology affects our careers.

Numerologists argue that most people with numerology number 1 have not maximized their potentialities when it comes to exploring their career options.

Could you be among the people who are not exploring their careers well simply because you do not understand what your numerology career is?

Numerology career number 1 has a great potential for individuals with this number and you only need to know more about this number and its career implications to understand how you can make the best out of what the universe has given you.

Whilst all numerology numbers are important, number 1 carries a great significance in the path of an individual’s career. There are some certain traits people with numerology number 1 possess that lead them to certain career paths. I will discuss with you some of the traits of numerology number 1 and how it influences your career choice.

Best Careers for Numerology Number 1

Even though you can find yourself in different careers, there are ideal ones for you if you are a number 1. Let us have a look at some of the leading careers:

Military and law enforcement

Military and law enforcement is one of the numerology number 1 careers.

You are probably asking how military and law enforcement is a career for the ambitious number 1 numerology. If you are one of them, just know that this is a career path that you would have great success in as it requires some of the personality traits that are inherently exhibited in your numerology number.

For example, number 1s are known to be aggressive. This trait is very helpful in the military and law enforcement as you would find it so natural to engage in combat. Your aggressiveness would also help you have a good standing as a military leader.


In terms of career, it is hard to pinpoint exactly how the administration is a career.

However, the numerology number 1 career path shows that all number 1s are good administrators. This means that if you are a number 1, you can work well in an organization’s administrative structure. Remember, one of the key personality traits of a number 1 is the demonstration of administration qualities. This quality makes you perfect for an administrative career.

You probably are thinking that all administrative jobs require prior experience. While this might be true, numerologists remind you that you have an inherent experience as a natural administrator.

Therefore, don’t be afraid of getting into this career because you have not done an administrative course or have never been in this line of work before. Even if you have done a technical course, just apply for an administrative role and you will see your inner potential driving you to succeed in your career. You can start with low-level administrative jobs and you will soon rise up the ranks and become a senior member of the administration team in your company.


Numerology number 1s have also been branded as contractors.

Even though it is not an educational career path, it offers great satisfaction as a career to individuals with numerology number 1. The aggressiveness of number 1 is simply out of this world. When you set your eyes on something, you will use all your energy to get it.

That is what defines you as a number 1 in the career as a contractor. Unlike other people, you will always secure great contracts and advance in that career path.


As a numerology number 1, you need to be aware of the great potential you have as an entrepreneur.

It is always the dream of most people to become great entrepreneurs. But do you know why many people do not become entrepreneurs? Well, the answer is because they don’t even attempt to start something.

This is why you as a self-starter and brave individual can make it as a great entrepreneur. Like all number 1s, you are courageous enough to start something new, and this is what is needed of an entrepreneur. Apart from being a brave self-starter, you also possess in you the spirit of persistence and thus you are likely not to lose hope even when your startup company is not showing signs of survival.

You also have great independent skills that always drives you to start something of your own. Therefore, the entrepreneurial spirit is also boosted by the fact that you do not want to be dependent on someone, hence starting your own business that you have total control of. At times you may find yourself using your skills such as graphic design or photography as a freelancer.

Formal Careers for Numerology Number 1:

Law: you can become a good lawyer since you have the ability to convince people.

Engineering: your aggressiveness can also be turned to work well in the engineering sector.

There are dozens of other career paths that you can follow with the above-mentioned only showing the top careers for you.

Challenges of Numerology Number 1 Career

Don’t think that you will not face challenges in your numerology number 1 career. You also have some negative qualities that you need to be aware of, lest they destroy your career. Have a look at some of the negative qualities that might affect your career:

Lack of respect for authorities

As a number 1, you naturally believe that you are the center of power and people should learn from you and not the other way.

This makes you lack respect for authority and may often get you in bad books with the authority. This can cause your downfall in your career in the military where authority & command are integral parts of your survival.

Therefore, you should be aware of this inherent negative quality and try to suppress it, at least until you get to the top of your career when you will be the sole authority.

Lack of motivation in formal structures

When you are working in a formal structure, you will be demoralized in the way a number of things are handled.

For example, when people are paid by the hours they work and not by results, you will feel like you are delivering too much in a day to be paid as others.

True to your claim, number 1s deliver greater results than other numerology numbers, and thus, would only work well and stay motivated if the payment is result-based.

Now you have an idea of how numerology number 1 career looks like. Reshape your career path if this is your number and you will see how excellent you can be in your newly found career.

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